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What? Buddah...LOL. You are so fuckin funny! FUCK YOU! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK....FUCK. Such a powerful word.

HAAAAAY. Whats really hood? Shot out to Alphonso, 215, The Blacks, Tara, Aunt Jacky, Shondra, Glad to see you ricky!

I've always been a spiritual person Jamal, I just never shared that side of me, because you know how some of the blacks are about religion and being gay. It's too much of a contradiction and too much frustration to even discuss it, I'd rather give you other reasons to hate me. But how many of yall prayed with me at high noon? Wasn't it fun. So many great things happened today, but my momma wasn't one of them. After this post, I am not talking about it anymore. I'll talk to her or she'll talk to me when she gets or when I get ready. We're both stubborn and saying "hello" or breaking the ice too quickly will re-hash any ill feelings, thoughts, or ideas we have of each other, so thank you for the advice Bobby, I appreciate it and all like that, but I know what I am doing, this isn't the first time we haven't spoken.

Prayer definitely changes things, and I can say that I called a few things into existence and they've happened literally over night...and that is only because of prayer, nothing else...

I have a few things to say:

Thank you for everything that you do.

Continue to "do you"

No one can tell you how to run your shit, because you know best...and when it all comes down to it, you know you. People will always try to throw a wrench in your shit. There is nothing worse than unsolicited advice or people looking in who think they know, but they really have no idea! It may be my diary, but it's really not.

Love who you are-wholeheartedly.

It's okay to say no.

It's okay to experience and express anger...

Always learn from the outcome of your mistakes, not the mistakes themselves.

I love you!

Is this the shortest blog I've ever done? I think I am gonna go to the club...I feel like dancing with some man.

Shout me a holler
Fuck a fake bitch
Catch a brick hoes...!

P.S. Thank You for the update Valentino...


BuddahDesmond said...

Go on and tell it like it is!

Don't even get me started about religion and sexuality--makes me want to vomit like a bulimic.

Bobby Brown Jr. said...

I GOT IT & I'm done so glad u "got it and know what u r doin" Since you've mentioned prayer several times in your last few posts, I'm going to say special one for you. I pray that you get over your commitment to being right and clean up your relationship with your mother b4 its too late. You would never forgive yourself if while u sitting in your stubborness, godforbid you lose your mother b4 u had a chance to clean this up. It aint worth it bruh. and let me also clarify what i mean when i say "clean it up" I'm not saying become your mothers best friend or forget about all the pain. forgiving your mother and taking responsibility for your role in this free's up that negative energy u r obviously holdin on to. This isnt even about/for her..its for u but im done sharing feedback "not advice" cuz im clear how u feel about "unsoliticed advice" I'm also very clear from this post that you didnt get the lesson from the last time I posted a comment and im not willing to revisit it so consider this my last post to your page. I wish you luck with finding authentic peace.

Anonymous said...

tell it like it is. this morning 's read was short but to the point. (((hugs)))) tlc

Valentino said...

I was waiting for a short update on what? Or was that your way of seeing if I read your blog..see how the kids well!!

P. Alonzo Harris Jr. said...

hey there...

this is a good post...because too many brothers and sistas can never seem to take their "own" steps without getting the advice of others, and two, having those same people all in their face about how they are stepping....