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Public Service Announcement #1

Please enjoy the musical interlude while we take a break from our regularly scheduled program to bring you an important message from our sponsor.

It's necessary to take a minute and breathe, reflect, and process...

The interlude that you are about to hear is dedicated to: Bobby, Clay, Alphonso, and The Blacks.

Public Service Announcement


Jamal K. Franklin said...

She's speaking the truth...You Mr. Jackson are definitely a beautiful surprise.

*still sitting in my office groovin, with my head going back and forth*

Coming Into Reality,

No4real4real said...
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No4real4real said...

Yo man - thanks for India!!!

Clay said...

hmmmmm ... well im not a big India fan ... be sure to check out my latest post Trent - i have some words for her. however, i will say the TONE to her voice is good and different than the redundant riffs from many r&b artists .. i just wasnt a fan of the 2nd album -- thanks for the shout out!!!

Nikki Nicole said...

I was feeling your blog and one of the comments you left on another least I think that was you. I'm supposed to be working -- since I'm actually at work -- and so I have all of these damned windows open on my computer and I'm not sure which one led me here but I'm glad it did. Anyway, I thought you might be interested in my blog (all right for giving mydamnself a shout out - I apologize) but it's
I'll holla.