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Hey Guys...
I listened to this HOUR long post last night and laughed from beginning to end. I never usually listen to my shows after I record them, but this was truly hilarious to me? Am I always this funny? OMG. I can't believe how crazy I really am...and to think you all listen so faithfully.

I think I was too excited to record another show so I put a lot into it. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed recording it and playing it back!



W A T E R said...

Ummm...I think I was one of those people that stayed for 7 minutes...However, none of us ate food (took one slice of cake...never got a chance to eat it)
BTW...I brought a bottle of wine
and came with ALL cute boyz...hmmmm!

Rodney said...

Yay!!! Witty Wednesdays is back!
You're right man! Sometimes you have to take a break and don't hate on the relationship. Just reinvent or hit it!


I feel you on the immigration issue. I am positively incensed that these people have been given a platform to air their illegality. And you're positively right. If they were black there would be dogs, hoses and rafts waiting to float them back to the island from whence they came. The mexicans get a ride on a coach bus, complete with a box lunch and a souvenir from Tiajuana.

But what about Congresswomen McKinney???

Isn't our Shawn a sweetie? I love him dearly and was so sorry that we were unable to attend his festivities, but I did adhere to Miss. Manner's and Emily Post's guidelines and sent a gift. It's what you do to aknowledge a sincere invitation from a gracious host. Our Shawn is gracious and sees the genuine good in everyone and those of us that didn't show up at the party shouldn't cast aspersions on those who did, no matter how grand or LATE the entrance. Where do y'all get all this information??? People really do talk... A LOT! And really... there was no shortage of cute folks the whole evening... the proof is in the pictures.

Denny's!!! More coffee? Don't forget the Grand Slam.

Terry McMillan is going to sue y'all! As for Mr. King, I am working on a public apology for him. I have been extremely unfair in my opinion and treatment of him.

Kenny Rogers is looking like a completely different person. I think he may have had a bit of botox, but I think the most dratatic change is the hair. It's much lighter now and the beard is trimmed. He looks good to be in his early 100s.

SHOUT OUT TO JACKIE WASHINGTON! You have to come out to celebrate Jackie Washington Day in July.

Reg said...

My Dear Trent,

I second Rodney. You are THE TRUTH. This by far was your best WITTY WEDNESDAY thus freakin' far man (not to say your other ones weren't good) I totally agree with you, I laughed my ass off! You truly came back with a vengeance as you clearly stated, I can tell from here on out that you will be on fire! I appreciate your raw and realism so much! I think I will play it again just because!!!

rock on!

Ladynay said...

Quite the qiggly one on your return audio huh?

The exit song was was was wassss theatrical!

Tell me when ta gooooooooooooooooo!

Anonymous said...

you are a fool and i love you!!!t

Quaheem said...



Mexicans are "niggers"...think about it...

They are niggers in the sense that they are JUST AS exploited by the system of American capitalism as American citizens of African decent..

White folks created "nigger" for the purposes of solidifying an ideology of racial superiority which would "rationally" justify our enslavement...The way I see it, their plan is WORKING..

But the blacks versus mexicans argument is buying into a DIVIDE and CONQUER mentality....We've all been niggerized.

LUVIN ME said...


You set the bar with audio blogging. When I stop by different blogs and listen to these audio posts, I am so disapponited. They need to either get it together or Shut The F*** Up! I understand experimenting with it but d***, enough is enough!

You keep getting better and better.

Jamal K. Franklin said...

Um...of course I have class, who do you really think I am?!?!

Um...and who is this person with the wondering eye?

I wonder if it's a blogger? Cuz the only bloggers that were there were um...Quaheem, Me, Bougie Black Boy, Omar, Shawn, and Derrick stopped through with Jason...I don't remember seeing eyes wondering.

Troy N. said... Mr. Franklin that wondering eye look...Liza RainingMinnelli!

Jamal K. Franklin said...

AND WAIT...Why am I just now figuring out who you and Bobby Brown were talking about with the audio posts...DAMN, where have I been?

Trent Jackson said...

You've been in the left wing of the 7th level of hell where you belong, now get back there and stop leaving silly ass comments! Comin' off all up in here trying to blow up my spot. You're stupid if you're just now figure out that we've been talking about your crazy ass. LMAO

W A T E R said...

OH Lawd...Jamal...I just didn't come by with Jason...I had 9 other dudes with me...two of which are new bloggers...but its whatever now...LOL!!!

Yeah Mr. Jackson was talking about you.

Quaheem said...


anfanee said... loves you too!

you do it the best...

Charles X said...

TRENT JACKSON! You are messy messy messy and don't think I didn't just laugh my ass off, especially this mess goin' down in the comment section.

I will pray to Buddha for you.

The Light Brown but yellow One said...