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Hmmm....I usually start my day off saying "Another day another dollar!" when I wake up in the morning. Then I usually thank God for allowing me to get up to see another day to make another dollar...but today, I am glad I was off! I've been partying like a celebrity so fuckin' much I've barley been able to catch sleep fuckin around with this 4am-1pm bullshit, just four more checks and I'll be straight...well, not really.

Shot Out To: Stone, Jamal (for acknowledging me), ShawnTaQuan, Shawn...

So while I was on the phone with Shawn yesterday morning, he said "You are the common denominator!" I was saying to myself, nigga this ain't math class, what? I was telling him a few of my unedited stories and going over some of the details of my new show and he was simply telling me that there was a reason why all of these people were responding to me the way that they do. I immediately had to let him know that they were jealous of me in some way and that they couldn't handle the things that come out of my mouth, everyone doesn't appreciate realness...or so I thought. Then I started to take into consideration what he said...what is it that I am doing that people respond to me in the way that they do...and do I really care how they are responding to me? First notion, no I don't because jealousy and hateration is a cute form of flattery, but it does get annoying after a while when people expect you to be a certain way when you're really not. Like when people meet me for the first time, they are like "Oh you're nothing like I expected, or heard about..." "Oh you don't act like you come across in your books or on your blog." I am like UUGGHHH? How the fuck am I suppose to act? Is that an insult, or should I really be proud of the fact that I am oh so misunderstood.

Is Janet Jackson pregnant? Cause she is looking like she could be sporting a baby-Dupri or some new chunky draws, I am not use to seeing Ms. Jackson-Dupri looking so thick in the face...I wanna know the deal, is she pregnant or is the bitch still swollen from her nip and tuck, Holiday girl, what’s really Hood Bitch? I mean tell me she doesn't have that pregnant, my career is half way done, stick a fork in me, I'm about to have a baby, this gives me something to do glow?

I had such a fun time sitting in the layer plotting my moves out for the course of the year. I need to hurry up and pull some financial stunts so I can go back to living my life without being bothered with the hustle and the bustle of the daylight people.

I was talking to one of my good, blogger, east coast friends, whom I can’t wait to hangout with when I descend upon JFK this fall. We were both talking about how you always connect with the people that you don’t live close to…but I was thinking maybe that’s the reason why we live so far apart, because if were in each others faces all the time then we’d probably hate each other, or be bumpin heads every 10 seconds. But he’s a nice guy though. We’re both frustrated at the homosexuals right now, so shady they are…and why people spend so much time masking who they really are…when will people learn that it’s really okay to be who you are. I mean fuck the fake shit, you might as well let people know who you are upfront so they can appreciate who you are faster…or maybe not even waste their time on fallen dreams, broken hearts and empty promises that were never meant to be in existence in the first place, hell two sick people can’t get well together.

While I am on the subject, the nigga that I was so “Stupid” over last week decided he wanted to be a hooker…300.00 an hour, I got the tip off last night, I really had to get over my emotions for that bastard, what is the world coming to? Only in my life…I am the common denominator…

And my internet is acting up at this very moment and I am so irritated…I ended the night by hanging out with my best friend, Erika, whom you’ll all meet in my show, we went and saw Roll Bounce! It was a cutesy little movie; I was excited at all of the young tenders in the movie, especially Mr. Wesley Johnathan aka, sweetness…how you doin’? And the little boy from Moesha is very much frown up now...and who is this Brandon T. Jackson boy, I'd better fall back he could be family...nevertheless they were all so skinny and thin, I was like what is that about, eat a Taco or something. But why is it everytime I see Meagan Goode she always makes me roll my eyes! Uh anyway...I have to find something productive to do today and take a power-cat nap for math 101 tonight...damn I need some dick.


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E said...

If Janet is preggers with Dupree's baby, I hope the child takes after Janet...*LOL*.