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Whatever Happened To...?

Um, what's really hood?

So fuck a VH1, talking about where are them acid washed white folks at now. Trent Jackson wants to know where are these fools at!

As usual Shot Outs to: Shawn (thanks for that), Shawn-TaQuan, all of the readers! And a special, "How You Doin'" to Bobby Brown...hmmm...and not Whitneys husband either. There are a lot of new bloggers poppin up all over bloggerville. And the newest two (Clay and Bobby) are not only attractive, but they are intelligent, thought-provoking, well-rounded, balanced, and eloquent. Not to mention enterprising and engaging. What? Read their blogs...and stay tuned for a f ew exclusives...

So Where is Hi-Five? Remember them. Playing The Kissing Game, She's Playin Hard to get...they were the bomb!

Okay...Troop. Spread My Wings? Wasn't that the cut? Attitude, All I Do Is Think Of You? They even had a dance named after them they were so hot...where is Troop?

Remember M.C. Hammer's protege, B Angie B? She remade I don't wanna loose your love and she did that other slow cut, "So Much Love." She could really sing. I don't know why she didn't make it...

Michel'le...Somethin' In My Heart....No More Lies, Nicety. Was it we couldn't handle her speaking in real life or Dr. Dre broke up with her and there was no more? Which ever it was, her first CD will remain in the classic of singers in the early 90's.

Why did The Boys dial everybody's heart? They were cute, lovable...could they have made it past teen girl faze? They did all of their writing and instrumentation, I don't see why they couldn't make it..

Was Dionne Farris really Hopeless? Or was she too Michelle N'Daygay whateverish for the world? Did she come out with a CD? Did she make another single? What is her tea?

Okay...whatever happened to the Just Got Paid, It's Friday night man? Johnny Kemp. Did he just get paid on a friday and bounce?

KARYN SUPERWOMAN WHITE? Okay, now I'm convinced that after she and Terry Lewis broke up it was over for her. I loved her so much (more so than anyone on this list) There was Superwoman (remember when Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle & Dionne Warwick did their version) and Hunga...? Aww Karyn White....

I don't think America, or me for that matter was ready for the girlfriend duo Zhane (JOHNNAY) They were Sending Us Their Love,
and telling the D.J. to keep playing that song with those lesbionic haircuts and those leotard things on...they were hot one minute and cold like Iced Tea the next...did they breakup and not makeup? Hmm...

and what would we do with out Tracie Spencers "Tender Kisses?" I think it was her curious, surprised eyes that spooked and creeped everyone out. But she wrote her own material too...hmmm.

So what happened to this talented litter of black entertainers? Where do you go and what do you do when your 15 minutes was cut short or runs out? I don't think that they took advantage or even maxed out their careers...but then again there is always the Surreal Life...


Quaheem said...

WHOA.....I truly just had a "homosexual" moment while sittin here gettin nostalgic thinkin about "SUPERWOMAN"...

There are certain songs that just bring it out of you..THAT is one of

so-sign on this post...

P.S...You forgot about Tony Terry.."When I'm With You"

Trent Jackson said...

yes! Tony Terry. I so wanted to put him on here, but I didn't think no one would remember that song...

But my honorable mentions:

Tony Terry-When I'm With you
Mokenstef-He's Mine
Shanice-I love your smile (although we kinda keep up with her on the low)

Anonymous said...

You took me back with this list. I know Karyn White is sitting on a few coins. I don't know about the others.

Kevin C

Valentino said...

Zhane !!!! Yes!!! All of them tried to come out again...Tony Thompson from High Five...Tender Kisses girl...but where is Brownstone? I hear homegirl has started her version of The Pussy Cat Dolls

lj said...

OH damn...back...way back into time. BET could probably raise their ratings if they made their own "behind the music" like show. There is their 1st season right there.

Anonymous said...

Also lets not forget Lisa Fischer or Vesta. ALso whatever happend to Cherelle and ALexander Oneal.

Quaheem said...

Whoa @ Lisa Fischer...

"How Can I Ease The Pain".....The JAM....

The Divo said...

You know Trent, This is great.

To go down a musical memory lane. I remember all that you've named. I cannot think of any to add right now. But I did want to applaud you for this endevour.

Until Next Time,

I came in Peace and in Peace I leave.

Trent Jackson said...

@lj....I was just telling my friend last night that if BET did a show like VH1 where they got the old school artists to come back and perform then it would make their network better...hmmm maybe I should right a note to them

Holiday N said...

What about Jade?
Miss Tevin needs to get his ass back out too.
Does anybody remember Mona Lisa?
Kelly Price
shirley Murdock
(Lisa Fischer has been a Luther background singer for years and still was until his death,she never cared for the solo biz)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness you got me with hi-five!! But what about Mint Condition: you don't have to hurt no more and, what kind of man could i be? And we can't forget about Aaron Hall's I miss you ha ha (Oh yeah i also wanted to know if you could hook me up with something hit me at Thanx

As always... Rachael said...

I came all this way, struggling to remember how I got here last night... and I get no mention. You trying to make me cry?! Just kidding... I love finding new blogs (because I'm pretty sure bloggin can save the world, affect how people vote, and all sorts of good stuff.

Loved this post. What a past-blast! Apparently I was much hipper a decade or two ago than I am now!

dizeimage said...

I use to like Dionne Farris's song too. Yeah. Where the hell is she.

Shelley Halima said...

Of all the ones you mentioned I miss Dionne Farris the most. Her cd Wildseed, Wildflower was the shit! It was so diverse - rock, soul, jazzy. Useless trivia: Randy Jackson of American Idol was actually one of the producers.

Last I saw of Cherrelle she was on Being Bobby Brown hanging with Whitney.

And dang, where IS Vesta? She could sing her ass off.

BuddahDesmond said...

Oh the memories....

Hi-Five used to be my group! "She's Playing Hard To Get," "Quality Time," and "I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)" were all my jams!

I must admit that I prefer Troop's version of "All I Do Is Think Of You" over the B5 version. It boggles my mind as to why they remade it.

Dionne Farris....What happened to her? I remember the last time I saw her was on BET Tonight (then with Tavis Smiley) back in 1999-2000. She handed him an advanced copy of a CD that never came to see the light of day (to my knowledge). I still bump her first CD Wild Seed, Wild Flower featuring my favorites "I Know" (VH1 killed the video) and "11th Hour."

Karyn White....Ah man! I was just jamming to some Karyn White (Pebbles and Cherrelle) the other day. She was (and still is) one of my favorites. I may have to agree with you about her career being over once she and Terry Lewis broke up. So sad if this true. About Cherrelle: She released her last studio record in 1999 entitled The Right Time. Virgin Records just released her new Greatest Hits in May of this year.

I loved Zhane too! I played their first record to death. Wasn't one bad track on there. Never got around to getting their second record Saturday Night, but I loved the second single "Crush" though. Fortunately, I got to see them perform as the opening act on Maxwell's first tour. An excellent show I might add.

I miss Tracie Spencer too. Every single off of her second record was hot....From "This House" to "Tender Kisses" (my all-time favorite) to "Love Me." Her last album Tracie was on point as well. Didn't receive nearly as much promotion as it should have.

Scott said...


You really took me back with this list.

I landed here after searching on "Whatever Happened to Zhane". I didn't realize they were Lesbian. lol. But then, I don't pay that much attention to those things. I loved the first Album and of course "Hey, Mr. DJ".

I was listening to that track when I got inspored to do the search.

I'd forgotten all about "Hi 5" and "The Kissing Game". I loved that track.

And yeah, whatever happned to Troop? "Attitude" is the only CD of thisrs I ever remember.

And I suppose Johnny Kemp got paid rather well and fled to some remote island for good.

Ahh wll, "Just Got Paid" was fun to dance to.

And oh my God, Karyn White! Where are you?!? I bought each and every one of her CDs. The sould sing, sang great songs AND she was easy on the eyes.

Not long after becoming Mrs. Terry Lewis, she just vanished into thin air.

I miss her.