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Oooooohhhh Blogger was hatin on a muthafucka tonight. I typed all that shit and then she wanna go and erase everything, like a hating punk. Just know that this post is a bad facsimile of the first! So I'll try to make it as clear and and as witty as the first...I've been getting my mojo back! Just when I thought it was safe...

One of the most important things in life is to watch what you say, and who you say it to. This goes for all of included. Like for instance, I've been dying for weeks to tell the story of how another, lets just call him a "colleague," I would never call him a colleague because he can't stand me just as much as I can't stand him. And you know Trent steers clear of people he doesn't like. Fuck being cordial, fuck kissing ass, fuck all the fakeness. I just don't say shit to your whack ass. I would never put him in the same category because as far as I am concerned he is so far beneath me, he's not even worth the gum on the bottom of my Bruno Magli boot that I had to scrap off the other day. HOLLA!

Anyway, he's talked so much shit about me, sent out so many vicious emails (and yes Trent's favorite word coming,) hated on me so tuff he didn't think that I knew what the deal was...well, see he finally spoke to the wrong person about me, and what he didn't know that not only was I an ear shot away from hearing this, I was lying in the bed next to the person he was telling! How about that for a mess! Hmm...Bitch ass PUNK! OOOOOOH I want to call your ass out so bad!!!!! But I'm better than that. I'd rather lie in wait for him and catch him up when it's just me and him...

I'm getting ready to enter the "Realm" as I like to call it. The Realm is what I call my work cycle which lasts from the last week in September until the first week in November. This is where I finish all of my unfinished projects like my new book, Full Circle and I start production on things like my new Reality Show...which is gonna be fuckin BANANAS! So Tara is my official person to tell me if she likes my shit or Tara will have the first half of the book by the end of the week.

Speaking of Tara, that bitch is a cockblocker. She will not let me chat with her fine ass brother Alvin. I want her to accept the fact that me and her brother are meant for each other! We are so meant to be together...and she just can't see that! Listen here and listen good Tara. You know me. We have chat and all of that. I just want to cater to Alvin that's be like Fantasia and free Alvin is a grown man.

So anyway I am pissed off that I was walking around the Villa today acting like a white girl at a Michael Jackson concert. The frickin' power was off for like four hours and my internet was down for like 8. I was queening out while I was on the phone with Brent Dorian Carpenter. I so didn't know how to function without the very things that make some of us who we are. While Brent was trying to calm me down, we both talked about the urgency and our needs and desires to try to unify the black writing community...he agreed just like I we aren't close enough. And even with the madness and the drama with the other writing queen I can excuse her, cause Lauryn Hill said it best when she said "Forgive them father for they know not what they do..." The funny thing is half of these fools think they know me based on what I say...dumb asses.

The moral of the story is to stop placing value in our material possessions and focus on the things that we take for granted, like our life and the people that we love, we're all guilty of it...Especially me. Walking around like a madman with no power or internet.

What I am working on: Getting 2 bloggers and another writer in the hot seat.

Shout me a holler! I love what I do for you...

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Anonymous said...

damn boy you are a FOOL. yes i said it but i love your blogs. they have me laughing early. you speak the truth at times. lol keep me laughing. ((((hugs))))

No4real4real said...

GOODNESS!!! Alvin is FIRE!

Jamal K. Franklin said...

Hmm - yea, Alvin is nice! I think you two would make a perfect pair! Yea, good moral!

Coming Into Reality,

BuddahDesmond said...

Keep telling it like it is T! I'll have to agree with no4real and Jamal about Alvin. Total hotness! And yes, let us please cherish that which is often taken for granted.

I was groovin the track of the day. It brought back a lot of memories.