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Oh Hell To Tha Nah!

I smoked a black with my cousin...I guess it was to commemorate our niggerish
ways...the hood in me felt compelled to luxuriate in the moment with him. I felt
16 again as we sat in my truck with the windows rolled up, sneakin' behind his
fathers back to smoke a black....puff...

So does Whitney Houston have everyone saying "Hell To Tha Nah," or "Oh Hell No," for everything that we oppose? I just wait till Thursday til I am able to turn to Bravo and be entertained by her and Bobbys niggerish antics. I love them so much.

Alright! What the day will bring. Shot out to all of the east coast readers! Yall show me so much love! I appreciate it!!

So yesterday, along with my mother, and cousin (that just got paroled, his name is Mark) took Tuesdays kids (Wait, isn't Tuesdays Kids' the perfect wannabe black version of Jerry's Kids? lol)to Knott's Berry Farm. Talk about a wore the fuck out! I mean I am in my early 20's I should be able to manage a roller coaster. And I must have got off one of them rollercoasters with a neck and back ache so muthafuckin' tuff, you would have thought that I was an old paraplegic fag wheelin' around smellin' like BenGay or whatever that old people ointment smell is. It sure isn't a Balm in Gilead.

The Kids had fun-and I am more grateful everyday that spent more time with them! They are so beautiful to me, and they look just like their mother....brings a tear to my eye.

But where ever there is happiness and joy here comes the bullshit, courtesy of Dr. Bad Vibes. In this case, my aunt, health-guru, aunty, Ann, who Tuesday and I called Sybil. You remember Sybil, that crazy bitch who had all of the a mess.

So let me give you the run down. My mother took a nasty fall at work back in April. Coming to find out, my mother has a rare bone disease that is eating away at her hips and she won't be able to walk within 2 years. So...I'm dealing with that on the side. She's been off of work and back and forth to the doctor and all like that since April. We were originally suppose to take the kids to Knott's on Friday, but since my mothers appointment lasted all day-that was a wrap. Ann knew that the kids were coming since forever.

I asked her did she want to do anything special, she said she didn't know her schedule-so no would be the final answer. I told her that I was going to have a Fish Fry (this past Sunday) for dinner and to come and blah blah blah. Fast forward to Saturday she calls. She's on some, well how was Knotts? I told her we didn't go, yade yada yada. She was like, well I know you and your mother are keeping the kids away from me on purpose. News flash bitch! What is you talkin about?

Let me give you the back story on Sybil-she and my mom have a little tension just like everyone else in the family. They aren't close. This Blog, will give you the overview of the family dynamic. So since I am closer to the children than she, and they hadn't been over to visit their aunt, she blamed it on me, after she conveniently made herself unavailable she want's to have one of her melodramatic, lithium induced-hazed, delirium based episodes in which she tries to make herself seem like the helpless victim while my mother and I play the antagonist of the story, while getting ready to reach the climatic point were I curse her ass out and make her feel as big as a pinhole on a bulletin board. So Sybil in a nut shell, she is bored with her own life and she has to start shit and projects in everyone else's life so she can feel some type of self worth. Paranoid ass bitch. I mean I feel bad for her, but damn, I have enough of Tarrance's and Trent's problems to deal with in my own head to add to the mix...

So back to the main story....(wrapping it up) As per the conversation, she brought up the fact that I wasn't going to have time to "Have a Fish Fry," since I was going to get Mark from jail. I am like damn bitch, where are you getting your info?(Mark's dad, and Sybil don't really fool with each other, so...) so after a brief exchange of words, I understand that Mark's step mom tells her, and blah blah. So Sybil makes it a point to halt my Fish Fry by saying "I know you're trying to keep me away from the kids, but thats not gonna work see! I am spending time with them..." She knew what she was doing, she knew I was gonna give her what she wanted so she can shut her mouth...I did just cause I am not naturally a bitch (like some of you all think) I try to be diplomatic whenever I can but shit! So the Fish Fry didn't happen, I spent some time with my cousin. But...she knew that I was taking the kids to Knotts on Monday instead. So check this shit out.

At the last minute, this bitch is blowin up my office phone, cell phone, house phone, car phone doin extras. "I have some tickets to the King Tut exhibit and I told Kwame I would take him." Bitch I don't know why you told him that especially when you know that I was gonna have the kids on Monday. So long story short, this bitch tried to cock block and get me to leave Knotts at 6 to drive the kids (one of them mind you) 45 minutes in rush hour traffic back to my house so she can have Kwame to take him to see the mummy. But wait did you get the tea? Bitch what makes you think you have the privy to dictate my actions..."Knotts doesn't take all day." Well the last time I checked bitch you stay at the amusement park all day right? I for damn sure am not about to drive 40 miles at 2.98 cents per premium gallon at 33 gallons to accommodate you. And question Miss. Sybil, when did you get these tickets? That exhibit has been sold out for months now...what stunt are you really trying to pull?

Bottom line was uncle Trent was having his moment, and you get back to me days or hours in advance if you have a planned activity since you were conveiniently unavailable in the planning process before they got here mess. Anywho...that was my day. They didn't go, and she left some ugly ass voicemails that she'll regret later on in life...

That was my drama for the day. Between her, my mammy, and Marks dad they work my reserve nerves. Growing up in the same house, products from the same coochie and dick is a muthafucka. Family I tell you!

Anyway, I am preparing for my Book Tour Stop this week, as well as a secret surprise that is going to rock and shock some of yall! And get use to the family drama! It will be so much more if it...I need to devise a plan to tell Mark I suck penis! HELP!!! LOL. He keeps asking me why I am going to Atlanta and traveling so much....I wrote a book about being a fag...duh! But no....We're making up so much loss time, I know he's got to be wondering where my girlfriend is and all of that...Yes even I have issues with coming out to the Klan I ain't perfeck! Although no one ever said I was...

Peace, Blessings, Incense & Candles.


Ladynay said...

I think every family has a Sybil.

You and your cousin seem tight enough to were your coming out to him shouldn't rock the boat much if not at all.

I like the new pic.

Aunt Jacky said...

Boy if you don't look like your father in that pic!!!!I miss him,but to have you remind me of him is good for the soul.Look, just tell cuzo that this is who you are.Either he'll like it or not, but either way he should accept you as you are.Everybody can't be that Nigga that get's all the girls.And from what I hear half the niggas out there have their share of the dicks and pu**y anyway, so what the FUCK!!!!!????

Jamal K. Franklin said...

Mr. Trent,

Ya family issues are so typical. Every family has the same type of issues - it's kinda hilarious when you think about it. But, that's the kind of stuff that makes the world go around. My grandmother Madea once told me, "this family is all we got." After she thought about it for a second, I heard her say "damn!" Not sure what she meant by it - but, she came into the realization that we were all going to be stuck together...forever!

I think you're doing a remarkable job w/Tuesday's kids. The name alone sounds like it could be a dope organization that helps kids. Anyway, thanks for giving us insight into your world. I can't wait to hear what you're going to tell your cousin!

Coming Into Reality,

Chosen Brotha said...

I think the dysfunctional family is the norm now, it's sad to day. I certainly know that my family is dysfunctional. I think that there is no easy way to tell ur cuz about you than just to tell him? Get him intoxicated in some way, maybe it would be easier for u, if you were too maybe. I think maybe he'll be more receptive intitially anyways. Why do u feel the need to tell him though? Especially if everything is cool. Don't make an issue out of nothing.

Rod said...

Hey Trent.

Returned home for two months (or more, who knows) to help with a remodeling project and we are confronting many of the same demons. If one may be so bold as to give advice, just tell Mark the truth. "This is very hard for me to explain, but this is wassup, yada, yada." And give him your book.

He may be very proud.

Congrats on dealing w/ the family. Right now, my urge is to run back to NYC, jet off to ATL or Ibiza, party with the hottiez ... but, we're needed here right now. You can't receive the blessings if you don'tive them. So you are doing well.

Also, thanks so much for the blog nominations. It's very humbling. But there are so many great sites, we all should win for just doing it!

Congrats on your book, hopefully we're behind you. ;)

PS: How do u know about Sybil? You're too young!

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