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Ain't Really Talkin About Nothing

What? Bitch! What You Say? Nah I’m just playin! What’s really hood?

Shot Outs: Tha Buddah, Shawn, Tara, and all of the hood.

I am so excited about September 25! It’s the return of Desperate Housewives!!! I am so ready…In the meantime I want you to check out Shawn’s Blog, there is so funny shit that you have to see over their…hurry up! Go!

I have been stretching myself so thin lately. I’m working the A.M. shift, going to class at night but I’ve managed to sneak in a date for the last couple of weeks…so this dude is nice…and he finally allowed me to take a picture of him, with my stalkerattzi device that can transmit pictures and make phone calls to anyone in the world in a matter of minutes. There’s just one thing though…he’s like mad hood. Why did this man wear a G-unit wife beater to a date? Anyway…

He’s cool. I like him. But that’s as far as it goes, you know how you know it’s just not going to crack off. I mean I’m into Martini’s he’s into St. Ives (and he did ask for that at the restaurant…) I’m into Benzes and he’s into Monte Carlos on 23’s. I play Black Jack and he shoots craps. I mean it’s interesting to see us in the mix. Cause I like all that he is and he likes me for me, but our different experiences start to bump heads…he calls me uppity and I call him ghetto. But it’s cute…I’ll keep you posted.

So while I am tired and unmotivated to continue school, but forcing myself to go finish this last semester and a half, balancing work, networking, learning more about myself and my limits, meeting new people, and writing new volumes, I am going to retire early tonight.

But I ask myself this. When starting new relationships, how much of myself should I compromise if any just to see how far the relationship that could potentially work, go?

Side note: This is a guy who I met a few weeks ago, that knows nothing of the “Trent Jackson persona.” He doesn’t know I’m a writer, he knows nothing of my creative endeavors. All he knows is I go to school at night, and I have a day job. Although he did ask me why I had a big blow up of myself in my hallway that was next to the blow up of the cover of At This Moment…I’m letting him know me first before all of that other stuff…and just for the visual factor:

4 Tha Streets


Jamal K. Franklin said...

Yea...He's a keeper!

Anonymous said...

you are doing the right thing. let him see the sidebar you not the hollywood you. if he is worthy he will see that side. if not move on to the next. tlc

Quaheem said...

shit...Where are they growin these dudes?...

I need to put a downpayment on one...

Stone said...

love the song for the day

kristen said...

no offense but dude looks as if he JUST got out of he's all uncomfortable taking pics outside of mugshots!! just kidding

but about the previous dude: don't let the differences control the relationship. i don't know if you noticed, but by reading your blog, 'you is ghetto as hell' (using my Madea voice). believe me, as a fellow cali-for-nigga i can see the signs! paz, kristen

The Divo said...

It is time for an update.

First off Trent, I am sorry that I have been away in a far off land, but I think I have finally gotten my bearings back.

All is well on this end of the spectrum, shine a light, you might see a rainbow.

Now as for testing the waters, and trying to feel out the situation until you know it won't work, is a good idea. You will never know where you are willing to go to get into a genuine intimate relationship with someone.

So on that note I say go for it, I am already jealous.

It is my will to stay abreast, so don't take me off your list so soon.

As always in Parting,

I came in Peace and in Peace I leave.

Clay said...

i have yet to get into that show Desperate Housewives ... i may have to check it out this season.