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As I sit here, in my room, thinking, contemplating, basking, luxuriating, I'm grateful.
Grateful for this moment.

Appreciative of you...the many people that visit me on a daily basis.
Thankful for my life, negative, positive, in between.

For every trial, lesson, blessing.

I'm fortunate to have people that pray for me, constantly. Everyone ain't got that.

I love the people that support me and love me in spite of, some have given up.

I've been blessed to have met positive people who love their lives for what it is. People aren't that strong to keep on going...

I'm humbled that I can share my experiences and let others know that it is okay to be...For I am.

I almost forgot to write an entry tonight. I've been so busy brainstorming and writing ideas down to complete my book, talking on the phone with Shawn, Omar & Stephen about things, catching up...being addicted to myspace and emailing new connections.

I'm in a tranquil state. I've been

It's amazing how people always try and convince you that you're not what you know you are...
and why they spend so much time trying to jade you with their ignorance and unsavory attitude towards life.

I haven't given up.
I have refused to give power to their words.
I'm strong. I'm focused. I'm be me.

I will take as long as it takes to be comfortable,
to love,
to accept,
to be, me.

To love limitlessly,
To understand before my mind is made up.
To trust like a child.
To discern like the wise.
To learn infinitely.
To live...FOR MYSELF.

In this space,
at this time,
At This Moment (yall got my book yet...)
I love me.

Start loving you.
You are great.
You are blessed.
You are loved.
You are understood.
You are destined for great things.
You are smart.
You are a conqueror.
You are talented.
You have a purpose.
You will not be defeated.
You are strong.
You are wise.

Can't Nobody Stop Yall Shine...
Just because the Sun ain't out...that don't mean it's over...
Fuck what anotha nigga say...the shit ain't over til' he say it's over. Bank on that shit.


Erick said...

Thank you Trent so much. I needed that. You are right on time

LUVIN ME said...

The perfect post for me today....

Jamal K. Franklin said...


4GOTTEN1 said...

This post just made my day today man...I touched me in ways you wouldn't believe...Thank You!

Holiday N said...

Fab-u-lush darling...inspiring and true...make sure that you also listen to your own is great! even when we're being tested..getting over that part of what makes life so fucking great...smooches baby!

Troy N. said...

It aint over til you say its over.