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"I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed."

-Booker T. Washington


Friday Finale!

Enjoy...tune in Sunday for my "Special Sunday" Anniversary Post...It's been a year since I've started my blog...WOW!



That broad is cah-razy! If you haven't got into the new series, Black. White. on FX then you need to. We already know how the blacks get around racism and we know that the white people, don't and won't ever really have a clue. But the show takes a whole new spin on things. It's real cute to see the white people "act" so black...especially when they yell out "YO BITCH" It comes on Wednesdays at 10! Check it out.

Shot Outz 2: All of the people who like to secretly call me names. LMAO. I love it when you talk about me! You're doing just what I want you to do...I can't wait to shake hands with some of you stupid bitches.

Anyway, who goes through life getting irritated at what other people think and say of them. I'm so beyond that! I mean we know I'm fat, we know I'm gay, come with something that I haven't already heard! I guess...girl.

So listen, was it just me or were others happy that Lisa Tucker had her ass in the bottom three!!!??? She's not that great of a singer and anyone who coins themselves on singing ballads and Whitney Houston tracks is setting themselves up for failure. In order to be a successful singer you have to be fully versatile like Paris Bennett's weaves. So blah! I wish it was her that got voted off. Now I'm gonna step out and test out my psychic abilities and say, watch Katherine McPhee. She is very, very low under the radar. You don't really remember her and you don't notice her. But we all remember Carrie Underwood from last year right? Very low under the radar until she sang "Alone" by Heart, that's when she was like, bitch I am here! Katherine is just waiting for that breakout moment. Technically she is THE BEST SINGER. There is a difference between technical singer and SAAANGER. Just take notice...

So are we going to bask in the ambiance of Lil' Kims chameleon like movement tonight? Don't forget that she has her BET, Tracey (Edmonds) produced reality show, Countdown To Lockdown coming on every Thursday night at 9:30. Tonight's episode, she re-shoots her "Lighters Up" video. I mean I like/love Lil' Kim and all, but her videos have always been whack (Well there was No Matter What They Say & Ladies Night that were good) ! I don't know why she was having that botox, rhinoplasty induced hissy fit last week about her videos being a mess, I mean come on Kim...

Okay, so can I admit that I downed two biscuits along with some chicken strips from Popeyes last night? (whew, glad I told somebody)

For all of the people that refuse to listen to my audio, you can now download the shows on I-Tunes! Carry me around in your pocket and have little discussions about some of the things that I say. You can subscribe and get them automatically downloaded into I-Tunes on the day they are released. Just search "In The Mix With Trent," in your I-Tunes search bar and you'll get the episodes. Also if you haven't joined my yahoo group, you can click the subscribe box under my profile picture. Joining my group (When I get full swing with it...) will give you discounts and pre-order sales on my books and other Trent Jackson items. You'll have the chance to win a trip to L.A. or New York for my "Full Circle" book release party and some other cute things that I haven't decided upon can get a closer interaction (if you want one) than on my blog. So it has it's perks.

Before I go, can I just say that I hate Ex boyfriends. I hate boys who talk about themselves waaaaaayyyy too much....I ROLL MY EYES AND THROW MY IMAGINARY BANGS AT THAT!

Tomorrow is my Friday Finale...Listen and listen good.



Hey! It's good to be at home, resting, reflecting, learning and growing. My birthday is gone, but the memories aren't.

First, I want everyone to keep my colleague, Fred Smith in your prayers and thank him for calling me during his trying time to wish me a Happy Birthday. That meant a lot to me.

Shot Outz To: Erika, Komfort, Tiffany, Tish, Shayna, Brian, Nigel, Laura, and Renee for hanging out with me at my party last night. I had a great time! On with the show! My birthday was laxed, I'm glad it wasn't chaotic! I got my buzz and my smoke on and enjoyed the bar atop the Standard Hotel. If you're in L.A. or ever in L.A. it's a posh chill place to hangout at. I love it there! I remember the first time I set foot on the roof, I felt relaxed immediately. It was a brisk but nice evening and one of the most beautiful days of the year so far! It was hot. I was able to catch up and luxuriate with some of my close friends, re-kindle old or lost friendships-it was cool! AWWWWW. But I had a great time.

In life we learn a lot. It's funny how the tables can turn in the blink of an eye...but I'll save that for my Witty Wednesday post. I'm still processing something that happened at the end of the night on my birthday, but I'll say this: It's very funny how people will try to find a way to try to snatch your joy, your moment away from you and then turn it around to make it seem like it's YOUR FAULT. I don't think so. I'm a lot smarter than I appear to be. It's like people try to evoke a negative reaction and test you constantly...I made up my mind a long time ago to stop letting people try to get the best of me...I see it's time for another cycle of the friendship roster.

I'm loving my life right now. The good, the bad, the ugly. I'm truly learning more about life...and it only gets better with time. I hope my friend Tara doesn't mind me mentioning her on my blog (like other people do...they read my blog just to see if I am going to talk about them, you're not that important. If I discuss you it's not a good thing all the time...anyway) She has something on her answering machine that really sticks with me and makes a whole lot of sense. At the closing of her announcement she says "Make It A Great Day..." Marinate on that for a minute.

I thank each and everyone of your emails, phone calls, comments and well wishes for my birthday. I appreciate all of you so very much just as I do your continual support of my creative work, and what I do in this space. I'm fortunate for that. I'll be playing some of my birthday messages in my Witty Wednesday post tomorrow! Some of ya'll just get tooooooooooo creative and funny! LMAO! But are some of the pictures...

Me & My good friend Tish

Laura & Me (You have to meet her!! RIOT I tell You)
Why is B in the back rockin' the New Yawk mean mug!!??

Me & B...The Kid is the illest!

My Friends since High School
Shayna & Nigel

My Two Best Friends
Erika & Komfort
(Gay Pair-ree, Wee-Wee, Bougie)

Komfort & Tiffany
They've been down with me since the 97!

Me & Shayna...
By the end of the night I was cigared and liquored out!!

Well folks, my birthday weekend is an official wrap!!! Tomorrow is Witty Wednesday and I've got a whole lot to say...


24, Flavor Of My Love & Life...

Well, Well, Well...I could lie to you and tell you that I'm pissed at the world right now...but I'm the most content. This is the most content that I've ever been on my birthday! I'm usually all depressed walking around like a fat ass. For a while I loved but hated looking forward to my birthday. I thought I was cursed or something. But I changed my mind set and started to make my birthday great no matter what...this year was no different.

Shot Outz To: LadyNay...awww! She's so thoughtful and nice! What can I say? I've made some great connections while blogging, who would have thought? Big Upz to Quah-Quah! Awwww...Omar, ShawnQT such nice men they are.

Three years ago when I turned 21, my then boyfriend and I were broken up. Needless to say we weren't talking...I thought that he would at least call to say Happy Birthday since we still cared about each other, but you know how you like to act all hard like you're mad and all that...yeah, thats how we were. I went to my 21st birthday party and had the worst time of my life. I couldn't believe that a day in which I was officially able to do so many things and cross into my adulthood that it would become a day in which I would have to carry around so much baggage for the rest of my life. Later on that night I found out that Brandon was on his way to my party to make up with me...he died in a car accident on his way to the club that night, what a nice way to remember your birthday...but I've hated my birthday since I was a little kid...there is always a B-side to everything.

I'm happy! I'm loving life...although I'm single and I don't have a date yet for my big party this evening, I'm still going to make the best of everything. I can't wait to see all of my friends tonight.

This weekend I spent with my family and my best friends. Saturday my mom booked a trip to Catalina Island, but the trip got canceled because it rained so bad Saturday morning that we weren't able to take the boat over to the Island from Long Beach. So...we made up for it later. Some of my family and I enjoyed dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I had fun! Here are some of the pics:

My Cousin DeAja, My Mommie & My Cousin Shanice

My God-Mother Vickye & My Friend Kia

Me & My Best Friend Reesey

Me & My mom laughing at this Drunk bitch fall

So It was chill. Very intimate...I got some nice gifts, a gift card to the spa, these hot new Pumas! I'll rock them well! plus a few other nice things! My weekend ended hanging out with my friends Taylor & Veronica! They are some great lesbians! LMAO. We had the craziest experience at The Olive Garden...but it was all in fun, I enjoy spending time with them! So tonight I'll be rounding off my fabulous weekend with my party atop The Standard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles!

On with the other stuff: FLAVOR OF LOVE???!!! UM, I didn't see that one coming! I'm so glad that BLACK BITCH New York got her weave head ass kicked to the curb! OH SHE WAS RUNNING ME SOOOOOOO LOW!

I was so glad that I got some normalcy back to my life, it's been like 10 weeks since I've seen Desperate Housewives and I was gagging at every turn, first Paul Young (shows you how crooked the cops are!!!), then Ms. Huber comes back in that 1980 bob cut, Bree a stone cold Dynasty-esque drunk (walking around drinking champagne in the day time looking fierce as hell) I can't take it! And I can't take the fact that today has been a really good day! I need to get some rest, I've got a party to be at tonight!!! I'll be posting pictures tomorrow. I have a feeling there will be more pictures going up on my blog...lord now I feel like one of those New York bloggers, pictures every damn where!

I thank you for reading! And to all of those who sent gifts and cards, I appreciate you!!! Trust me I don't forget things!

Oh and watch now! There is a new bad facsimile of Trent Jackson in the neighborhood!


Friday Finale!!!


See you on Monday...I'll be celebrating my B-day this weekend....or on Monday rather...


The Future's Bright. The Future's Trent.

Step into the Trent!

Hi world, how you doin?

OMG, So I get this email last night right...and it's from my Original Favorite blogger, Larry D. Lyons! So he's back! Lets see how long! If you haven't had a dose of Larry D. Lyons, you have no idea of what you're missing! Get into him!

Haaay! Shot Outz 2: Quah-Quah! Haay. ShawnQt, The Omar and all of them like that. Shot Out to the readers! I love you!

LMAO. Just to clear things up. My ex boyfriend, Charles X, who dumped me after I flew to Houston on my way to D.C. and ate him out and fucked him real good...said how much he hated me on his blog! It was just a joke yall, calm down. Haven't you ever heard of the gay people sensationalizing everything...It was just a joke! Fallback! Now that Jamal Franklin on the other hand....hmmm. Now that we've gotten that out of the way....

Occasionally I may browse Adam 4 Adam, look and not touch. I look, and be like oh he's cute, or oh, I've seen him out, or oooohhhhh I knew he was gay! But I came across this one ad that said
hot top black stud looking fo hot bottom boy butts to nut into dis means i fuk yo raw and squirt deep inside yo azz.

I laughed so hard at the comment, I was inclined to respond to the guy behind the ad who wasn't that bad looking.

Trent: Your profile is hilarious...I must use this in one of my next projects!

So the next day I get a message in my email saying I had a response from "Ass Man." So I am thinking, like who is this hitting me up. I am saying I didn't respond to anyone and my picture isn't up, I know no one is interested in me, WTF? I open the link and I see it's him...

"projects? whut that bout man??" I am like, okay not a one line email. Then it's written in jargon that I have to make out. I mean I know my grammar is horrific, but thats what an editor and spell check are for, right? But I am like not only do I have to decode this mess, but he want's to carry a conversation, that I seemingly started. HUH, I was irritated, but since I signed up for the project I had to go through with it. So I email him back and our conversation went something like this,

Trent: LMAO! You sound mad! You shouldn't be I'm not going to reveal your ID or your face. I just think the line "squirt deep inside yo azz" is the funniest thing I've read in a long should be included in modern day fictional accounts of gay black life...

Ass Man: got it - so yo steels them wordz - dat it?

Trent: LMAO! That tongue of yours is a dagger! Um I hardly steal words, thats an insult. Scout material I do. I'll make sure to give you credit it if I use it. I would like to thank "Ass Man from A4A for giving me the inspiration to use the words 'squirt deep inside yo azz'" However, I don't think you're ready for all of that attention that you'll get from me printing that.

Ass Man
: ouch man it all coo

Trent: so when can we have lunch so I can give you this waiver and contract to sign.

Ass Man: yo fo real man?

Trent: LMAO-I must be obstructing your quest to find ass to plow...Isn't it obvious that I'm serious as Lou Rawls black lips.

Ass Man: nope- had 3 already kinda drained now

Trent: oh you get more entertaining by the second...I can't believe I am having a conversation. You would be a great interview specimen. Do you mind if I interviewed you on my little blog show?

Ass Man: what sho? i get payed?

Trent: I have a show...LOL, I didn't know I had advertising dollars to pay you yet. Find out more about me at

Ass Man: coo - can i see yo locked pix?

Trent: you'll see me if you go to that link I just gave you

Ass Man: coo man! i wanna see locked one tho

Trent: lmao there is nothing there. I doubt that you find me the least bit attractive since I don't fit into your check this box prototype. Besides I'm not looking for anything on this site and there is nothing that you or your magical "10" inches can do for me.

Ass Man: doesn't matter much bro laterz.

What just happened? Something is terribly wrong with those light skinned men. Stay away from Adam4Adam, but stay tuned here. For tomorrow is Witty Wednesday...


Did I Miss Sumthin?

Well where do I begin? I mean, I felt like I was raped and thrown in a dark alley in New Orleans left for dead!

Shot Outz 2: Quah Quah, Dayne, Blair, Omar And all of my fab readers!

Before we get to the obvious, I hope you made your weekend great! There is nothing like showing a stupid bitch that they can't steal your joy and you're going to find the better in every and anything that you do...I find joy waking up every day just to know that I am going to irritate somebody by smiling. Well not joy, but I enjoy it...

Don't we all just love Dayne Avery? Well even if you don't admit 300 of you thought so, I had 129 downloads of the audio and 171 listens, it actually topped the Derrick Briggs interview, hmm. Haaay Derrick!

Second, I am pissed that VH1 and ABC played with my emotions. Dicked me down bareback, nasty hoes. Not only did VH1 move the Flavor Of Love season finale to next week, they showed some stupid recap show. Then Desperate Housewives, I'm so afraid I won't even know whats going on next week...I need to hit up I-Tunes! Speaking of I-Tunes, Witty Wednesdays and my Friday Finales will be on I-Tunes sometime this about that? So if you have an I-Pod, Trent Jackson can now be with you at all times! I'll let you know when I'm available!

So how about Three-6 Mafia taking home the Oscar!!!??? TOP THAT JAY-Z! NO OTHER HIP-HOP ARTIST CAN SAY THAT THEY HAVE AN OSCAR!!! How about that! I'm really glad that they won, in all of their inarticulate, buffonerry, gold-mouf ghettoness! Jon Stewart even had to laugh (who I love, but is a mess on the slick). But I love Three-6, I felt like sippin on sizzurp!!! They, you have no idea how much their stock is going to rise after this. It made me happy to be black! It was like YEAH! WHAT! Another persons creative drive paid off and they got acknowledged for it, another fine moment in Hip-Hop, a positive one finally. I like it even more because they are a below the radar group from the south who doesn't get that much commercial play, to me those are the best artists. And who knew Taraji P. Henson could sing like that? I mean she's cute and she can sing okay...does this mean she is the new Ashanti? Is there an album on the rize for Taraji? I just keep hearing her say "JODY! JODY!" Hmmm. I think since so many other Actors have made the crossover to music, why can't she be successful too? I mean if J-lo and Eddie Murphy can do it, why can't she too? The least she could do is platinum, right?

Speaking of Platinum, Ne-Yo, R&B/Pop's new talent (Watch out Chris Brown, Ne-Yo is in town) has a HOT, DID I SAY HOT? PLAY ALL THE WAY THROUGH CD! I've added some of my favorite tracks in my weekly play list, so download them if you'd like, although I prefer that you go out and buy the CD because it is very much worth the 9.99 at Target or Best Buy. I mean I love the pop music, we are just bombarded by it, we can't help it. But I am very much into the indie artists like, Sy Smith, Joi, Rachelle Ferrell, Rahsaan, Lalah, Eric Roberson, Ledisi...check them out too.

So about my birthday being 7 days My mom surprised me over the weekend and told me she was taking me on a weekend trip to an undisclosed location. I'm not afraid or anything, I'm thinking Hawaii, cause I've never been there before and I always talk about going after I finish my tour this summer. She's still a bit selfish, so it might be Jamaica since you can lay out on the beach and smoke blunts (my mother is part Rastafarian) but who knows...I'm kinda anxious about this and my party...

Tomorrow I'll be revealing my ADAM4ADAM conversation...


Blu Iz My Favurite Color

And rightfully so...I am the water, I am the sky...

So anyway...long night last night. I didn't catch American Idol, but my TiVo did. I have yet to watch the boys but the girls were very boring to say the least...I'll mention my boys recap on my Friday Finale. I'm glad to see the neighborhood in uproar over Witty Wednesday. I think I'll do something called Messy Mondays...LMAO.

Shot Outz 2: Derrick! I love you and I'm glad that you and I have an understanding. Quah-Quah! Oh how I love me some Quaheem! Superstarnic, NayNay, Dayne & Cash! I love them...there are some beautiful people.

Last night was cool. I spent sometime with the Ex-Factor in my life...and every time I.C. him, "My Eyez Are Green..." That 10 minute flow of melodic, lyrical substance perfectly equates my mental interpretation of the situation called us...I can't believe I made a desperate plea...Whats with me?

I went to the "Outfest" The L.A. gay and Lesbian Film festival last night to support my friends Deondray & Quincy, filmmakers of the new series "The D.L. Chronicles." I stopped by with the Ex-Factor and mingled a bit and even ran into Karamo from Real World Philly. But I do truly love Deondray and Quincy. You have to reap what you sow. So many people supported me during my first literary effort so in order for me to continue being blessed with support I have to give it...It's real great and affirming to see artists give their peice to the puzzle. It's so hard being an artist.

I miss him....

At various point in your life you're low. For many different reasons. Have you ever felt like you were trapped in a box and couldn't get out? You feel the pressures of your life closing in on you like a wall? You know what to do and how to do it...but for some reason, people, things, situations and circumstances dictate the adverse reaction to cause your block. I'm that space again...Although I like to pretend, trick myself even I have it all figured out. I have my play book in hand, I've learned how to maneuver through the malicious cycle of deterioration that seems to have seized everyone in my family except me. I'm starting to think different. For I feel, that I too have become a victim to the cycle...when, where and how did this happen?

At the end of the day I have to be real with myself and in turn be real with you. I have to allow myself to be human, to be Tarrance. Not some made up character that entertains you.

Thank you for allowing me once again to put Trent aside for a moment to peel back the layers of whatz on the B-sides.