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All is well in my pussy! Even more so than ever...that reverb of the amplified life sized dildo has got me on one...

Since the FCC (FRUITS CENSORING CANDIDNESS) came and literally threw their tight little holes at me...and made me ooze all over the place in kindness...I've decided to retract some of my post...but that doesn't mean that I'm not done spewing cynical verbiage from my portal of existence. We all know that tomorrow is Witty Wednesday. Bring your head phones , turn up your speakers and be ready for a good clean alley fight....

In the spirit of loosing my man pussy is clean, she's toight, she doesn't have any diseases. She's deep, dark and cavernous something like(INSERT THE NAME THAT WAS HERE BEFORE) and most of all...she's a virgin. 13 more days until I get fucked for the first time! I think...Don't mind me, a girls gotta have some fun! This boring life of mine...


Shot Outz To: Dayne Avery! AWWWW, DAYNE! Haaaay readers, I see you! I love you. And hello?

So I enjoyed hanging out with mybestgoodfriend Erika at the movies last night. We went and saw Madea's Family Reunion, which I loved to death. I mean it was funny, a bit repetitive, but overall it was good. I may just go back and see it again just to scout material so I can incorporate it in my repertoire of speech. But one thing I am tired of Mother Tyler Perry doing is having all these damned light skinned men with bad hair do's come to the rescue of these vulnerable, fragile women. I mean I am glad that he (Tyler Perry) is restoring the faith that J.L. King took away with his Oprah appearance, that there are good black men left. But why they gotta be light? I mean Shemar Moore isn't that hot...and although Boris Kodjoe makes my pussy throb like the hum of a bass guitar they could have easily called up Morris Chestnut (who needs some work) or some other handsome drop of chocolate to put back the pieces of the broken hearts...and speaking of dark skinned men, don't you agree with me that I-20 (The rapper) is hot? I want him to take my virginity like a thief in the night!!

But what irritates are these actors who I can't stand. Like Blair Underwood. He is so like next...I liked him in "Set It Off," where Queen Latifah was free to be herself...but all that slapping and shit he was doing made me a bit upset. Something like when Laurence Fishburne did Ike, I didn't like him for a minute...I was like girl! He's a villain from here on out...Then Miss. Lynn Whitfield. She just can't shake the bitch role. It makes me wonder if she lives her life like that. I loved her in "The Josephine Baker story"...but I'll always see her as that stark, raving, mad, bitch, lunatic, psycho bat from hell that she played in "Thin Line" with Martin Lawrence...I guess. It's so hard being you. I'm not saying, I'm just fuckin' saying.

So I've made plans for my birthday partay...didn't I just say I wasn't gonna do anything and here I am making plans for the rooftops of buildings and things...I'm sure there will be tons of footage from the stay tuned for that.

What the cackle of the day is, is how my cousin calls me on the phone "You know we read your blog right?" I immediately wanted to hangup the phone...cause it's like, "WOW" you know? What you get on the blog is totally different, from knowing "ME." But they enjoy it and they have all of their friends reading's like hello...I'm not a sideshow here...only when I am doing a book reading or something. Is it safe to say that I am in love with Soful4real now?

In closing, Jamal Franklin is a dyke. He is a lying sack of shit that shouldn't be trusted. Every time yall go to his blog, those pop ups hit you 3 times! Thats 21 cents she gets errytime yall go and read that! LMAO. I think I may just have to take him up on that brunch offer to see if he really has that phone.

Itz Witty Wednesday tomorrow and if you've been of my fan of my blog from the start, you know I am shit starter...if you thought I was causing drama this summer! You aint read or heard shit yet!

I gotta go shit...


Whatever Girl...

Well, with my birthday creeping up on me like a crackhead on a binge...I still feel like I don't want to be bothered! Two weeks from today and I still haven't made plans to celebrate my life with my friends...I want a intimate gathering, but I am so tired of spending money on parties...but whatever enough of my complaining rants about nothing. But I know one thing I am pissed about! The one weekend I am ready to catch Desperate Housewives they have that bullshit ass show on and I can't even get a dose of my favorite white women in the world, let alone a good piece of dick that can stay hard.

Shot Outz To: My new readers! I appreciate the emailz! Big ups to Aunt Jacky and Deondray & Quincy (How y'all doin') The people that purchased the book this weekend, thank you-enjoy!

This weekend was very laid back and mellow well, except for Friday. Shawn and I met up at this vegetarian spot on Crenshaw, Earles Grill to get him some vegi food. I wasn't hungry. Well to say the least, Shawn and myself both try to avoid BLACK OWNED ESTABLISHMENTS, now before you fly off your handle understand that I like proper customer service. I don't like jacked up attitudes. Now you have to admit some, not all, but most of these black owned businesses need a quick tip on customer service. But anyway, we met up there and sat out side on the patio taking in all of the ghettoness of Crenshaw Blvd, during rush hour on a Friday. The blacks were blasting music, ghetto school girls walking around with burgundy, blue and blonde braids, and who can forget the infamous DVD Man who looked like he was fresh out of rehab with his genderbender friend, I'll call Thomas. She was real lesbionic though. She had on some fresh timbz, some super-Texas creased jean shorts, and a white polo shirt like she was on her way to call a whole in one! Don't think that the DVD man didn't have a DVD player for sale too! Um hello! Then the old man comes by selling wallets a split second know the kind the cops have in the movie...See I just say no thank you, but Shawn! OH NOOOOO...He likes to entertain these fools, conversing with them, pretending to be interested only to say no. Only to get a kick out of fucking with them.

While Shawn and I were being entertained by the street entertainment as we enjoyed the patio table and the ghetto sun, Shawn was being impatient on getting his vegi chili dogs. While he got up I saw a crowd of on lookers standing not to far from where we were saying "Isn't that Waldo, that's Waldo!"

While being entertained by the onlookers I grinned and played with my telephone to look important when Shawn came back and gave told me this hilarious story about how he had just come in contact with this woman...

"Waldo is that you?" "Waldo is you trying to ignore me?" Shawn doesn't give people like that attention. I mean hello we all know who he must be rather annoying but fun at times to be noticed...He and I had an interesting but very honest chat about people referring to him as Waldo from Family Matters. He made the analogy "If you saw your local mailman in the store would you say 'Hay Mailman, Hay mailman?'" No I would ask him "Hey aren't you my mailman, or aren't you blah blah blah..."And after that, I thought about it...It made since. Shawn is cool, he makes so much since and he puts it so simple.

Then all of a sudden we were joined by Tanya at our table to referred to Shawn by Shawn like she had met him, been to his house for dinner and had been his ace for eons. A clearly irritated common black worker on her cigarette break, spewing all kinds of belligerent behavior so unethical in the presence of customers (customer service) It was all good cause I understood her, but still. I wasn't try to hear all of that I am going through my own issues...she was cool though and she ended up telling me all her business. I so want to write a one woman show for her to perform...You can read more of the days events on Crenshaw at Shawn's Blog

I am going to have to start a list of favorite things...I am now adding Dayne Avery to my list of favorite things! I got his book last week and when I tell you that I read his book in two hours on Saturday morning, I mean it! His book, I wrote this song is a phenomenal piece of literature that captures the true essence of black, gay romance set in Atlanta on the campus of Clark Atlanta University. It's a true page turner and there is never a dull moment! If you haven't got his book, get it! In addition to being a wondrous writer he is a genuinely nice guy! We had a great conversation about his work and a few other things right after I finished reading it...don't be surprised if Dayne makes an appearance on my Friday Finale...

Besides being awakened out of my sleep by a jailed Ernesto in Mexico, I finally watched Hustle & Flow which really annoyed me. Why do they always have to have the white kids come and save The Blacks in the movies. It would be the white boy yelling out in the hallway "Hey I made that beat!!" or the white girl "being in charge" to get the shit on the radio...You know I was annoyed.

Anyway, I'm contemplating, sitting around, plotting and aerobicizing.
I'll shout you a holler!
Don't Forget my book is still on sale...


(No Title)

When I tell you that Ace Young, the white boy on American Idol. I want him to fuck me in the woods while I howl into the moon like a woof! Okay! like he can really sing, those eyes....were penetrating like his penis in some mans butt!
What's going on...American Idol was boring last night, but I think that the guys gave the girls a run for their money...but some of the boys are way too annoying for me!

Shot Outz 2: The realz, No4 and Soulful! Big Upz to need to learn about discretion. Answering the phone...mess!

When I tell you that eating before an aerobic workout is so is what I looked like today in Aerobics... A lot healthier looking that last time right? I don't feel like Tracey Gold anymore...I actually look kinda hot in this picture. Hmm...I may have to go touch myself.

And That Dude Right there...thank you for noticing the pounds shed although I am like getting tired of working out and I am so ready to resume my life being a normal fat ass's like why am I really loosing weight you know?

I wanted to talk about how stupid boys are or something like that...but I just hate it when boys are always talking about how much people are trying to get at them or are always flirting with them but then they complain they don't have anyone or they are know what else has been getting on my nerves! MYSPACE! EEEWWW it annoys me. Like all these people from high school are coming out of the woodworks talking about how they love me and miss me and how crazy I was in high school and all like that...but I am like bitch I didn't like you why are you fucking with me. Then the people that you do like, they never call you they just send you annoying comments and emails through myspace. They just make fake appointments to hangout with you or say they're gonna call but they never do it, like blah already! Which also annoys me, why do people say that they are gonna call you and never do. That must be an L.A. never happened to me when I lived in the south...the fakery!

So I am prepping to release my next book, Full Circle, which means I am getting ready for pre-orders at the end of March. The pre-order packs will include a limited DVD release of The Making Of Full Circle, the behind the scenes look on the book. It will also include the first four episodes of my reality show, the behind the scenes look on my first book, At This Moment, a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot for the new book and of course FULL CIRCLE...12.00$ for the pre-order pack, I won't release the number of the DVDs right now...but I'll try to make enough, a realistic number for the people. This weekend I am marking down At This Moment, to 10.00$ on my website with 1$ shipping, so if you haven't bought my book yet, do it this weekend...cause you won't get the second one if you ain't got the first one.

I really try not to plug my book too much, cause I don't want to seem thirsty or nothing...I don't like over promoting myself...this is so much bigger than me.

Is it me or is Gedeon McKinney on American Idol a church queen? He's real cute and I'd fuck him, but like Simon said his smile does annoy you after a's not so much he's too confident, I like that...he comes off very fake. I like "Sway" the Asian Fusion who let that Earth, Wind & Fire song have it! He's a cutie too...those are my three favorite guys, with an honorable mention fink to Elliot who song that Stevie Wonder song. It annoyed the hell out of me that Gedeon didn't sing a Stevie Wonder song. He better quit trippin and stop coming out queening out shouting and shit. He has a nice voice and he could go very far, but that song just annoyed me. I think It was just an annoying night for me in general. Oh I can't forget that bastard with the white hair, whats his name...whatever it is, he gets on my nerves too and I can't wait for him to get voted off!

I'm coming down with a slight cold...the transition from D.C. to L.A. has finally kicked in, either way you'll still get a Friday Finale! I've always wanted to be a radio star with a cold!
See ya!!

Thanks for means a lot to me.



Always know that everything isn't always what it seems.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Washington D.C. I had such a great time there!

Shot Outs To: Rashek! Thank You for giving me my Kanye Workout away from the Aerobics floor in Los Angeles! Thank You for lunch at the posh eatery in DuPont, it was real cute like...and you make me look so good in photo! We have to do it again in ATL! Phil, my friend from college thanks for showing me around and hanging out with me! There is nothing like being around people who know you well! Rashad it was so great meeting you...and being in a genuinely intimate space with you! Maurice & Brandon it was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to what you have in store! And to Alphonso...being with you always is always an experience I hold close to my heart.

It was my first trip to D.C. and although I'm really not a fan of politics, I truly enjoyed being a tourist and see where all the politicians sit and fuck shit up! The architecture was beautiful and historical. The people weren't that friendly and I got quite a few stares especially when I wore my CFMBz.

I arrived on Thursday night. I hooked up with Rashek on Friday and learned the subway system in one's really simple, but I still managed to get lost and I missed Alphonso's Keynote speech at the HRC, HBCU Conference on Friday night. He was kinda disappointed and so was I since, he was the reason I was in D.C. in the first place. But he read it to me later and even made reference to my costly CFMBz...LOL.

I went out to a few bars and had a few drinks while spending time with people I it was great. I was able to network with a few people, get some writing done and plot some moves out.

D.C. is hella expensive...and I might add that while cute, I wouldn't live there. I did enjoy the whole vibe however.

I think the most exciting night was when the hotel Alphonso and I were staying at caught fire while I was sleep! What a mess, I was in my pajamas and all of a sudden the fire alarm is going off and water is gushing every damn where! I was so pissed. All I had time to do was grab my coat and my wallet and be out, so not glam! What if someone would have saw me, well they did...and that 10 degree weather wasn't too cute either. So we were able to go into the hotel a few hours later and resume normal tourist like duties.

Over all it was a chill weekend...but you must know that there is a B-Side to every story...

Tomorrow is Witty Wednesday!


Baltimore Airport

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I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

Don't be mad at me cause I pose valid questions, I mean what? Yall know yall like what I bring, so don't get mad when I serve the truth. Anyway...

So why is it when you ask niggers for a favor they snub you...but when they call you, of course being the nice helpful person that you are, always extends yourself, but the one time you need assistance they have the unmitigated gall to tell you NO! I tell you about THE BLACKS. Shit "When the hour is dark, it's pitch black!" So my cousin calls me tonight and asks me for a favor...I listened and I hung up the phone in his face that should send a message loud and clear.

Shot Outz 2: Joi! I am so glad that I got that email from you! I can't wait until the 25th so I can bump "Star Kittys lovely she knowz how to work it but Tennessee Slim is tha bomb!" Go out and cop that yall! Big upz to tha readers! Thank You 4 doin' what you do. D-Place, I love you like I love myself! You are so funny, so real, so understanding...and so HONEST. Even if it burns like gonorrhea (although I've never had it and don't want it, I've heard tales...the secrets that are in my box)

Well aren't we all glad that the Britennum sisters have exited the building! "My soul has been brokan!" Oh girl sit down some where...I am happy with the top 24 in American Idol so we'll see what happens until May.

I ate before I went to Aerobics and what a difference that day made. I was supposed to go to my Graphic Design class but I was too excited when my phone rang that familiar tone...and his face flashed on my caller ID display. So I just talked to him and got excited all over again.

But I can't be long winded cause Trent Jackson is boarding a plane and I don't pack until the very last split second. I'm pissed off cause I couldn't find a blazer or get my Gucci frames if you see me, don't be trying to stare too hard to see where the crack is in my glasses, I may just have to crack you.

And why can't black men return phone calls or do what they say they gonna do when they gonna do it? I can't take it anymore...I need this break, I need to be one with the sky. But I hope none of these fags come and try me...they better go try on a Ferragamo loafer or try a relationship and leave T-Rex alone!

Smooches hoes! Catch me at the hot spot...don't fret, there will be an audio post tomorrow via satellite!



Call Me Tracey Gold

I don't know what the fuck has gotten into me. I have become too pre-occupied with being skinny. I need to slap my ass back into reality and quit freakin out!! I don't understand why I think I can just wake up and go to a two hour exercise class without eating and wonder why I am feeling all light headed and out of breath like I am about to die. Then I want to come home and lay down and consume a lemon wedge, a piece of leaf lettuce and a teaspoon of water. But the weekend is binge central. Who am I fooling? Bitch...I need to eat me a bowl of grapenuts and quit ackin THE BLACKS said "Ain't nothin cute about passing out. All you gonna do is mess up your insides and fuck up your teeth!" Lawd knows I don't wanna be lookin' like a snaggle toothed crack head. You see what Aerobics does to me...see what I look like on an empty stomach and 2 hours of Cardio against fag music!

Shout Outz 2: A.D. 215-Things get better and I hope I have the pleasure...THE BLACKS, who would have thought that everyone would have jacked "The Blacks" and use it every where...I will remind them where they get their new catch phrases from. I will limit myself to public disbursement of catch phrases. How You Doin to my readers! And whats up to Dayne Avery...

What the fuck is up with the east coast man? All of that damn snow. Yuck! I know one thing, if the sun don't come out and melt that shit up...

Is today really Valentines Day? Shot Out to all the couples especially Derrick Briggs and Jason Cooper.

Valentines Day is for loosers! It sucks ass! I am going to take care of my business today!! FUCK LOVE! LOL. Awwwww. Love. I'll save my commentary on love until next week sometime. But if your in a relationship I hope you day is special, if you're single have fun and enjoy your solitude because getting to know yourself will only make you more effective in your relationship!

You know. I have a surprise in store for yall tomorrow. Get ready to bring your ear plugs cause Witty Wednesday will be a mess! I've been meaning to get some thaaanngs off my chest! And boy am I exhaling.

Anyway I am weak and my blood sugar is 2. Let me go grab a taco and a fruit bowl. I'm going to pop in Hustle & Flow, luxuriate and lay off the cardio for a few hours. This stomach needs to come down.

Anyway...stay tuned for Witty Wednesday, you will never look at me the same. HMMM 29 more days till my burfday


Imma, Finna, Wanna...

It's so hard to be positive...really it is. Especially when people want you to be reactionary to situations and problems that they present to you...It annoys me, but fortunately, I know who I am and I know who I surround myself with. No matter how hard people, you negative people try to convince me otherwise-I know the deal...never forget that!

Why is it that all the blacks sit up and fantasize about this and that. I always come in contact with crazy people who have dreams, let me rephrase that, people with good ideas that don't know how to make things happen. But last night was different. It was so great to be around progressive (black) people who not only inspired me, but dared to be different and follow their dreams.

Shot Out:
THE BLACKS, Tishuan, D-Place, Joe, Quinn, Ted. You guys are the funniest most collective group of positive black men I know! It is so great to be around you whenever I see you! Shot Out To Mr. J.L. King, such a pleasure. To my new friends Deondray & Quincy, you guys are a class fuckin' ackk! I can't wait to see your work and remember what we talked about Quincy...

I had the great pleasure to attend Herndon Davis' Fundraiser event for 'The Herndon Davis Show last night.' It was held at the posh, I-Candy Lounge, the lounge that was featured on Logo's "Open Bar," Television show. It was real cute. Me and my lil' Brother Ernest went and hung out with some great Black gay men doing great things in the community! I had such a great time, walking around being glitteratziesque while nibbling on those little hours devours trying not to be to ghetto and eat all of them at one time...I had a cute night though. There were so many nice people there. It was finally great to be in a setting with other gay men where there wasn't a lot of whorish, let me get your number and bang your back activity going on. We were all there to support Herndon and his endeavors with his show, it was a great event.

I got to meet the Mayor of Palm Springs, Ron Oden. A Black Gay Man! How hot is that? A Black Gay Mayor, running a city...openly gay. That is a powerful statement. His address to the partygoers was very sermon-esque and it was relevant to our community. I was very proud that he represented the way that he did. It was powerful, just to be a black gay man running a city...Thats enough in itself.

Then I saw J.L. King walk around the room for a while...I am so not into the "I'm a fan," "I'm a groupie," "Let me have an autograph" type thing. Thats cool for some people, but I just don't do it...But I felt compelled to speak, but I think I was more afraid than anything so I asked D-place
to introduce me to him. I think I was hesitant because of that infamous appearance on Oprah, but after hearing his address to the supporters of Herndon and watching him-he was a totally different person from what I expected. He was real cool, very engaging and personable. But when you prejudge people you end up looking real stupid in the end...people do it to me all the time, so I should know. You should never expect the worse from a person on first meet cause 9 times out of 10 they will be the exact opposite of what you originally thought. But he was real cool and I was glad to have had a conversation with him. He's also working on a new magazine which is really hot! This year will be the year for new beginnings in black gay publishing/media.
He's launching his new magazine, Just Living for several cities, Los Angeles, New York, D.C., Chicago and Atlanta. From what he described it's going to be a magazine based on the gay communities in a particular it will be hot! Don't forget Trent is launching his magazine too.

Then I met the power producing team of 2 Cents Productions, Quincy & Deondray who were fascinated with my Come Fuck Me Boots! But they were so cool and very refreshing. I enjoy real people! It wasn't like that industry event I went to the other night. Quincy & Deondray are working on The D.L. Chronicles. The D.L. Chronicles is " The stories of men of color who by consequence and by choice, live sexually duplicitous and secret lifestyles. We enter into a provocative and intriguing world of sexual discovery, denial, betrayal, love and loss." When Quincy explained the concept to my brother Ernest, I tapped him on the leg and said "What he's saying is, it's better than Noahs Arc." I didn't mean that in a bad way...Noahs Arc was groundbreaking on so many levels, but we felt that it really didn't capture the gay experience. It was too stereotypical and too predictable. I'm confident that The D.L. Chronicles is the next step in accurate depiction of characters in our community. Quincy and Deondray were both cool people, we talked about a variety of things, especially my Come Fuck Me Boots-which Quincy wants a pair of. (Quincy, Me & Ernest)

The night ended with me being anticsized by Joe...who is a character
(in a good way) you have to meet him, whenever you come to L.A. find me so I can find Joe, he is too funny. I think the best saying I've ever heard in my life is when Joe said "When stupidity raises it's head beat it down!" Funny man he is...

Sunday night was the end of a perfect weekend for me, although there is constantly drama and people trying to rain on your parade! I refuse to let that happen. I truly feel that God is blessing me and surrounding me with positive great people doing great things. There is nothing worse than spending time out with a bunch of idiots....!

Before I forget, Derrick Briggs & Jason Cooper came to my kitchen on Saturday night...very interesting moment in time that I'll hold dear to my heart. Great people, great time. I enjoyed every minute of it...

D-Place, You mean so much to me, thank you for taking pictures and making my weekend all the better! THE BLACKS...although you left with that man who I am still trying to figure out where to place him in my chaotic mind it was great cocktailing it with you at The Abbey!
Thank You to my phenomenal readers who continually support me and all that I do, I thank you!!

It's late and I've got aerobics in 7 hours...
Oh yes...and from Fridays post, he did more than call...I can't help it, I'm a hoe, (at times).


Hi World...

No Audio today...I don't sound right. I sound more gay than usual, my body is going through massive changes since I decided to starve myself then go workout! You see what you skinny people make me go through!

So listen! Here is the deal. I don't care where you are, where you live you will always find the hottest men on the bus! YES YOU BOUGIE BITCH, THE BUS! I have bus tokens too ya know.

Some places in Los Angeles, I refuse to drive to, like Downtown. I live about 10 minutes away from Downtown and since I have a very strong antipathy to sunlight and traffic I just ride the bus to blend in with everyone else...although my blend in is actually standing out more than what I usually am.

So anyway, semester just started (yes hoes I'm in school) and school is...Downtown. So anyway, Monday I am riding the bus grooving to the weekly rotation (look to the right) and I was listening to September Love, Donell Jones. So this light skinned boy is paying a little too much attention to my business. So me being the gay slut I am, I had already peeped him out, salivated over him in my head and all like that within the first 30 seconds of me getting on the bus.

I continued to ignore him, cause thats just the kind of bitch I am. When a nigga is trying to make himself be known, I ignore him. I play hard to get. I like it...why be so damn easy! Be a challenge, make him want the pussy...So anyway I am ignoring him right...So I am saying in my head, um just say something already. Either he was entangled in my faggotry or he was curious to see what my tongue felt like. Either or...or maybe he saw my booty. Whatever it was I had already planned out my course of action, speech, movement, thoughts, body language, etc. If he got up and I felt him trying to do something stupid, like gay bash me, he was gonna get a taze to the jugular and a kick to the chin (I am a brown belt thank you...See you learn something new everyday) If he chose to try to rob me for my I-pod, depending on which side he came from, forearm to the neck, finger to the pulse vein, and a clean sweep of his feet (I love it when I test it out on people, I would love to for you) But the muthafucka says

"You like your I-pod?"


"Where do you buy those things?"
"The I-pod store."

"Oh I've been wanting one, but I don't know where to get it."

"(Oh so you're one of the hood blacks that hasn't been out of the 3 mile radius of the hood)" I thought to myself as I ignored him.

"Do you think you can go with me to get one."

"Excuse me?"

"Can you show me where the I-pod store is." He insisted in his thug tone, with the white-T and Evisu jeans on.

"There is one at the Grove. Take the 217 Bus and get off on 3rd Street."


"Can you show me how to work it?"

"I can show you how to work a lot of things, but what is it that you really want me to work?"

Silence again. Can't a bitch be direct in 2006? I rang the I gathered my things, he stared me down. I knew he wasn't going to ask for my number or be insane enough to follow me off the bus. So I reached down in my bag and handed him my card...


Witty Wednesday With Trent Jackson #2

Had to have it up b4 6!
I know some of the East Coast people like to get their listen on B4 work!
Cheers to that!

Love You 4 All That U do!



My axis must be off, cause I have been a bit more irritable than usual and people are really running me low...especially! But I was feeling very Top Modelish last night...I need to publish that picture for broadcast!

Shot Outs To: My Readers who are always there to keep it real with me cause I keep it real with them! I appreciate your comments on yesterdays post and do you know the nigga had the nerve to come and comment on my comment box talking about how much he hates liars to. LOL. I guess...

So anyway. I went to The Standard Hotel and hung out with a few industry people that are in town for all of the Grammy madness on the rooftop being all suave and sadiddy. You know. The fake Hollywood thing, it just isn't me. I was so tired and ready to go. I so wasn't feeling all that lets exchange business cards and all like that. I was like get me as far away from these people as possible...and I was thinking the whole time, if this is what Hollywood is like, three things will happen:

  • I wont Make it, cause I can't be fake.
  • They'll hate me cause I'm too real and I'll end up being more infamous than famous
  • I'll End up with a damn habit
So choices huh? So while I was listening to these A&R people, recording artists, admirers, etc talk about ridiculous critiques of their peers, I was twiddling my thumbs and sending text messages to people about how bored I was and how I wish I was at home playing with my ass thinking about how I wanted Method Man fuck me against the wall. Then my phone rang...I was glad that it did. It came up a Maryland call, I didn't know who it was...but when I answered I was glad I did. It was a long distance love affair, yall remember him: 215...

He was a nice guy that I liked a whole lot...the one I wanted to fly and see time and time again...make him climb up the bedroom walls in lusftul ecstasy while he straddled my face with my tongue deep in his tight, deep, dark, cavernous whole...but all that ended when he stopped calling. I knew he had a imitation boyfriend who could never be the man that I could have been for him...but I'll get my moment in time, when I am able to prove myself not only to him but to me, that I can be a lover, a serious, committed lover. Who can understand, nurture, protect, mesmeric, love, listen, accept, a man for who he is, not for what he has done.

It was good hearing him...Like we once did months ago. He's nice...I appreciate him. And if it weren't for my interview with Derrick, I probably wouldn't have gotten a call this soon. It reminded him of all the fun we use to have on the phone...I'm funny. But he's in his world, I am in mine. Two worlds apart, yet so alike, ever so distant but one in the same.

I'm getting ant's around here. Derrick is coming over in 4 days and the power in my kitchen went out today...Have to wait on the electrician all day tomorrow, which means I'll miss kickboxing, but I'll make up for it by running a couple of miles at the track.

I'm having visions...
I'm creating...
I'm constantly evolving.
I'm loving every minute it of it.

I'm learning it's okay to be who I am.
In all of my truthful.

And to that I say WHATEVER!


R.U. 4 REAL?

What's the word on the street? I heard the streets were talkin! BOW DOWN BITCH!

Shot Outz To: Lalah, Rah, Drea, Ena, Laura, Reesey, D-mo & Raq! It was so good partying with you over the weekend!! Haaay. To the whole entire crew it was so fab seeing you again! It's been a long time, sorry I've been too wrapped up in my work to hangout! But it was fun! T.W. killem on Wednesday!! Shot Out to E! It was so nice doing breakfast with you and The Blacks yesterday morning! Shot Outz to all of my readers, I thank Ya!! And I appreciate you!!

So tell me, am I wrong for discussing this: PEOPLE LYING LIKE PERSIAN RUGS ON THEIR BLOGS!?

So I am doing my browsing of the blogs Friday...and one blog in particular that I try not to read, but I read, just to make sure I am not referenced improperly, especially since I told this particular individual to stop bringing me up, even if it was in a "friendly" manner. I also told this person to just exclude me from their existence. This person has caused problems on many different levels mainly tracking down and emailing my friends & associates that are involved in the entertainment industry and telling them that I said it was okay for them to speak or email them...don't be stupid.

I am going to need my friends not to call me from other countries asking me about this deranged ass blogger. Anyhoo. I'm browsing...and I notice some bullshit right dead smack in the middle of the blog. Actually it was the first thing I notice. I was like no this muthafatha didn't! You know I can't stand it when people lie. This nigga is on their blog talking about how they know this person and they hung out and all like that-when that wasn't even the case. It didn't help that I settled out of court with this person a couple of years ago for non-payment on a T.V. script I was writing. BLAH! But I found out the information I need to (to prove this person is a sociopathic liar) especially since the liar in question insinuated some type of romantic love affair...I was like booo already. So while trying to be inconspicuous, if this muthafatha lies one more time they are gonna make me blow their cover...TRENT JACKSON KNOWS MORE THAN YOU THANK!

I love blogging because it really brings flavor to my flat existence. I love reading about other peoples lives! I am so very interested in people...I do, I have a great genuine concern for people. I truly believe that everyone has a story or an experience to share and we can truly learn from each other in that sense. But I do not agree, with lying or creating a life that isn't true to make other people like you! DAMN NIGGA YOU AINT GOTTA LIE TO KICK IT!!! It's like what else, besides your name are you lying about? Does this not question your entire authenticity as a person. Now granted, I use a pseudonym, but I am very open with who I am (and I see thats starting to be a problem) but there are very, extremely, if any, few embellishments here in this realm.

I am annoyed. I can't stand liars...frauds, people who intentionally deceive it's so sad...cause it doesn't even have to be that way.

What is it...? People always want to talk about keeping it real but they only be keeping it real stupid!

I know I am gonna be famous, my 10 psychic friends told me so. Celebrities walk the RED carpet because they're famous. I walk on toilet paper cause I'm tha shit!!


Okay, Here It Go...

Hi World, How You Doin?

What's the deal hoes? Can u believe it's February already? It's 40 days from my birthday and I sill ain't got a date yet, but it's not that serious, I've been single on all of my birthdays in my adult life, so I am use to the long as you've got great friends, a dildo, and a treadmill you're straight...or gay.

Shot Outz 2: All of my readers, thank you for all of your comments and emails, I appreciate them.

So anyway. I've been meaning to do this since No4real did it last year. I thought it was a cool way to interact with the readers on a totally different level. I was so like baffled when I went to Marlon's Blog and he had his post up...

I am mad because I pride myself on originality, but now, I'm being a copycat too...sometimes we have to bite our words!!

In the spirit of nosiness YOU CAN ASK ME ANYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW! I'll answer all of your questions tomorrow on my Friday Finale audio post!! So lets see how crafty this gets!

Don't forget to watch Wild N Out tonight as well as The Shop on MTV Premier Thursday night. My future ex-husbands sister is going to be featured on The Shop! Holla!

Come up with some good questions too!! All the ones you've been dying to know!!



Witty Wednesday With Trent Jackson

Celebrities walk the RED carpet because they're famous. I walk on toilet paper...2-ply, because I'm tha shit!!