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Cute Boys, Old Men & Banter


Shot Outs To: Shawn (not TaQuan…speaking of Shawn TaQuan where is he?) Shot out to all of the office workers, all of the cubicle heads, the train riders, and those refusing to pay all these retarded amounts of money for gas.

So Monday was the most relaxing day. Although I hate trips out in public when I am looking a hot mess-but I have to go. Someone may recognize me from the back of that book or some other quasi-notable thing I did, and they’ll be staring me down as I pack all of the booze and junk food in my cart then they’ll say “Isn’t that…damn he looks fucked up!” But I like attention like that, which is partially the reason why I go out looking fucked up, just because I don’t give a fuck…I think I am actually looking forward to the tabloid stories. I mean this is me you’re talkin’ to.

I guess the highlight of the day was when I was roaming around Sav-On and this not so cute 40-year-old man followed me around the store. It wasn’t until I cut my cell phone interview short with this reviewer of my book and asked him “What do you want from me?” He laughed and told me he was really vibing me and he wanted my number. I took his info and slid his number in my right booty cheek and went about my business. I am so not interested in talking to him. I have my eye set on something else, someone else. THE EAST COAST

So I have a new love interest a la Shawn. His name is James Blake, and some of you may know him because of his celebrity. And he’s getting ready to play Andre Agassi in the semi-finals or whatever. I am so not a tennis fan, or any sports fan, but when a cute boy is involved, I learn what I need to know, (take note hoes). So I am so infatuated with him. So Shawn calls me and is like, turn to Channel 2. And I thought he was on TV or something. It was a tennis match, then I saw James, and instantly I fell in love. I was like look at that mans ass; it’s so like edible. I know Shawn was like yawn already, because he enjoys fish talk way too much. Anyway, next on coochie. James Blake is hot, so here he is boy of the day, James Blake. He’s a Harvard grad, he almost had paralysis and all like that but he’s black, I mean back playing tennis, looking cute. Why does he remind me or Boris Kodjoe a little bit? Maybe it’s the mixed thing…

On a closing note, 3 more weeks until Toni’s album drops, and I am loving her singles so far Take This Ring, Please, Supposed to be a floating around on the Internet, and from the sound of it, it’s a lot of mid-tempo, shit you can groove to. I’m feeling it..

I am so excited; tomorrow I am going to test something out on yall. Now keep in mind that imma artist and a nigga is sensitive about his shit…this has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a minute…so we’ll see how receptive you are to it.

Thank you for reading; I love you for being apart of my small galaxy in this big universe.


Stone said...

Toni is just got hot

ShawnQt said...


Quaheem said...

yeah..James Blake been the SHIT for a minute...

Valentino said...

Take This Ring is the sheeeeiiiiit !! meow