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Trent's Week In Review

Haaayyyy....I love you guys so much!

Shot Outs to: All of my readers! How you doin'? Alright? Thank you for your continual support. Bobby Brown!! I see you... Tim'm! So phenomenal you are! He's such a great person! Visit his blog and support his work! I just acquired his new chap book, Bare...and I have to add it to my reading list, but I am sure I can get it done in one day. Shot outs to my new writer Friend, Shelton Jackson, who just wrote The Second Chapter: Acceptance. It's a poetry book that talks about his experience living with AIDS. Alphonso (who I love sooooo much) he makes me laugh so much. Then he had the nerve to call me a Balmy, I'll explain later. Jeffrey King, Happy Birthday! Lalah and Reesey it was so good hanging out with my ladies!!! and Daniel, the new blogger on the out now!

I've been trying to convince Alphonso to start a blog. He's so have to meet this guy. He's been on the road with his book, Sons...and he comes up with funny shit to say. I admire our conversations so much...anyway. A Balmy Mingler is a person who wears lip balm and likes to socialize and mingle, a fuckin' mess as he would say. But yes I wear lip balm and I like to mingle.

Tonight was a great night. I think that I've been experiencing such a horrible time these last few weeks on and off screen that I really haven't been able to capture a calm, positive moment. And that all changed last night! I met soooo many phenomenal people it was too much! I loved it.

Thursday started off with a hateful hangover headache. I took a B.C. powder (industrial strength) to get it together. It's so funny when you feel like a fuckin mess, you don't look like it...hmm, why is that? So I had to get up and go to court, which ended up lasting 5 hours. There was this tall light skinned boy that made it all better so that was okay.

I spent most of the day talking on the phone and dodging idiots on the road, while having one of my infamous road rage fits! Blah-whatever...but I knew that I had gotten an exclusive invite to an intimate reading from my hero Tim'm.

For those of you who don't know about Tim'm he's a renaissance man! He's a singer, educator, scholar, speaker, writer, journalist, there isn't anything that this brotha can do! He's such a gift creatively and his spirit is so warm and friendly. His new chap book, Bare, in which he read from last evening here in L.A. is just that. It captures the pure essence of universal thought, feeling, and action. I even love his reflecting process in which he takes the last thirty minutes of the year and reflects on the previous year and calls into existence the things that we deserve in the New Year! Bigger than that resolution we don't even keep.

It was a warm vibe at the event. A few familiar faces came to support like my friends Lalah and was a cool event.

I went to celebrate the birthday of Jeffrey King. He's the founder of In The Meantime Mens. In The Meantime is basically a group of Gay black men that meet every Tuesday to have a nice round table discussion. They also host health seminars, retreats, and other community service events. Jeffrey has been extremely supportive of my book and has been instrumental in my success here in Los Angeles with At This Moment and I appreciate, thank and love him so much for that (with his sexy, flyy self). So I had to go and support!

Thats when I ran into Daniel. Daniel is so crazy. I first met him at my book signing back in March. I thought he was the cutest thing when I first saw him...he's very mesmerizing when you meet him in person. He and Fred actually upstaged my event! I was like damn is that Fred Smith? Who's that with him...anywoo...It was great talking to him and sharing my ideas with him.

While at the party I also met Mr. Shelton Jackson. This is just a prime example of you never know who you'll meet! I was sitting with a few people I had met at previous book events when Shelton sat down and I was like "Damn, I'm hot, see thats that fat people sweat." and Shelton laughed. Then I said "What's so funny, you know you talk about fat people, just like I talk about them!" I had them rolling...he told me I had a nice nose and I was thinking to myself, damn does he know I have a nose job? and a lip job? Shit...anyway. We talked and he plugged his book, and I plugged mine! What do ya know? His book talks about dealing with life and having AIDS. He talks about loosing his first love and "Accepting the fact he cannot change the past, but the future is his to do what he will." It was very inspiring to meet him! He will also be in Atlanta with myself and a few other writers! Check him out!!

Me and my cousin Mark talked briefly today, which made me feel good. He's so cool, he should drive a Cadillac, diamond in back, sunroof top...he's so pimp.

Overall, this has been such a phenomenal and eventful night to wrap up a hectic week. I can smile, kick back and enjoy what life has to bring, bad and good...

I love you, have a great weekend, and stay tuned for next week...I have a lot of shit to throw at you. An interview with Clay? Alphonso Morgan? Bobby Brown? My Secret? and Trent's Photo''ll have to be on your shit for next week...

I love what I do for you!!! Be Safe and BURSELF (My new License Plate...)

It's Okay Not To Fit In The Mold...Break It

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Anonymous said...

wow!!what a week. i missed tim'm when he came to atlanta but i do have his first book and cd. what a gifted brother. sorry we keep missing each other.