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What’s really hood bitches?

OMG, so Alvin was here...gotta watch what I say! I don't want him to think I am crazier than what I really am.

How many of us have SoapNet on your cable provider? Okay, well I lead a very boring and reclusive life, (popular to contrary tale…or on my own account) and I love a Saturday night TV show, especially Dysfunctional Family night when they show back-to-back episodes of Dynasty! Dynasty is my all time favorite show, well there is Soul Food The Series, but this is different. Dynasty was the show that I watched with my Grand-Ma, (she must have knew I was gonna be gay…) when I was growing up…so watching all the old episodes and remembering some of the scenes is so entertaining…and they have some good reads in that show too…

So I spent all day Sunday reading The Interruption Of Everything, By Terry McMillan. OKAY, the only thing that I have to say is that the book is phenomenal. I am a little more than half way done, and I've only read 5books to date in such rapid speed, Wendy's Got The Heat, The Wendy Williams Experience, Lil' Mamas Rules, Blessings, Sons, and The Interruption Of Everything will be added to the list when I finish tonight. I am also finishing up Down For Whatever and Beyond The DL.

So I had a chat with Mr. Jamal Franklin, I stepped into reality, or did I step into an illusion? Or was it more like a psych ward at a state hospital? Whatever it was, it'll be figured out in editing, because lord knows that man knows how to play mind games...let him tell it, there will be two versions of the interview. Why do I feel that he's going to try to make me look bad....the operative word is try. He has something up his sleeve, then he had the nerve to say…well just read my interview, I bring the truth. Yall know how my interviews are…

So I'm in my cycle. I have a low tolerance for people and their bullshit and I am only associating with people that have a 5-year plan. I am really tired of dead weight around me. I am a man on a move, with plans, goals, dreams, aspirations, and I can't do that with leeches trying to take me down. I changed my phone numbers over the weekend. I was so tired of hoes calling me and feeling under appreciated or asking myself "Why am I friends with this person?" If I had to ask myself that they shouldn't have had my number in the first place. I don't think my numbers will be listed for a while...and rightfully so. I've got work to do, and I'm slacking. I've been held back long enough and I don’t think any of us should allow or be subjected to such idiots who can’t appreciate true and genuine friendship.

And If I don't fall back on the granola and the treadmill, I am going to be looking like Whitney Houston on that Michael Jackson special.

I've been doing a lot of plotting, planning and thinking. I think it's the season for all of us to really excel and call into existence of the things that we deserve, the things that we want, the things we should have. I think it's important for us to seize each moment in time, because if we don't take the opportunity before us, we'll sound like Brian McKnight saying, "Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda..."

1 Moment In Time


Jamal K. Franklin said...

Mr. Jackson, sorry, shall I say Trent...try to make you look bad? Me? Never!

Coming Into Reality,

Bobby Brown Jr. said...

First of all CALM YO SENSITIVE ASS DOWN!! U so damn hyped today I feel like u SHOUTING at me!... That thought passed immediately when I realized that we've have been out of communication for over a week now and I'm not sure what's goin on?

The hardworking team over at Being Bobby Brown Jr.'s page are wonderin why u havent visited our page lately. Hell, I even shouted you out 2twice in one week and I'm still waitin on a courtesy acknowledgement of reciept. I KNOW YO MAMA RAISED U BETTA..

What's really goin on?? Check yo email in a few for clarification and shout me out when u get a min. Last but certainly not least, do me a favor and re-visit my page and re-read the post titled "Hell NO! I'm not Turning Down My Light 4 U"

Without a shadow of a doubt, your light shines bright and definitely inspires people to be/do better. THATS A Very Special GIFT! that you have to treat with dignity and respect. Yep sometimes u gotta get real urban and act a damn fool b/c u a human being (and a Pisces) and thats how we do..BUT ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use our POWERS 4 GOOD and I'll meet u at the Top!!

No4real4real said...

Bless your heart...

Anonymous said...

i feel you for cuting folk off. sometimes we need to do some spring cleaning.

Bougie Black Boy said...

i'm definitely coming back to your blog!

Valentino said...

Fuck em girl..fuck em....What the hell were you doing wit granola?