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Infatuated In Love

All I do is think of you, so I know that I've got a love jones.
Every time I think about you, I know I Gotta Getcha, but I gotta breathe...please.
I want you so bad, I want you to Rain down on me like Coko said to do, but I know it's just me being Weak.

When I first met you I found myself Speechless like Beyonce but we're just Ordinary People, but for some strange reason I know you like Janet and You Want This. But I am thinking about Fantasia and I know I ain't gonna beg you.

You seem like the type of person that would fill me up like Fire & Desire and get me Moist. When You smile I imagine that can't nobody do me Like U, and I could be right cause it sure is Funny How Time Flies When You're Havin Fun.

You remind me of Maruques Houston and I damn sho wanna get you Naked, Would You Mind?
We can have Anatomy 1 on 1 as we venture off into Bump N' Grind land and exchange Tender Kisses...

Wake UP TRENT!!!

It was only yesterday that I was having the worst day of my life and I was driving through the Wendy's drive through and his eyes met mine. They spoke a language of simple sweet statements that sent a warm rush through my veins...I was on it. Just like I was on that number 4 with the Biggie Fry & The Biggie drink.

He was light skinned. With a brush of blemishes from his encounter with acne. He was pleasant and courteous over the speaker, but when I drove up, his smile shined liked the ocean waves being graced by the golden sun. I could tell that he was into me, but I was too pre-occupied with my Uncle telling me that my cousin was a wrap I couldn't stay and luxuriate in his drive through banter as he asked me for my money and handed me my change, I was mesmerized by his vibe, I drove off.

I though to myself I am cute. But was it the Range Rover that got the attention, or was it just me? I am sure it was just me since my car hasn't been washed in months...was he imaging being a passenger in my car or the leading man in my movie of life...whatever it was I didn't know because I drove off.

As I canceled my dates for the week and process the information of devastation in the midst of all that the young man in the drive through was on my mind...strong. Was he thinking about me? Was I on his mind? Was? If? Should? Would? But I drove off.

I knew that I had to do something about this. I woke up Thursday morning and I had a plan. Get what I want. I woke up got a fresh trim, a nice shave, and put on the crisp cleaned clothes from the plastic.

I made myself familiar with the route of the Wendy's right off the 405 freeway at La Tiejera close to the airport. I hawked through the windows like an eagle on prey, and there he was back turned to the parking lot.

I parked my car and walked in with my swagger of suave and got in line. He turned around and he saw me. Our eyes locked, and the same intense heat I felt before was relived again through meeting number two: The Arrival.

He dropped the fry's he was trying to place in that white paper bag. He walked to the back in school girl giddy embarrassment-but reemerged interested and just as crafty as me. He told the girl on the register that they needed her in the back, while he clearly had his headset for the drive through on...and promptly took his place in the register that stood in front of me...

"Didn't you come through the drive through yesterday?" He asked as I screamed out yes in excitement in my head and let out a non-choloant "yeah" right to him.

"Let me have a fruit punch, medium please," I asked. He looked at me like Nigga is that it? I know you came to look at my pretty sexy ass, just ask for the number and quit playin games.

He charged me for a small. And I knew that he, just like I was on it. I already had my number written out on a piece of paper-but then his co-worker swooped up just as I was getting ready to pass him my number. But I already had my Fruit Punch, and I walked off. But as soon as the co-worker stepped I slid my number on the counter, I gave him that look, and he smiled. I got back in my car, and for the first time, non-intoxicated, I gave a dude my number. For the first time, I stepped to someone.

Now why the fuck hasn't he called me? I know his muthafuckin ass thinks I am cute? LOL. Who invented this damn waiting game grace period for the initial phone call? Fuck that...I need this feeling to end, now!


Anonymous said...

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Laura said...


Stone said...

LOL make sure the phone is one and you are getting a strong signal. he could be calling now

ShawnQt said...

Hmmm, so that's why I haven't received a phone call last night, LOL.

Quaheem said...

hmmm..How slick of

It's moments like these that have "Made-for-TV-Movie" written all over them...

get it boy!

HOLIDAY N said...

I always give my gay friends so much respect for their bravery/skill in asking a guy out that's not openly wearing a rainbow tatoo or something.I just assume all cute men are up for grabs and hand em' one of my numbers.

ShawnQt said...

Don't Hate me! lol

ProfessorGQ said...

I dated a McDonald's worker...It was his charm...he was far from clockable, but I visited that restaurant show much that I ended up catching his eye and he offered me to hang out with him. We both were 24, and I was working in an office, thinking that I would stoop low to date a fast-food employee, but his charm and good heart made me realize that it's not where a man works, but how he treats you.


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