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So Many Things...


What A long day yesterday was...Are we ready for American Idol tonight? Probably not...but I bet you're ready for Witty Wednesday.

Shot Outz To: My Homie Brandi!! Hanging out with you is sooo much fun, that's twice this year!! Big ups to K.D. & Free! And of course my faithful readers!

AWWW...Today is my sisters birthday! She turns 4 today! She's growing up to be such a smart, attractive young lady. Her party is at her school today in a few hours so I have to take her cake up there and all like that, take pictures and and the fam are going to go out of town somewhere to time flies, I remember when her little ass was first born and how I couldn't wait for her to walk, then talk, now she's doing both and it's like damn shut up!!! But I love my little Essence...awwww.

So yesterday I hungout with Brandi and chilled out. Monday is my official "Family" day with my's so weird cause my cousin Aja has this gay friend who has a crush on me and she keeps trying to hook us up. Her sister, my little cousin Shanice, goes "Stop trying to hook him up he has a boyfriend!" I am glad she told her, but at the same time I keep my sex life and my "private"life so private I even wonder if the other person that I am with knows we are in a relationship. LOL. So then I had to be interrogated like how long we've been dating, she wanted to see pictures, then she wanted to talk to him, then she got him on the phone and asked when were they gonna meet. She's way too excited. But I'm fortunate that I have accepting family who actually care about my personal life.

But my cousin Aja tried to get slick. I go into her office to do a conference call, next thing I know I come back to the living room and there is the boy that has a crush on me!!! I am like what???!!! Not after you just talked to my boyfriend and admired my ring on my finger!! How burnt is that. I'm not even planning for a replacement, that's like setting my relationship up not to work. Now although I have my moments where I am like, I'm done with you we should just be friends, but there are times when I am just thirsty like a dog in heat!! Love is such a crazy thing...

I've been getting some interesting emails lately. Some of yall are just too creative and too fuckin' off the wall. I am gonna start using the block feature for some of yall. You've given me too many interesting ideas! But I'll share all that on Witty Wednesday plus the PHONE NUMBER TO IN THE MIX WITH TRENT!!!

I'll see you guys tomorrow...

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ShawnQt said...

:) i miss u, call me!

Charles X said...

whatever @ this new fake boyfriend

i know you aint cheatin on me you aint crazy

LUVIN ME said...

No she didn't try to bring someone in to meet you...LOL

That Dude Right There said...

Why the hell can't my cousins hook me up. I would probably pass out from shock!