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The Iconic Queen Of The Day

"Someone I use to know-oooohhh," is the run that she did when she was getting her face beat in the bathroom as she and the "King Of R & B" talked about nipple and pulling turds out of her ass. Don't you just love Whitney and Bobby?

I am so mad that the show isn't coming on anymore! I was thoroughly enjoying watching someone else's dysfunctionalism so I wouldn't have to think about my own too much. But they love each other so much, their co-dependency of each other is almost sick, but I guess that's what happens when you get in love right...?

There was a point in time where we were all under the impression that Whitney was this perfect Ice Princess and she could do no wrong. She was the ghetto girl groomed for perfection like Barbie and all of her majesticness. But as we all know looks are deceiving.

I often sit and wonder what would happen to a person if they had to live their life pretending to be something that they are not. Would you start coping with drugs just to deal with the pressures of holding up this image of perfection when you know you're cursing up a storm off record and talking about "Oh hell to tha nah," every other second?

No here to talk about Whitney and her down falls, but lets look at Whitneys career. I am tellin yall when Whitney gets over this little issue of life that she's dealing with, this will be the greatest come back, and she is gonna hit notes she didn't even know she could hit! She's gonna slay yall bitches for talkin' so much trash about her! Hmm...(I'm not doing this with him todaaaayyyy...)

The album that set it all off! Her debut CD giving off turbin and negrodian 80's sheik with the bald fade on the beach was classic! You Give Good Love, Saving All My Love For You, How Will I know, All At Once, The Greatest Love Of All where the hits that shot Whitney into the meteoric atmosphere that broke the barriers of MTV and won over black and white America.

Whitney! The big wig, the classic fashion fair make-up look, the first female to initiate the white, wife-beater. I wanna Dance With Somebody, Didn't We Almost Have It All, So Emotional, Where Do Broken Hearts Go. This album was the one that solidified Whitney's talent, staying power, the ability to reinvent, break record sales, set trends, get endorsements, and let yall hoes know that she was the shit.

I'm Your Baby Tonight! When Whitney got a lil ghetto on you! She let yall know that she was tired of saying she was white washed and all like that. Whitney was at the top of her career with this CD. She told you her name wasn't Whitey, I mean Susan ("So watch what you say, that's all I'm asking, just watch what the fuck you say!"). The CD that highlighted the black 90's sound with the casio drum beats and highlighted L.A. Reid & Babyfaces production. This is the best Whitney CD ever! She came for it on this CD...this is also around the time that her "sweat" problem, became a problem and people started to speculate. I'm Your Baby Tonight, My Name Is Not Susan, All The Man That I need, Lover For Life, Anymore, Miracle, I Belong To You, Who Do You Love, We Didn't Know, After We Make Love, I'm Knockin...wait that's every track on the CD! This is the official play through CD!

Just when we thought that her success of I'm Your Baby Tonight was hit, she really went paramount of us with Rachel Marron and the .Bodyguard Soundtrack Of course putting out the timeless classic I will Always Love You, Run To You, I have Nothing, and I'm Every Woman all became our favorites. She got married to Bobby and birthed a child...took a break and then that's when it all unraveled.

Did She Not Do It with Waiting To Exhale?
Shoop Shoop & Why Does It Hurt So Bad (I-pod update) She did it again. She proved that she was an actress, singer, mother, lover and a few other things we didn't know about. My favorite line of the movie is when she was on the phone with Robin (Lela Rochan Sp?) and she said "Girl, what do you expect him to say I'm a crack head?"

The Preachers Wife, was the gospel CD that crossed over all America. I believe In You and Me, Step By Step, Joy, Hold On Help Is On The Way, I Love The Lord, Joy To The World...Just another Classic CD under Whitney's belt showing anything that she touched turned into Platinum.

My Love Is Your Love was critically acclaimed but after tabloid rumors that were shortly confirmed true, this album didn't do much.
A lot of people weren't feeling her new "urban side" with It's Not Right But It's Okay, but that became the ghetto anthem for so many queens and girls alike who had been dissed. We all thought it was about Bobby, but hell I still think it is. I loved the album, she churned out Heartbreak Hotel with Miss. Faith and Kelly Price. When You believe with Mariah, If I told You That, My Love Is Your Love, I learned From The Best, Get It Back, and Until You Come Back (Which was a powerful ballad) highlighted some of the best tracks on the disk. It became very evident around this time that Mrs. Bobby Brown was slipping and doing too much of some substance.

The Greatest Hits was a classic moment, although I don't really like the track listing, I enjoyed Same Script Different Cast, Could I have This Moment Forever, Fine, One Moment In Time and one of Whitney's proudest moments, The Star Spangled Banner.

Just Whitney is one of the greatest shams of all time! She came out with her now infamous Diane Sawyer "Crack Is Whack" interview. She came out with this clearly "Studio" CD that didn't even capture one tenth of Whitney's classic luster. And she especially proved it when she came out trying to sing songs and she couldn't hit notes. She was clearly struggling and this CD made us pray for her more. All though I did enjoy, One Of Those Days, The Things You Say, Try It On My Own, and Dear John Letter.

One Wish, The Holiday Album, was the album that should have come along time ago.
Although this was better enhanced with pro tools than Just Whitney (and maybe because there were some recycled tracks there) I still enjoyed the CD and her effort on the tracks. Listening to this CD just let me know that the voice was still there and I that we should all standby for her great return.

I don't have any doubt that Whitney will come back and rightfully take her place at the top of the charts and silence all the critics and Wendy Williams with her new look, sound, and story. She is the epitome of black talent. There is no doubt in my mind that Whitney will be the new poster child for survival and going through the storm and coming out looking and sounding fierce (did I just say that?) as ever!

What do you think?


Pammie said...

Trent -

the best song I've ever heard Whitney sing outside of the Body guard soundtrack was actually on that 'urban' Cd she had out.

"Say Yes" written by Missy Elliott is STILL and will forever be MY JAM!! I equate it with "Lady of my life" by mike

Anonymous said...

I think she will make a comeback. Whitney got too much talent and I am sure everything will come together for her.. I am so feeling you on the I'm Your Baby Tonight album, definitely a classic if not for the vocals and some of the notes she hits on that CD.

P. Alonzo Harris Jr. said...

nice blog..dropping by...

i would like to see Whitney take a different role..maybe acting...or even political activism...from my distant observations she seems to have a strong spirit which could be put to use in various "needy" communities...

in regards to singing...i think that her time has come and gone..when i think in terms of her best piece, i would have to say "If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful" is the one where she gave a stellar performance...

Stone said...

She is still amazing, " whom much is given much is expected" I would not want to walk in her shoes

TLO said...

I to do miss the show. I was also shocked to see that's how she lives her life. A women in love, boy. The only thing that bothered me was how they were catching here on camera. That girl looks like she on the stuff. I enjoyed getting a peek in her life and I think she should not another session (off the drugs) to do her justice.

BuddahDesmond said...

I really am hoping that Whitney can do it up again. I can agree that when she does, it will be a phenomenal return. Every major artist experiences various peaks and valleys in their careers. And I think we can all agree which of the two her career is experiencing now. I'm not sure if her voice will ever be the way it was on the I'm Your Baby Tonight or The Bodyguard soundtrack but the power, feeling, and beauty is still there. At this point, half of what she was before is better than nothing at all.