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Cynthia McKinney: Join The List, You Ain't Exempt

It's almost damn near, impossible not to pull the race card. In fact, if you're black and you face any type of adversity, your race or stereotypes of your race are often the contributing factor to ill will treatment.

She’s black. She’s distinguished, polished, decorated, laced with Degrees from U.S.C, Berkley and she does what she says (bitch). She isn’t afraid to go against the waves and stir up a little controversy. She’s black, really black. Not Jesse Jackson or Tiger Woods black and in America (Klan Kountry) when you’re a figure of power or success you’re a target. So what her hair is a mess, it’s 2006 and we know that we are not our hair. But being the smart woman she is, she know that the curly fro wasn’t going to fly on Capital Hill.

But the flipside: Is she used to walking around using her power as privilege as most blacks to when they ascend to a new plateau of success? Is this karma coming back around on her? Is this backlash for speaking out against President Bush? Do people hate her so much that they were finally able to get her on something just to knock her down?

Cynthia McKinney has now joined the ranks of Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Bill Cosby and O.J. Simpson. They all have a something in common: Black, (quasi) rich, powerful and the targets of systematic or attempted systematic oppression.

The situation is simple. Race was a factor in this incident. How many times have incidents involving white people of interest not even made it to the 6 o’clock news? It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, if you’re black with cash or power they’re gonna find a way to come after you.

If Grand Wizard Cheney can almost kill a man in the forest in which black people hung from eons ago (keep in mind we only found out 72 hours later), then Congresswoman McKinney can deck a guard who thinks black people are less than his badge and be exonerated of anything that could jeopardize her power to further help her community. Or maybe this is her wake up call to stop acting so damn smug and ghetto in public.

Okay she may have not had on the lapel. Big freakin’ deal. How many of the White people don’t wear the lapel and still get passed through? Okay so what Hilary Clinton is the most noteable figure (i'm sure it's the bags under her eyes...)so she can maneuver her way around things...okay wait bad example, she was former First Lady, but you get my drift!

In congress there are only 14 Black women, we don’t all look a like so it shouldn’t be that hard to distinguish who’s who…and with hair like Cynthia's (which is real ethnic, I wish my shit could do that) she almost stands out…which is prolly what happened.

If you disagree, here's some insight...
They are still mad about O.J.
What do you think?


Bougie Black Boy said...

You know what... this was one of your best posts I've read yet. I really appreciate this. I agree with you 100%. I may have to blog about this myself.

And that picture of that women is hideous!

LUVIN ME said...

I agree with you on the issue at hand, but ethnic or not, her hair is a hot mess!

Rodney said...

I made a joke about it over at my spot, but I stand in solidarity with Sister McKinney. Whatever she wants to do is fine with me. And if it's ok with you, I'd like to take the offering that was raised for your defense (when we thought you ate your mama and 'nem) and use it to help a sistah out in DC.

That Dude Right There said...

I agree with her also (and you).
The officer had no business putting his hands on her even if it was to stop her from entering the building. I would have done more than hit his ass.

We all know that if she had been a petite little blonde or some balding white guy in an ill-fitted suit, we never would have heard about this.

The Black & Asian Bandit said...

If he told her to not enter...then dammit she should have NOT entered. He should have grabbed her, wrestled her to the ground, hit her in the head with a brick or whatever africans do to bring an unruly migrating wildebeast down during it's annual migration stampede through the Serengeti Desert. The point is, he told her to stop. He might have been new or not knew who she was.....he knew she didn't have her lapel pin on that is custumarily worn to identify who you are. SO I say bring the beast down.....Wonder Twin Powers activate...brign forth your stun guns.

Clay said...

great post - and i love your social commentatory (sp) posts!

Troy N. said...

***granting you honorary membership in the McKinney Hair Gone Mad Club*** Free All Naps, today!

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

They did a skit about Cynthia McKinney on Saturday Night Live tonight. That shyt was hilarious!