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Jamal K. Franklin said...

Okay - that was good. I don't think we knew a lot about what was going on with Divo...but you hooked us up w/the information. Alright?!?!

Question: Can Wendy Williams be heard on the West Coast?

Cash S. said...

"Slurp" I love that!

Van Hunt is Mmmm mmm good!

I'll text the 800 number! Great contest idea!

American Idol is so late, it never arrived!

Cute phone tap!

The Captain said...

I have a fascination with Paul Harriss too! He is hot, but yet very deep and sharp just as me.

Hope you doing good...thanks for the shoutout!

Marz said...

WHAT? Whitney MESS.

See now I can't listen to this in class, so Imma have to hit you later.


LUVIN ME said...

LOL @ listening to you crunch on Doritos!

American idol needs to be cancelled!

That was great, as usual...

Bobby Brown Jr. said...

MESSSSSSS!!! great show Trenita i mean Trent

Trenita Jackson said...

Girl step up the game. Weak honey! That's what this shit was. Come on girl, show us how you big bitches make it happen.

Marz said...

NO NO. Eating chips on the show,MESS.

I didn't know about Mr. Hunt until this morning.

OOOOH. I'm so tempted to call.....

NIVEA. WALLYWORLD, you been tlaking to my auntie.

That is what I'm talking about GAY TIPS.

I swear when Lil Kim gets out of jail I am going to be on the steps screaming, "I love you".

They are having a frenzy here over Ms. Kim. the daily News had this whole thing over her People subscription.



Phillii said...

Well since I don't have a copy of your book...I better get my plug in ready, huh? Don't worry it will be ultra fabulous, hell thats the only way a big girl can really get down.

The show was cute. You had half of my office in tears listening to you cruch on Doritos', you should try them with some cream cheese (don't knock it until you've tried it). LOL


Rahshek said...

Great job man, you keep setting the bar. Wow an exclusive with a new member of the "The Mo Tenors" now that is hot.! I love it! We should start a fan club. It was truly a pleasure to hear from the DIVO, glad to hear that folks are doing the thing in the community. And hey, what's wrong with being "corporate" well-spoken men are sexy LOL.

I am waiting for your to break out on XM or Sirus.

P.S. Are you sure you are not being paid by Aveeno? Thanks for sharing your beauityt tips ;)

Much love,


The Divo said...

Hey Trent,

I enjoyed listening to my SCRIPTED interview with you.

So, I am so into your whole disc Jockey thing. It's sooooo HOTT!

Thanks to Jamal, and Rahshek, who have supported me from the jump, and to Larry Lyons, that called me out of my hiatus...

New Developments at ANGELBOYDIVO to come!

Thanks again Trent...

P.S. Where the hell are you doing Memorial Day... Get it Togeva!