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I Can't

The reason why I can't is because it is 3:08 a.m., and if it were a normal day I'd be getting up getting ready to go to work, so my body is like WTF?

But let me leave you with this as I go masturbate and go to sleep. I'll write this as a reminder on what I need to expand on tomorrow at 5 or something.

1. I think me and Alphonso are going to be boyfriends for real.
2. I have to be in court in like 5 hours, and I am so tired of these hoes trying to stick me for my paper.
3. I hate class.
4. 215 wasn't in my email box today and I am upset.
5. Yall hoes tried to front me on my post about defication.
6. Toni Braxton and Lil' Kim both have great CD's.
7. I gained 2 pounds and my surgeon says it isn't good.
8. My underarms itch.
9. My eyes burn
10. Tomorrow, later on today is going to be on hell of a day and one hell of a blog.
11. I got weak and went to nates house.


Cash S. said...
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Cash S. said...

Do you think LiL Kims CD lived up to the 5 mics that the Source magazine gave it? How is Toni Braxtons CD?