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Sins & Secrets

A lot of folks fall victim to that Cinderella complex
You know-a great prince will come someday to give you
Everything you ever wanted. In reality the only thing that's
Free is problems. You have to
make opportunities not wait on them

"When the 'hood is your past, It's your present, too."

It has been a while since I've read a book that was so good I finished it in three hours. When I tell you that I put my calls on hold and sat in my cubicle clutching my artificial, knock-off diamond, rhinestone encrusted T reading cover to cover I was hooked trying to figure out what the hoes were up to next! I like books that take me in the first paragraph, the first line. Something I can relate to, something I can immediately visualize, something that is so real and fresh to me, something like déjà vu. I can't stand a book that takes forever to get into or starts off so slow you want to throw it into the nearest fire. I need drama right away and that's exactly what I got with Carolyn Chambers Sanders, Essence Best-selling debut novel, Sins & Secrets.
The opening scene is the main character's Candace who is at a party, immediately leaves this party with a man she doesn't know. Next thing you know she is in the car, on her way to the mo-mo getting what she considers the best dick down of her life! The way she wrote it, I wish that I were her getting fucked. SPICY

Her quick wits, reality based, writing, to me that read more like a page out of her own life was a hit out of the gate. Sins & Secrets tells the story of three round the way girls, Candace, Toi & Amber who form a bond in college and graduate to be some of the most successful girls around town. Their stellar looks, platinum success, street savyness and business smarts get them into a world of trouble but it also gets them far in life.

While balancing the problems of the hood in their backgrounds, some of those same problems become their foreground. While all of them are looking for a man they get more than what they bargain for and some. There is even some high fashion couture fag drama in the mix!
Somehow two of the girls settle with major league baseball players, while one of the girls manages to snag a little dick nigga and all of his ghetto bitches that go with it. When murder, lies, deception, threesomes, stalkers, drugs, beat downs, ER rooms, retaliation, infidelity, tequila shots, high society life, unlimited money and frequent flyer miles all come together you get one hell of a must read book: Sins & Secrets.

More than drama, Carolyn writes up some vicious wits and some real quotes to live your life by..."All it takes is a dream, ambition, and dedication to achieve what most might feel is unattainable," One of my many mottoes is to enjoy life while we are young. When you grow older, no one remembers what you did anyway. As long as you are not hurting anyone intentionally, and you can live with what you do, then fuck 'em, fuck 'em all!" and my personal favorite "How well do we really know people or how well do you know them when their backs up against a wall?"

If you're a fan of real reading-then this is a must read. If you're into the sap, flat lining, flowers in the field book, that's okay too, but this ain’t that! Sins & Secrets, a must read...I got in on Wednesday and didn't even have time to put it up on m reading list...
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E said...

Wow...I read the preview on Amazon. It sounds hot. And damn, you read it straight through at work and in 3 hours. That's hot!

~ Eclectic Soul ~ said...

Good lookin out...