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Today Is Thursday NOT FRIDAY Trent

Why have I been under the impression that today was Friday and not Thursday all week, I can't take it-I mean I haven't been that burnt out to the point where I don't know what day it is.

Shot Outs To: My Oh so fab! Readers, thank you much! All of the new kids on the block, I welcome you, thank you for being apart of my world, if only for a minute. Shondra, such a pleasure, and your time is coming, I see Philly in the background. 215, "Always in my head," Jiaia, my new partner in crime...My NW45 Friend...I knew what the deal was from the first look...Shout me! I appreciate the hawk!

I must stress the importance of prayer life. I was thinking about this while I was riding the bus downtown, yes I ride the bus sometimes, just to get back down to earth. There is nothing like a good bus ride when you have a car and a full tank of gas to humble you. No matter how rich or famous I get, there will be certain things I do that will humble me...Riding the bus will be one of them and shopping at Old Navy too. But I was thinking about how hypocritical I must look and or sound, telling people to pray one minute and I am saying fuck the next. I am not trying to justify anything, but I usually only go off on or about something when I have valid reason...Don't we all do that. Like I said earlier in the week, I've always been spiritual, prayerful, and it was just my time to reveal it to you. Because I really realized how important it was for me to do that-God plays an important part in everyone's life and we have to recognize, acknowledge, and respectful to him and the gifts that he's given before it's too late...

Alright, so early in the day I called up Erika (my best of everything), and I told her she had to be at my house at about 7 so we can watch Noah's Arc on Logo. I was pissed because the TV in my living room was acting a hot mess, the satellite just couldn't get it's mind right, so I had to dart up to my room to catch the intro, and of course Erika was late, only about 2 minutes, but..That's a lot of time when the TV show is new and you don't want to miss every nook and crannie.

I am going to hold on to my first notion of the show: STEREOTYPICAL, OVERLY STEREOTYPICAL. The premise of a Black "Queer As Folk," is cute, I like the idea, I'll support the show on just that premise, however, maybe I am being overly critical. I look at it at two ways. One: I recognize that we're gay. But we all aren't "clockable," we all don't speak with a lisp, we're not all hoes, we all don't like clothing, we all aren't fit, we all don't ask each other what the "tea," is, we all don't refer to all masculine gay men as "trade," either. I feel that the show doesn't really ecompass the entire black gay experience, it's shallow. I didn't like the fact that one of the characters was having sex on the first night, I didn't like the fact that the hoe was immediately fuckin on the first episode (although that's what being a hoe is, promiscuous) I mean there are other ways to tell someone is a hoe without showing them in the act. All of the actors to me, were overacting-it was too fake, and even the guy, Wade (which is another reason, I'll give the show a chance, because he's so damn fine) who was suppose to be straight, gave me GAY when I first saw him...I rolled my eyes at that. I applaud Patrik on the show idea, his concept, getting the show on a network and being a pioneer with brining one-tenth of the black gay aspect to the TV, however it could have been a little more cliffhangers, a little less drama, a little less predictable interaction. Two: It's on a major network, are they really gonna show gay people being non-stereotypical? And are they really gonna show black gay men being non-stereotypical, especially when the DL, and being hyper masculine is now the norm? Hmmm...Will I watch it again? Yes, maybe, I'll have to write it on my calendar to remember, but I felt a bit uneasy after watching it...too STEREOTYPICAL. I was really hoping that Patrik went for the opposite and talked more about family, talked more about the taboo of being black and gay, more of watching the characters being single and then evolving into relationships, Where is the fat boy? I wanted him to talk more about being rejected, more about showing something non-stereotypical...But as much as stereotypes apart of who we are as gay people, were not. But I am gonna watch just to see if he actually talks about or combats serious issues that we face, beyond dating a guy that is on the DL or likes women...YAWN on that already. Noah's Arc, Logo at 10pm Eastern 9 Central, 7 if you got a satellite.

Well today is the 20th! Check out Shawn-TaQuan, for his new design, new post, and his new outlook on everything! AWWWW, SHAWN! I love him he's so great!

Today was a good day, me and Mother dear shared a laugh...It was real cute, don't think I didn't pull out that niggas wrap sheet on her on tha slick though. Hmmm. How about that for a reunion? Prayer, Time, and space certainly changes thinks...

Tomorrow, I'll have my week in review and a few more things!

I appreciate you all! No shade on this side of the tree!

Imma bout to go queen out and listen to Diana Ross! Peace Out Hoes!

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Catch A Brick Hoes!!!

The imposter has been sentenced to 90 days in County Jail! I can't take it...


K Kaos said...

Yo I catched Noah's Arc as well. I agree with you, that it was very stereotypical, especially Noah's appearance and the terminology. My favorite part was the threesome, good music and good looking people, sounds like a winner. It kind of reminds me of a gay Sex and The City. All in all though, I thought it was ok, I liked it.

Cash S. said...

I agree with you about Noahs Arc. It was cute, but it was extremely stereotypical. Wade was flirting entirely too much for him to even be thought of as "straight", and I have never seen a "straight" guy go to a gay club and dance with another guy and take his shirt off lol. The group phone calls were getting on my nerves. The two guys that are in relationships were on the phone more than they were paying attention to their man. And, yeah they were definitely overacting. But, it was the first episode, so I will cut them some slack and stay tuned for whats to come.

Anonymous said...

damn i missed it. work was a b*tch!!! tlc

Marz said...

You're a writer, get on that script for the show.

Hell! Send them a copy of your book, for them to get some concepts to simmer on.


ShawnQt said...




Quaheem said...

OMG..on a totally unrelated point...What you know about "Screams of Passion"?...That is muh shit!!!! I like "The Family's" version as well..

but that is vintage Prince Rogers Nelson!!!

You sir have GOOD taste!!