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Laura Ingles...LOL

Let me tell you how excited I am! Finally my life can have more zest and return back to some type of normalcy. I urge you to watch, the white people are so interesting! And the thing I like about Desperate Housewives and the Lifetime Movie Network, it gives you a pass into the lives of the whites. Not like we care or anything like that, but it’s an accurate depiction of White Suburbia. I’m tellin’ you, watch, even if it’s just to say “Them white folks is a sho’ nuff mess!” Desperate Housewives does premiere on Sunday, you better be close with the Buffalo Wings & Special Occasion ranch. Alright…

Speaking of normalcy, Shot Outs To: 215, you’re great. Tha T to tha L to tha C. Shawn-TaQuan (how you doin’?), Stone and a special wink to Alvin…(damn he’s fine)

So yes, my life has been a complete wreck for the last few days and who gives a fuck?! More F and less U all right? Were all allotted our space, but hell, living with Trent isn’t easy.

Are we all, or is it just me, waiting on pins, needles, cracked eggshells, and hot coals waiting to read the final installment of Jamal K. Franklins, chat with Trent? He so jacked the interview from me, how dare he? Slimey Southerner…and where is he getting all these pictures of me from? That fool is doing some serious digging, I am glad he had enough decency to pick cute ones…I still get the feeling that the shit will hit the fan with this last little piece. Don’t get stepped to Jamal. And speaking of pictures, isn’t the socialite formally known as Frank Leon (hyphen over the whatever it is and all) Roberts letting us all have it with his new photos? He almost makes me want to play with my virgin coochie at night when we all know I am saving it for one of seven, and he’s not on the list. But the pictures are hot though, and I had to mention it.

I will be going into production on my reality show in 8 days, oh my word. What am I going to do? What am I going to wear? I’m glad I don’t have to worry about lines and scripts…but the shit is going to be funny, I can tell you that much, and yall hoes better watch it too, and buy the first season DVD. I ain’t playin! I’m gonna know. It just dawned on me that I told Jamal Franklin how much I weighed, how dare he? Make me give up info like that.

So…Babyfaces album, LaToya London’s Album….4 Days until Lil’ Kim and Toni Braxton. Why is RayJ’s CD better than Babyfaces?

I am almost coming back into my self, so with a family trip to the spa in San Diego, I’m sure to have some stories to tell.

But wait, why was I at the compound last night, and around 11:45 Miss. Laura Ingles Wilder decides she wants a chronic sack? I laughed for about 35.5 minutes that the white girl was in the hood-buying reefer. I also made up my mind to stop going over there and ceasing communication with the thugs…that brings unwarranted trouble into the realm. I mean here I am going through all this mental shit and I am playing Russian roulette with Lucifer and his spirits, give me a fuckin break Trent, you’ve got your whole career to live for scandal and legal woes, don’t start prematurely…you nest egg is still growing.

I would like to thank each and every one of my readers for all of your support and love despite my neurotic sometimes-psychotic breakdowns. Over the past week I felt like Mariah Carey: throwing plates all around, falling on them, I even felt I needed a Zoloft, when all I needed was to listen to the still voice in my head. The answers are always within.

Have a great weekend, and don’t do nothin’ I wouldn’t do…
That’s a cute idea though, get little rainbow bracelets made, W.W.T.D.?

Always suck dick with a strawberry flavored lifestyle unless you’re in love.
Take the nut on the face not in the mouth!

Holla Back Youngin!!

Oh yeah, Granola and Treadmills work, and fuck a fake bitch any day!

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Ricky said...

Glad to read things are all well with you. I might have to get that Ray J if it is that good. Not really looking forward to Lil Kim though. Any hoo, you have a good weekend too.

Jamal K. Franklin said...

LOL...Russian roulette w/Lucifer & his spirits?!?! Hilarious...and trust me, we've all seen the pictures - no one really cares how much you weigh. It's your personality and the real Trent that makes us like you so much.

Coming Into Reality,

Reddy said...

LOL @ look into the life of white womenz.. Thats a hella scary world I tell ya. There's only so much of lifetime I can watch that ish gets depressing. I mean do they ever have a happy ending on there?? damn.

Valentino said...

Half of you by Brownstone is my shyt...

E said...

I enjoyed reading the interviews..:-) And as for feeling like Mariah Carey, look at how far she fell and how hot she is now! Maybe it's a sign..:-)