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Well, I was supposed to be launching my secret today…but as you can see it’s not here, there is a technical issue going on, that I hope to have fixed soon, so you can all bask in the ambience of Trent Jackson...

I am irritated. I am not normal. I am a creative force that thrives and feeds on giving birth to things that normal people don’t do. For instance, normal people don’t write books, they may think about it, and not act on it, but I think and do, thus this makes me not normal. Not to say that I am better than the normal people, but it’s so much easier being normal.

It’s easy to blend in. Get a great civil service job with benefits. Start work after high school, get a new car, build up your 401k and all like that, start a family, or whatever you do. Being normal has its perks, but I am not normal.

I am the one that’s jotting or doodling while the teacher is talking. I am the kid in the class that figures out the rubrics cube and goes for the next task because I am bored, I am always thinking, sometimes over analyzing, plotting, planning, mapping things out, thinking, talking, acting quickly. Doing things because no one else is doing, you know, things that the normal people don’t do.

One thing that non-normal people don’t do is work. I hate working. Like right now, I’ve been at this new gig all of three weeks and I hate it. I long for the days when I am in my room, plotting my future, writing my book, trying to finish school so I can go and inspire other young minds to be great typographic members of society. Challenge them to be great thinkers, scholars, learn about the arts, literature and photography. I want to challenge them to learn how to accept people for their difference, value them for their contribution and understand the story of the common man. Yes I want to be a teacher, but there is one problem, I’m not normal.

I hate my job, and I am quitting. I prayed today while I was on the train, and I asked God to send me a temporary position so I can work for like 2 months or something and go back into hiding with my laptop and my brilliant ideas.

Some of you may think I am crazy, but when I am not happy I am not happy.

I talked to my mom about me quitting…and what did I do that for? She gave me this whole spiel about being stable and having benefits and all like that, and that was fine for her, and her generation or anyone else who wants to settle for a civil service job or a regular office job with good benefits…that’s cool, do you, but my gig is writing books, running my mouth on camera, and socializing. I am not good at numbers. I love the interaction with people, I am a humanitarian and I can’t do that in an office shuffling papers day in and day out for a dollar while my talents that will take me to the plateau in which I want to reach are dwindling by the second with all of the corporate banter and the mingling of the normal, docile, people who don’t think the way I do. Not saying that something is wrong with wanting that life, don’t want to offend you, but I think outside of the box. There is nothing wrong with me wanting to be at the top…and I am not trying to office politic, kiss ass, and invest 10 years, full vesting and 5,000.00 in my 401k later to do all of that.

I want to go to school, I have to finish school. If I don’t finish school and get these 18 units out of the way, I’m going to go crazy. I must evacuate the cubicle at once! BREATHE! Message of the day, go for what you know and do things to please you, no one else can do that for you…
Shot Outs to: Bobby, the most inspirational man on the face of the blog scene-I’m praying for you! You are such a motivational force for all of us…I will be strong for you now…and here I am complaining about a job and 200,000 people just lost theirs. I love your quote on your blog today "We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us." Alphonso thank you for listening to me and understanding who I am, I appreciate that. Shawn thank you for all that you do, you’re a good guy no matter what you try and tell me. And you, my readers, and thank you so much for your words, thoughts and emails…my surprise is coming soon as soon as I get over this technical issue. P.S. enjoy the track..

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TheBlacks said...

The Blacks!

Anonymous said...

well said keep doing you and i am waiting for the suprise.

K Kaos said...

Join the club my man, I HATE my job as well. Hang in there dawg.