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I guess....

What is up with the grand entry and exits on MY blog? The last time I checked, I was the only one scheduled to do that...anyway. However you want to do it...Cause I am gonna do it like I know how. FUCK WHAT YOU HEARD. LOL. Why do people have a problem with the "F" word? Anyway...How You doin? Life is so grand...even when I was irritated and depressed, life was still fabulous! We only go through shit to make us stronger. (Language) Fred Hammond does get your mind right...

DO NOT! DO NOT! Forget to watch Noah's Ark on Logo at 7 if you have it available! Even if you don't like the show, it's about time America got a slice of Black Gay Life on their plates! Hmm...I love it. I will be there glued...damn did I pay the cable bill?

Shot Outs To: You the fabulous readers...I truly thank you and enjoy you so very much! 215, I think I am developing a small crush on you, but of course I'll never admit that to you. I thank you so much for listening to me-and understanding me off record and seeing through all of "this." I know that you know whassup cause you call me by my government name... For the record, 215 is not the kid in Philly! Only my last name is Jackson...Tara, The Blacks, Shondra (Who I adore-so much), Shawn(Your fans want autographs!), those who check in with me daily. I appreciate that so very much, thank you!!! Blair Poole (his new book is coming out in 2 weeks, check his link on the right side)

Aren't we all xcited that tomorrow is the 20th, and ShawnQt is revamping his blog? We want to know what he's been up to and we like so miss him, cause everyone is so tired of reading my blog everyday they want to see something different...I know what you all think of me, but you're still reading me aren't you? Well, unless you've made a grand exit. Why do people put themselves in predicaments for me to publicly argue with them, knowing that I am going to PUBLICLY say something if you try to front me...Stop trying to use me as a ratings magnet, I thought we were over doing that! That was so like 6 months ago with all of them like that...Keep doing what you, and I am going to keep what I am doing...Like having my universal prayer with me at noon your time...Try it. OMG...Someone queens out more than me! ICTI...(language)

Guess who spoke to me this morning? Brief cute exchange...Nothing major...

All I can say is great things are happening on my side of the universe and I am enjoying it and very much looking forward to the new, more outrageous, resilient, focused, blunt, yet mild, the one, the only-never phony TRENT JACKSON.

If you'd focus on yourself as much as you'd focus on everyone else's muthafuckin life yours would be fine...(lmao)

Prayer works! I love it! And I am still gonna be me...GOD knows my heart...Don't try to front me and say contradiction, I'm not Calvin Klien...

Shout Me A Holler
Fuck A Fake Bitch
Tell Them Nosey Hoes To Catch A Brick! (language)

Very Patra, Very Grace Jones, Pull Up To my bumper!
LIZA MINELLI. Takes one to know one

Damn I guess by friday my blog will be one word...okay I am leaving already


Marz said...

Goats are kids, I'm a child. LOL

(I know you're going to tell me to fall back.)LOL

The parallel from last week and this one, shows that karma is alive,well, and working.

God Bless


~ Eclectic Soul ~ said...

Awwwww Trent, I adore you too!!! Love talkin to you... Imma try to work on my blog this eve if Ion have to work. And oh yeah... someone queens out more than you?? Who'd have thunk it???!!



The Captain said...

Very nice blog...I will return to read more when time permits. I guess I will tune into the Logo channel tonight...

E said...

Boo hiss! I don't have LOGO..:-(

But I do love reading the blog. Hopefully I'll get the lowdown tomorrow on how the first episode went.