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Fuck you Frank! Say it to my face! Don’t write a check that’s gonna bounce like all those plastic balls you go to! Hmm…and we’re still friends, girl.

Hi everybody! Happy Friday to you! Shot outs to all of my readers. Shot out to my boy Vincent who is going to the south to assist in the hurricane relief efforts.

I don’t know what to make of this Hurricane Katrina situation. I know that Clay is proving an excellent platform and I think that he is addressing the situation in truth and he sums it up no better way. He and I will be having a chat sometime next week; in fact, it will be the Friday finale for next week.

It’s such a shame, but expected, that the black people in New Orleans are going through. I see that all of the white folks in Biloxi got their Red Cross/Salvation army aid, and are out. Why does the media keep perpetuating bullshit on TV about the people looting and stealing. It’s called a survival tactic. Black people are survivors…and we keep on surviving. Now they are talking about murders and all this other stuff is going on…this is going to be a bigger mess than what it already is, and thinking about this, my head is hurting…did all of this same shit go down in Tsunami Land?

It really saddens me that people are dying left and right waiting for food and water in the hot ass Superdome, people are taking drastic survival measures and are being characterized as beasts, savages, belligerent and unruly. The people were just following orders of the local government to be abandoned and left for ruin-and I am sure if they were left in a place in a condition like that, they’d be doing the same shit too. And has the mayor even made an appearance during all of this?

I am worried about the after, aftermath. How many bodies are they gonna find when they drain the excess water? Are they gonna rebuild the city? Are people really gonna be served and helped get their lives semi back on track? Is there gonna be an effort to help people identify and or be reunited with their families? What will be left of the city? Will it ever be the same?

You know I have to find the humor or craziness in everything…why are all the dudes on the TV fine ass hell? Walking around sagging showin their booties looting in stores and shit. Why is that so hood fine to me? So hot. I need to go and do some type of volunteer effort…

Switching gears a bit…no I didn’t cut the bitch for asking me if I was a top or bottom. I didn’t even dignify her question with an answer, I just smiled. Although she repeatedly asked me, I didn’t give her the time or day. I kept saying in my head, bitch if this wasn’t my second week of work I’d meet you in the parking lot, so don’t test me. I’m crafty, and needless to say she’s been there longer than me, and it’s funny how I came to work this morning and her cubicle was cleaned out…office gossip says she was fired…hmm was it my swift ability to draft up hateful letters to the personnel department? Hmm…she’d better watch who she asks questions to.
I am so pissed at the gas being 3.25 in Los Angeles. I am done driving. Period.
Rumor has it that Letoya Luckett, one of the original members of Destiny’s Child has an album out…is that true? Has anyone heard any tracks?

I am working on restoring the luster to Live and Up close in the coming weeks. I have some spicy interviews coming up, some nice little topics that will entertain you all, and I will put the end to the myth that, that damn Bernard Bradshaw started about me being nothing without the drama that goes on in my life. Who is he without his sex? Hmm…There I go, There I go, There I go, There I go

Is There something wrong with me for wanting to see Tevin Campbell?

Have a safe weekend! Be Blessed & Be grateful,
Rest In Peace to those who were caught up in the storm…

I love what I do for you…
I know you’re here cause you told me.


Clay said...

thanks again for the shout out - you are right the american red cross has somehow made it to these ravaged areas - even through all the trees, broken bridges --- i was in manhattan when 9/11 and hours they found a way -- extremely selective red cross we have

Frank León Roberts said...

bitch, you cant take me. face my music b'iatch!

Sassy said...

boy my eyes are burning tryna read every post u have up here!! i'll definitely be back