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SO I was thinking, if I adopted, took on, or looked at certain aspects of my present life from a more optimistic standpoint I'd have a more positive outcome. Not to say that I am not a overtly negative (like some of you think...) but who doesn't have negative or ill feelings towards certain things?

This school situation. There is nothing I can do to change it, but approach it with a positive outlook. I should go in expecting to pass and gain knowledge that I didn't have before. This is one of my goals, to graduate college before I hit the 25 mark, I am a little more than half way there, so I should be able to do it...anyway, just thinking. This doesn't mean that I am about to start being nice to bitches that talk shit and go out of their way to be fucked up towards me...I am just looking at things that I have control over, and I don't have control over other people. Even if I was the nicest man (which sometimes I am) in the world, people's perceptions are still distorted...

Okay so the judge threw out the libel suit against, Trent Jackson Inc., Intricate Publications, NuWave Media LLC., and Trent Jackson this morning, just like I knew he would. There is nothing like a hungry blood sucking goon that comes after your coins, that's why I protect myself the way that I do. It just amazes me how people come out of the wood works with these accusations...saying how I depicted them in a negative light. I don't depict people inaccurately, only truthfully.

Shot Outs To: E, Quaheem and Cash.

Cash, Lil' Kim gets 4 1/2 mics, not 5. I take the points off for her two minutes worth of asnwering machine skits, although I do enjoy her impromptu and seemingly scripted chat with her sister at the end of track 21. I think my favorite track is "Kitty Box" it's so different from anything Kim has done before, and I think she really ventured outside herself on this album. I think anytime a person goes through something trying and stressful, they produce great work, this is an example of that. I think it's safe to say that this is one of her better CD's if not the best...

Toni Braxton is lovely! It's such a groove CD. However there are a few things I don't like. For instance I am gonna need her not to sample another Tupac track, or should I say The Crusaders, "Wildest Dreams". On "What's Good," I really can't take too much of it, because it's so Tupac. Then on "Finally" she "barrows" a few chords of "Heaven Only Knows," courtesy of miss Faith Evans. There were a couple of songs that I wanted Toni to take me there like she did on "Unbreak My Heart," but it never happened...instead she kept it mellow and showcased her ability to sing a song and not have to woo the listener over with fancy runs of vocal acrobats to prove that she can sing or to try to reassure her fans that she still has it. I enjoy the CD. My top three tracks are "Stupid," "Supposed To Be," and "Trippin." Both Kim and Toni are worth the purchase. I try not to support the download trend, because I am an artist and I don't want people bootlegging my book.

Was my post on shitting too much for the kids? I'm starting to think that it's not okay to have fun while on the crapper, fuck yall! Stay constipated if you want to. I embrace my healthy colon...

I'm tired...and my antics are coming to an end. But I'm feeling really competitive. Let's see what happens over the next 24 hours.

Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your world, if only for a moment...


Cash S. said...

Hey! I feel you. I do agree it is one of her better CDs. I listend to it a few more times yesterday and its starting to grow on me. I'll have to check out that Toni Braxton as well.

E said...

I love Toni to death but I personally agree that she's way too "breathy" on the majority of her songs. I do wish she belted things out the way we know she can. It's like one reviewer said o was like she was eating a sandwich when she sang most of this. My faves are Trippin' & Take This Ring (despite the flagrant rip-off of Amerie's song..though that's the producer's fault there). I wish too we didn't have to live in Japan to get the other singles...*LOL*.

Congrats on the lawsuit going in your favor!