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Friday Finale...?


You've gotten audio everyday this week...So don't be COMPLAININ' now that you're getting a written, text, form of what should be the usual oration on Friday...I mean!

what's going on people? So...My DSL still isn't up and I am sitting here looking at this girl who I want to eat out in the worst kinda way. I mean...My friend Kendoysa she's great you have to hangout with her when you're in L.A. I couldn't stand her bitch ass when I first met her, because she and I were just alike and she was a little too much to handle. It's like she's a dramah queen and I am one too...but it's all good. When you're in an intimate setting without all of the bright stage lights it's the coolest thing in the world...a lot like me. But it's all good.

I've gotten all of your emails with yall complaining about me having too much audio...It's been like 3 months since I've written on a Friday.

But this week has been hectic...trying to finish this book, I still got 14 days on my deadline, doing shows for you, started a new job, DSL going out, living life, getting my mind in consider this week my temporary break, but I am glad that you were entertained in the process!

Shot Out To: All of yall, my loyal readers, listeners, fans (A word that is very impersonal...) I appreciate you dropping by and being "In The Mix..."

Next week will be off the hook, I've got some phenomenal interviews lined up, and FUCK YOU Brutha Free cause you should have gotten you book already, LOL...I love your sexiness though! Uh...I haven't gotten any ideas for my next book tour title, so I'll just assume that you guys are in agreement with "Hot Stage Lights," you have a few more days.

Is it me or did Black.White end it's season along with countdown to lockdown? I'll see you guys around. Hit me up this weekend.


I'll see ya on Monday...

Trent Jackson...
Work in Progress.

You know I've always taken for granted the fact that DSL was always there...and now that it was yanked, I am like HOW AM I GOING TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE MASSES? So lets stop taking for granted the things in life that were so used to.

P.S. Sometimes I make judgements and say things that I don't think about. But you never know WHY GOD brings people in your life that he can't question it...


Yet Another Witty Wednesday!


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Play While Reading
As I sit here, in my room, thinking, contemplating, basking, luxuriating, I'm grateful.
Grateful for this moment.

Appreciative of you...the many people that visit me on a daily basis.
Thankful for my life, negative, positive, in between.

For every trial, lesson, blessing.

I'm fortunate to have people that pray for me, constantly. Everyone ain't got that.

I love the people that support me and love me in spite of, some have given up.

I've been blessed to have met positive people who love their lives for what it is. People aren't that strong to keep on going...

I'm humbled that I can share my experiences and let others know that it is okay to be...For I am.

I almost forgot to write an entry tonight. I've been so busy brainstorming and writing ideas down to complete my book, talking on the phone with Shawn, Omar & Stephen about things, catching up...being addicted to myspace and emailing new connections.

I'm in a tranquil state. I've been

It's amazing how people always try and convince you that you're not what you know you are...
and why they spend so much time trying to jade you with their ignorance and unsavory attitude towards life.

I haven't given up.
I have refused to give power to their words.
I'm strong. I'm focused. I'm be me.

I will take as long as it takes to be comfortable,
to love,
to accept,
to be, me.

To love limitlessly,
To understand before my mind is made up.
To trust like a child.
To discern like the wise.
To learn infinitely.
To live...FOR MYSELF.

In this space,
at this time,
At This Moment (yall got my book yet...)
I love me.

Start loving you.
You are great.
You are blessed.
You are loved.
You are understood.
You are destined for great things.
You are smart.
You are a conqueror.
You are talented.
You have a purpose.
You will not be defeated.
You are strong.
You are wise.

Can't Nobody Stop Yall Shine...
Just because the Sun ain't out...that don't mean it's over...
Fuck what anotha nigga say...the shit ain't over til' he say it's over. Bank on that shit.


A Night On The Town With Trent Jackson...

First off, I love you! You guys are the best! Honestly...70+ messages in a sitting! Um, who can check that many messages in day! But the contest is still on!!! I've gotten some great plugs and some great messages...hearing the messages really brought a smile to my face!! You guys really like my show. I didn't know I had so many listeners in the South though. I mean Shot Out to ATL, CHARLOTTE, MIAMI yall really repped the south! Hello! Some of the boys sound so sexy!!! There is nothing like a Southern gosh! My...well, you secret got warm. But the line to the show is always open 1-888-711-5899! Love the love that you give! Wow...the first thing I did was call the Blacks and express to him my elation...

Secondly, I love L.A.! You never know who you'll run into. Last night me and my good friends J and Kamar went to see one of my favorite Neosoul, grassroots, homegrown, indie, REAL MUSIC artists: Eric Roberson! He was off the hook. He just released his third CD 'The Appetizer' and he told me that he was getting ready to release a DVD concert/behind the scenes set along with his fourth CD that should be out in the fall. It is a must have if you love real music! Seeing Eric in concert was dope! What I like most about Eric is that he is distinctive. He doesn't sound like anyone...he has a lot of control on his voice and he is expressive and shows a lot of personality in his music. He's more cool on stage. He's very interactive with the audience...a point during the show he broke out with these cue cards and let the audience sing along with the cards...I thought it was hot. Along with words he had symbols on cards so you had to kinda figure out what the lyric was, kinda hard to explain, I guess you just had to be there to experience it. He was real cool, I've seen him in concert before, but this was my first time actually meeting and speaking with him. He's a real cool down to earth guy who likes the fans...but he draws that line! But I had a fun time. I haven't been hanging out a lot, I don't think I've been out since my birthday party. I mean I am in my creative cycle right now, so I am extra everything! Extra moody, emotional, bitchey and all of that. But I produce some great work around this time to...a few of you made comments yesterday "It seems like you're not there" I was...but I wasn't...There is always a B-Side to everything....But I loved the show, I was thinking maybe I should interview Eric for a Friday Finale...I just made a booking today, so stand-by for a Trent Jackson style interview.

Also at the show I ran into my favorite Hollywood-black-celebrity couple! No, not the Whitney and Bobby spectacle, KENNY & CHANTE LATTIMORE! I sooooo LOVE THEM! They are so right for each other. You know how you can just look at a couple and tell, and be like look at that, that's beautiful! Thats love! Ain't no Ike & Tina shit goin' on up in there. I think they really epitomize what a couple should be like...It's always a pleasure to see them. They are the sweetest people ever. Chante told me that their follow-up to "Things That Lovers Do" album is coming this summer. I can't wait cause it had some different dates and I enjoyed that CD back till it wasn't no tomorrow! Awww...Kenny and Chante...I looked a mess in that picture, it was hot and I didn't have on no makeup! Shit....damn fuck. Anyway, I still look good!

But I'm TIYAD! Long day in the wee hours of the morning...gotta hit the studio, hit the aerobics class, and be the HNIC today! Thanks for the love...Tomorrow is the Friday Finale...

(Obstacles By Eric on his Vault 1.5 CD-2004)


So Many Things...


What A long day yesterday was...Are we ready for American Idol tonight? Probably not...but I bet you're ready for Witty Wednesday.

Shot Outz To: My Homie Brandi!! Hanging out with you is sooo much fun, that's twice this year!! Big ups to K.D. & Free! And of course my faithful readers!

AWWW...Today is my sisters birthday! She turns 4 today! She's growing up to be such a smart, attractive young lady. Her party is at her school today in a few hours so I have to take her cake up there and all like that, take pictures and and the fam are going to go out of town somewhere to time flies, I remember when her little ass was first born and how I couldn't wait for her to walk, then talk, now she's doing both and it's like damn shut up!!! But I love my little Essence...awwww.

So yesterday I hungout with Brandi and chilled out. Monday is my official "Family" day with my's so weird cause my cousin Aja has this gay friend who has a crush on me and she keeps trying to hook us up. Her sister, my little cousin Shanice, goes "Stop trying to hook him up he has a boyfriend!" I am glad she told her, but at the same time I keep my sex life and my "private"life so private I even wonder if the other person that I am with knows we are in a relationship. LOL. So then I had to be interrogated like how long we've been dating, she wanted to see pictures, then she wanted to talk to him, then she got him on the phone and asked when were they gonna meet. She's way too excited. But I'm fortunate that I have accepting family who actually care about my personal life.

But my cousin Aja tried to get slick. I go into her office to do a conference call, next thing I know I come back to the living room and there is the boy that has a crush on me!!! I am like what???!!! Not after you just talked to my boyfriend and admired my ring on my finger!! How burnt is that. I'm not even planning for a replacement, that's like setting my relationship up not to work. Now although I have my moments where I am like, I'm done with you we should just be friends, but there are times when I am just thirsty like a dog in heat!! Love is such a crazy thing...

I've been getting some interesting emails lately. Some of yall are just too creative and too fuckin' off the wall. I am gonna start using the block feature for some of yall. You've given me too many interesting ideas! But I'll share all that on Witty Wednesday plus the PHONE NUMBER TO IN THE MIX WITH TRENT!!!

I'll see you guys tomorrow...

Shout me a holler!
Fuck A Fake 1!
Catch a brick hoe!!


F*@% XTREME MAKE OVER! Where is Desperate Housewives?

I wish the hoes in the board room over at the Anal Bitch Corportation will get regular like my bowel movement and have Desperate Housewives in the proper rotation.

Other than that I almost forgot that it was Monday and it was time for me to post! What the hell...thats what happens when you lead a life of boredom.

So I hope your weekend went well. If not, call me we'll talk about it. I didn't do shit but watch T.V. and work on this book. I think some authors be lying about writing books in like a week and writing a page a day. Thats bullshit! Cause I know that I have to be in a mood to write...and when I am in that mood I can churn out 10-15 pages at a time, but when I'm not you ain't getting shit.

So far I probably have a hundred pages left and I am on deadline as we speak. I have to have the draft into the editor by the 24th. So I guess that means the book (if everything goes right, which it never does) will be done and in my hand by June. So...we'll see. But I'm working hard. I like the way my creative process is working so we'll see.

Shot Outs To: Kim in Philly, Kevin in Houston and Regina in Jersey. Wonderful listeners of my who sent me fab email and things over the weekend. I'm glad to know that you're enjoying my shows! I-tunes does wonders for

So listen, I watched Lady Sings The Blues over the weekend, not like I haven't seen it before, but why does it remind me of Whitney Houston...I also caught Wild N Out...and I acutally like that show, it's pretty funny.

What is it with people? Like this is the fourth time this week that people that I've purposely lost touch with, have popped back into my life. I hate that shit. Now 3 people I welcome them back because we didn't have the best ending to our friendships so I am looking forward to working them out and moving towards a positive future. But this one guy, just popped up to my house on Saturday. First off I hate when people come to my house unannounced. HE WAS RELENTLESS ringing the doorbell. I mean he stood there for a hot 5 minutes just ringing the doorbell. I don't answer doors if I don't know you're' coming. So I answered it, in draws and wife-beater in all. And I was so annoyed. Like what does this fool want? We didn't have sex or anything like that. He was someone I went to high school and college with that had some what of a "mental" breakdown.

I couldn't stand to be around him towards the end of our friendship because he started to let his jealousy overshadow our friendship. He would say things like "I don't know why you have more friends than I do, I look better than you and I'm more funny." When I was dating in college he always said "How did you get him, he's one of the finest guys on campus, you're fat, you're not supposed to have boyfriends like that." And my all time favorite "You just think you're all that cause you write for the newspaper." Needless to say he was jealous and me always finding the good in someone in spite of their ways, I let him be my friend, I thought that maybe my good nature would rub off on him and he could "have all the friends" that I had or he could get a guy that "looked like mine." or maybe I could even get him a column in the paper. My boyfriend hated the fact that I was friendly, cordial and even tolerant of my friend. My boyfriend banned him from coming over (which was funny...) and even told him not to speak to him because he was so catty and bitchy. D always told me that he was jealous of me...but I thought that he had no reason to be. What I do, anyone can do it, what I have anyone can have, if not better.

Why is it that people who are always on the outside looking think that you have everything together. I may have a lot of associates, I maybe talented, I maybe funny, so what I get cute boys, but what does all of that mean if I still feel alone, no one likes my work, no one makes me laugh, and I am unhappy with that cute boy? This is part of the reason why I keep to myself, because I am happier.

I no longer try to find my happiness in other people. I think that's one lesson that my friend needed and still needs to learn. Look for the answers within and you'll find them...

He came back on Sunday after our brief visit from Saturday. I didn't answer the door. I let him stand there. I gonna have to let him know it's not okay not to drop by my house anytime he feels like it...just because I don't have a day job doesn't mean I want you sitting in my fuckin' house all day. I have a life to lead, a sister to raise, books to write, fans to please, deals to close, drama to laugh at and look at myself in the mirror and affirm how good I look, how smart I am, and what a wonderful person I am...thats enough to keep me occupied. I don't need no needy, jealous ass bitches who hae a history of hating dropin' salt on my game...I get that enough.

Well litter, my good friend Brandi is here from out of town and we're going to lunch, were going shopping and we're going to take some pictures! Thanks for letting me vent and air out my head...I appreciate it.

Keep your head me it gets better...and if it doesn't let me know, I'll help you make it right.

"To be nobody but yourself, in a world which is doing it's best, night and day, to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting."

-E.E. Cummings


Cynthia McKinney: Join The List, You Ain't Exempt

It's almost damn near, impossible not to pull the race card. In fact, if you're black and you face any type of adversity, your race or stereotypes of your race are often the contributing factor to ill will treatment.

She’s black. She’s distinguished, polished, decorated, laced with Degrees from U.S.C, Berkley and she does what she says (bitch). She isn’t afraid to go against the waves and stir up a little controversy. She’s black, really black. Not Jesse Jackson or Tiger Woods black and in America (Klan Kountry) when you’re a figure of power or success you’re a target. So what her hair is a mess, it’s 2006 and we know that we are not our hair. But being the smart woman she is, she know that the curly fro wasn’t going to fly on Capital Hill.

But the flipside: Is she used to walking around using her power as privilege as most blacks to when they ascend to a new plateau of success? Is this karma coming back around on her? Is this backlash for speaking out against President Bush? Do people hate her so much that they were finally able to get her on something just to knock her down?

Cynthia McKinney has now joined the ranks of Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Bill Cosby and O.J. Simpson. They all have a something in common: Black, (quasi) rich, powerful and the targets of systematic or attempted systematic oppression.

The situation is simple. Race was a factor in this incident. How many times have incidents involving white people of interest not even made it to the 6 o’clock news? It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, if you’re black with cash or power they’re gonna find a way to come after you.

If Grand Wizard Cheney can almost kill a man in the forest in which black people hung from eons ago (keep in mind we only found out 72 hours later), then Congresswoman McKinney can deck a guard who thinks black people are less than his badge and be exonerated of anything that could jeopardize her power to further help her community. Or maybe this is her wake up call to stop acting so damn smug and ghetto in public.

Okay she may have not had on the lapel. Big freakin’ deal. How many of the White people don’t wear the lapel and still get passed through? Okay so what Hilary Clinton is the most noteable figure (i'm sure it's the bags under her eyes...)so she can maneuver her way around things...okay wait bad example, she was former First Lady, but you get my drift!

In congress there are only 14 Black women, we don’t all look a like so it shouldn’t be that hard to distinguish who’s who…and with hair like Cynthia's (which is real ethnic, I wish my shit could do that) she almost stands out…which is prolly what happened.

If you disagree, here's some insight...
They are still mad about O.J.
What do you think?



Hey Guys...
I listened to this HOUR long post last night and laughed from beginning to end. I never usually listen to my shows after I record them, but this was truly hilarious to me? Am I always this funny? OMG. I can't believe how crazy I really am...and to think you all listen so faithfully.

I think I was too excited to record another show so I put a lot into it. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed recording it and playing it back!



This 1z 4 'Tha Blacks' Litrally or Figuratively


On too many damned occasions, I, Trent Jackson have been accused of being color struck! Don't buy into the hype. I LOVE BLACK MEN! It's not my fault that all of my boyfriends have been light skinned, well there was Patrick...for the most part my boyfriends have been light. WHATEVER! I love them all. So to put you naysayers down back into the pit of ice where you belong, I've decided to showcase my taste in Chocolate...or darker skin. Ain't nothing wrong with your complexion...don't even get me started. I don't know why yall punks be on that dark skin, light skinned crap anyway! I mean fuck yall ack like it's 1860 on a plantation in Mississippi...So this is like version 3 of my hottest men list...Here are the semi-sweet chocolate morsels:

1. Larry Muthafuckin Lyons
These are my confessions...
Larry Lyons get my coochie dripping! He's hot
I wont go too far. He's a murried man...
But Larry is hot...end

2. I-20 (Not Morris Chestnut)
This fine Stallion is my future ex husband.
Um...did you see him in Hustle & Flow...
Have you heard him speak? His voice makes
my coochie palpitate like a hear attack patient
trying to pop a Bayer aspirin!

3. Carl Thomas
Uh...what can I say a brown skinned man with
a texturizer does it for me!
(okay he could be apart of my club...It's the make-up and lighting
making him lighter)

4. David Banner
This big, country, mean-mugger
not only was a former classmate of mine at Southern University
he's one of the hottest men around...that thickness is like WHOA!
Climb on top of me and lick the left side of my neck!
Yes David Banner, we should be fuckin!

5. Big Boi of Outkast
Um, I like the way he moves.
He's so country, yet so nice, yet so...
Gangsta with it...

6. Loon
Puffy has taste when it comes to his bottoms.
But I wouldn't think twice about letting him get on top of me.

7. Kanyevil
Uh, he likes gay people...
thats all I need to say.

8. Puffy
You Won't Admit it, but you'd let him fuck you.
Plus he uses proactive...

9. Morris Chestnutted in my mouth
The ultimate chocolate thunder! He made it okay
for anyone to be dark! He's single now too...

10. My Personal Favorite-Ernesto
(We've been seening a lot of that orange hoodie lately Trent...)
Insert your own caption bitches!!!

Tomorrow is Witty Wednesday!!!


The Descend Back Into Bloggerville

I had gotten to the point where I was either going to play the violin much better or I was going to break it over my knee.

-Ellen Taffe Zwilich
Rumors, lies, misunderstandings is what best describes my 2 week hiatus from what most call their daily dose of humor!

Where was I? What was I doing? Was Charles X story true? Well...I loved his story. It was so hilarious and gagging to me! But was a bit far fetched.

I spent most of my time at my studio taking a breather away from the world (I'm laying in my window at my studio) and trying to get my shit together and be juiced up for you guys!

First as a Trent Jackson tradition, I have to shout out those who inspire me and connect with me on a level beyond what most everyone sees. D-Place, Shawn, Bobby & Rodney, ShawnQT, LadyNay, O, and of course The Blacks.

I am emotional.

I don't know if it's a good thing, a bad thing, or just a thing. I'm an emotional person. Lately I've been dealing with a series of bad days. And not just someone getting on my nerves, etc. I mean things have been slowly chipping away at me. Let me just clear this up, what I am saying in this post isn't to try to get sympathy. It's to let you know as my readers, as my friends, as my fans that when it's time for you to take a break, take one. Period. I needed a break. The most important thing in life for anyone to do, to maintain a sense of self and sanity, is to have time for yourself...

1. My creative juice was low. I was having a horrible dry spell. It was like I had hit menopause and my pussy started to try up. I was like what's going on!!?? So I couldn't continue to do bullshit or halfway posts knowing it was going to come across that I was out to lunch. I mean writing three books at one time, running a company, filming and editing a show, doing shows for my blog was really conflicting...I like to have a lot on my plate but I had to stop when I realized it was taking a toll on other things.

2. I am always depressed two weeks before and two weeks after my birthday. Even though I had a fun time and this was one of my better birthdays. I am still irritated at the fact I have not spent not one birthday in my adult life as of yet the way I want to. Oddly enough, I still spent MY MONEY on my birthday, I still haven't did "it" on my birthday and some other shit that is really insignificant that I really should get over. I am still dealing with the fact that I was dating a guy named Brandon who died on my 21st birthday en route to my birthday party.

3. I'm trying to balance a professional career, graduate college and deal with everyday life manage a business without going back into the regular workforce. Plus I've been trying settle 4 different lawsuits from people who are mad that I talked about my experiences with them in my book. Someone tell them to get over it! I'm trying to finish this book, balance my relationships and further embrace myself for who and what I am, and that's kinda hard to do when you are a semi-public figure who has a reputation that precedes him plus you're black and gay...too much, too much. I was also spending lots of time with my little sister, taking her to school, helping her with her homework, practicing for my new life...

4. I'm still insecure as everyone else. I feel like I am trying to attain the unattainable. But yet I know it is attainable. As a human I think that I am really in control of making things happen, but I know that I am not.

5. I've gained the 30 pounds back that I lost. As soon as I cut my workout regimen in half, my odd eating habits, odd sleeping pattern plus stress put my ass right back in those 42 Jeans, so much for being a 38 for a month. LMAO. It's okay, I'll get back down...although I've been looking a lot fatter than usual lately. I don't know why I am making a big deal about my weight I act like I've never weight a hot 2- - before. That's aiight, my photo shoot isn't until May, I've got a whole month.

I guess all in all I didn't make my 1 year anniversary post clear enough...I was tired. I wanted to quit blogging all together but you guys thank Bobby Brown for talking me into coming back.
I'm okay. I'm dealing, I'm coping. I am like Toni Braxton, "I gotsta breathe! Please!!!"

Of course I'm here to stay...and now that I have your attention bring your headphones to work! Leave them there...cause Witty Wednesdays and Friday Finales will never be the same again.

I'll see you tomorrow.

"To be nobody but yourself, in a world which is doing it's best, night and day, to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting."

-E.E. Cummings