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Witty Wednesday 5/31/06-The FanMail Edition


I am Stuck on Trent Jackson, 'Cause Trent Jackson's Stuck on Me.

So listen...

I am all geeked up because my stock is really rising. I had no idea how popular I am. WOWZERS CAPOWZERS! Thats really hot. I thank you guys a whole lot for sending me email and letting me know what you like and don't like about the show...Wow and to think that my mom tries to discourage me every damn day on what I want to do with my life, she can put that where? Back there!

I am going to do it.

I've mustered up enough strength to do it too. I am not going to say what, but on Monday June 19th, 2006. You guys are going to gasp for the very air that you breathe...mark your freakin' calendars because I am going where no FAT BOY has gone before. I am putting an end to all of you hoes trying to tell FAT BOYS we ain't it...well let me tell you something, i f you haven't checked, FAT BOYS ARE IN. Now that doesn't mean yall walk around in spandex and let it hangout and shit, hell no! Cause if you roll up to the book signing playing around trying to stunt in skinny mans clothes, I will walk away and tell you, "Thank you say no more!" END. But I am really excited about this stunt I am going to pull.

My memorial day was spent working on my new book, Full Circle. I am excited at the progress. I should be in revisions/editing next weekend sometime. But it's coming along.

I think the biggest mystery is why people try and sabotage what's going on with you. Not getting into specifics right now, but I am going through something that involves a lot of my personal life, past and present to be examined. I've pretty much notified most of the people around me what's going on and they understand and they've been helpful and compliant, but my bitch ass mother is just bound fuck things up for me. I wish she would get her shit together. Every time an issue comes up, it always points back to her and it's really annoying me especially after I keep telling this stupid broad that she just needs to chill the fuck out and shut the fuck up. But she wants to be this ghetto bitch and profess that she "Lives her life for her and not change for anyone else, it's about me right now!"attitude. But that shit is so played and late. You can live your life and pretend you're strong without dragging other people, let alone your grown children into the mix of your chaos. I don't give a fuck. But like I told her silly ass again today.

If the shit doesn't pan out in my favor because of your doing...there is going to be smoke in the city and a bad misunderstanding in Jefferson Park! END...If you haven't noticed I have a very traumatic if not dramatic relationship with my mother. (ROLLS MY EYES) Please don't send me no email about all that "THAT'S YOUR MOTHER, YOU ONLY GET ONE," MADNESS. Yes I understand all of that, but you come and interact with her and tell me your thoughts at the end of the day...In fact, you can ask my Aunt Jacky the deal, she's a reader, she knows the deal. She'll tell you...and she ain't gonna lie for me either.

Speaking of Aunt Jacky...Um, I still got yo shit and grandma's shit too. I am gonna mail it. I have to call you and fill you in on the latest saga. I am so triflin I didn't even call my grandma on mothers day. I was trying to be nice to my mother...she'll be the main one with her hand out....I guess, let me get off that woman's case, worry about my own life.

You know, one thing I like about my fans is their ability to recognize I am a real person. I go through shit, my life is not perfect, I tell you the deal. No one is exempt from life...I just tell yall whassup to let yall know there is a brighter side to everything. No matter what no one says, what they do at the end of the day it's up 2 U! You can only depend on of my college instructors, Marvel Hughes had this saying, "If it's going to be it's up to me!" She ain't never lied...

Witty Wednesday in 24 hours...



I am really not in the mood to type.
I wasn't in the mood to record.
I am, quasi-depressed.

I am almost done with the book. Which is a good thing, but most of you know that I write from the heart. I write about where my experiences have led me. That in it self takes a toll on you. I'm dealing with, confronting issues that I haven't really thought about since they've happened. The major, dealing with a guy that I was dating that I really loved-die on the night of my 21st birthday. Which is why I was so scared completing this book...I have gotten a lot more personal with this work and I thought the first one was revealing.

Full Circle is the sequel to the first book, At This Moment.

I am really taking a look at repetitive cycles in life, how your family plays a part in your social interaction with people, "friendship," love, letting go (of situations, things and people) and learning to live life for you...

I'm working...I am pouring a lot into this one, I just hope you guys like it...There may or may not be a post tomorrow, but I'm thinking of you guys and I thank you for all of your support!!

I'll be milling around.

P.S. Great guesses on snip this, but no right answers yet...


Friday Finale!

Stephen Earley Jordan, II
Author Of: Beyond Bougie


Witty Wednesday 5/24/06

Trent talks about his legends list, American Idol, Oprahs Legends ball, announces a new contest, his new book "Full Circle" and a letter that he received from gay porn star, Ty Lattimore.



That one day, I will be able to sit amongst great African American men, that have paved the way for others, to be who they are and contribute to the world, the greatest gift of all...Inspiration.

Oprahs Legend's Ball was the most phenomenal event ever in television history, if not my life. It was such a powerful event from start to end. How many times did I cry? I admit it, I cried.

It must be such an honor to bring together those in life who have inspired you and to have honored Coretta Scott King and Rosa Parks before they left this life must have been overwhelming for Oprah, to thank great women who have defeated segregation, overcome obstacles in a time where African-Americans, let alone women were subhuman. Wow...

In the beginning I was so excited, because I am a fag but next because Oprah was able to pull off such a phenomenal event, intricate detail, and to be able to go all out when money wasn't an object. Beyond the fab event (I was kinda irritated because they look like all they ate was that piece of meat, my fat ass would have been like where is the rest of the food...) to see all those black women in a space where they could actually talk and maybe set aside some old shit was remarkable...I got such a good vibe but I was tired of Mary J. Blige talkin'! But I loved her one part where she said that they saved her life...that must have been powerful to meet the people that inspired her.

I agree with Maya Angelou when she said, "The greatest thing you can say to someone is Thank You, that's what we say to God." When it is done in genuine almost makes your heart stop. I am mad a Cicely Tyson, yall know how she makes me nervous, she just looks like she's gonna tip over any second...

The way that the "youngin's" gave tribute to the legends was so sincere and it felt so good to see black women, the salt of the earth pay homage to each other. My hope in my lifetime is to see black men do the same.

I am so on cloud nine right now, because I caught Jesus at the end with everyone else when all of the power divas starting signing, Dionne should have sat out...What are your comments on the legends ball?

Questions/Comments Of My Own:

1. Whitney Houston should have been there. I wish she would get her shit together, she's missed out on so many things.

2. Why was Ashanti there?

3. Did you see Valerie Simpson let them have it? Why won't Nick Ashford cut his hair. I still think Eddie Murphy was poking fun at him in "Vampire In Brooklyn"

4. See Janet and Mariah really do get along...and Why did Janet have one line?

5. Why does Leotyne Price always have that red shit on her face?

All in all, I wish that one day that I can be able to inspire those just like those that have inspired me. One day Trent will be able to say thank my legends.

1. Spike Lee
2. John Singleton
3. E. Lynn Harris
4. Tavis Smiley
5. Eric Jerome Dickey
6. Barack Obama
7. Hill Harper
8. Sean Combs
9. Tom Joyner
10.Alphonso Morgan
11.Quincy Jones
13.Keenan Wayans
15.Emil Wilberkin
16.Denzel Washington
17. Tyler Perry
18.Danny Glover
19.Ice Cube
20.Lorenz Tate

"From today on, I'll dream bigger" I hope you do too...



They really do save the best for last over there at ABC don't they? IMEEEAN. They sure do know how to write out the negroes too don't they? And why is Bree always attracting psychopaths? That bitches picker is broken, a lot like my mothers...

OMG! I was queening out to someone about being congested. You know I have really bad sinus problems, it's my fathers fault, first it was the hereditary nose bleeds now it's the sinus headaches in the middle of spring! DAMN HIM. So I've been seeing this commercial with this white woman on T.V. caressing herself while in the shower, trying to magically free herself from congestion, then out of no where there is this reliving steam. The white ghost just magically makes her feel better and then the commercial goes off. So I've been trying to figure out if anyone has seen this commercial, but coming to find out it's just me. So last night, like a beast in heat I scoured the aisles of Walgreens and BAM! RIGHT THERE! GOLD MINE! I didn't care how much it costs, I was destined to feel good as that white woman in the shower. Why are we always trying to do what white people do? I don't know...anyway. Sudafed, the makers of the popular nasal medicine that really doesn't do anything for me but make my heart palpitate (I can drink a redbull for that) have this "Sudacare" line, which makes the ultra fab, Shower Soothers. Let me tell you kids, the tabs works wonders, I felt like I was at a spa, I got out of that water, feeling fresh like that other bitch in the Calgon Commercial, I went to my room greased down like a newborn baby, rolled over on my side and was out for the count! I have to write them a letter...

I don't know but I think public intoxication is hot. There is just something about a club drunk than a homeless drunk that is so fascinating and adorable. They are just out having a good time with their friends, they forgot about how their best friend just stole their man, how their mom was a destitute crack whore, how they were bullied in grammar school...then they wake up with a hangover, what a life.

OOOP. Shot Outs To: Chris Bilal! He's such a little hottie. And The Blacks! How u doin'? And to MMMMMHMMMM.

Tonight, OPRAHS LEGENDS IS COMING ON 8 P.M. ON ABC HOES! I think this will be the best week in T.V., Oprah on Monday, American Idol, Tuesday and Wednesday, Trent Jackson on Thursday, what comes on, on Friday? Who knows...I was going to say something else, but I forgot. So I was watching late night Oprah, can I just say I love Oprah and I now love Gayle. I didn't like her before, but I respect Oprah and her gangsta. You know, she is what it's all about. You know, back in their day, it wasn't common for The Blacks to be on T.V. but a black female at know them hoes made a pact a whole score and 7 years ago...whoever made it first had to get the other one a job, and Gayles hot ass just knew it was gonna be her cause she was cute and skinny. DON'T EVER UNDERESTIMATE THE FAT BITCHES...But weight, was Oprah secretly pissed at Gayle for going back to Nashville? Does Oprah really talk to that man (her fahtha)? And how did Gayle get the number to the Trump Residence?

And WTF was this FAG thinking?:


Seductively Me...Revisited (REPOST)

I was just jogging thru my archives...and came across my entry for May 16, 2006. Reading it, I realized that my life, our lives, come Full Circle...which happens to be the title of my next book....

Come with me as I revisit the past....HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY JANET!!!

My weekend was great. It was so fun spending time and being one with myself. I watched White Chicks, and I watched a lot of my home movies that I haven’t seen in a while. It was great to see what I was doing 4 years ago and how my life has just fallen into place. How I planned my life to become Trent Jackson and how he is slowly evolving into the persona and figure that I want him to be.

I think the highlight of my weekend was layin’ on my back with my legs cocked up watchin’ Desperate Housewives wishin that Shawn Wayans would paint my sugar walls white, with his thick juicy love, but instead I played with my mandingo, industrial strength, swivel head, multi-orgasmic, stroke me down baby 3500 model dildo that the homie sent me a few weeks back.

Last night I watched Tupac Resurrection on Showtime. Tupac was a great Black man. My appreciation and my fondness of him as a person didn’t grow on my until I watched his self-narrated documentary in it’s entirety. We have a lot in common. As far as our expression of life, as it is for us. Our narrative, our need, and want to better for our people and our lives. Our rawness, candidness, our openness, and willingness to let people experience life outside of their own for a moment. He’s brilliant. And his song of life inspires me to continue on to share my story.

Me and my mom have been bonding for the last few days-which is a good thing. Me and my mother have definitely had our differences. The normal teenage stuff, her dealing with my sexuality, her finally being comfortable and accepting it more and more everyday. Her learning who I am, my experience, who I want to become…normal conflict. But I am fortunate for the bond that is forever growing and strengthening.

As children we don’t recognize the sacrifices that our parents make and we don’t see the struggle that they go through to make their children happy. They try their dammed best to give us everything they didn’t have; and though not anywhere near perfect, we often blame them for things that they didn’t have power over. We never realize the cycles in our lives. The cycles that are parents our apart of, and if they aren’t smart enough to break the chains, they pass them on to their children; hence making the same mistakes that their parents made with them.

I always blamed my mother and family for not supporting me enough. The mental anguish that they put me through; calling me stupid, calling me fat, not listening to me, and hearing me strive for my creative expression. The things that hurt me and ultimately setup a crimson stain of insecurity that at 23, I am just now getting over.

I wrote my book as a way to get over my problems, my issues, that I recognize that we all as humans share. I put it out there on the line so people could learn and understand that they weren’t the only ones going through something. If you can read my story about how I was insecure, how I was molested for a year, how I lost my father and grandmother to murder, how I felt out of place, and how I made a mold to be content within myself, anyone can survive and be productive in their own rite. My book is and always will be very personal to me, it’s my story, it’s very revealing and it helped me heal who I am, and it has created the strong person that you all know as Trent Jackson.

As I begin my week, I am grateful. I am grateful that my family is getting stronger everyday. I am grateful that our past isn’t who we are as people today. It is just simply a reminder, a stepping-stone, a growth, a tenth of who we use to be. I am grateful and excited that I have a cousin who is getting ready to be released from jail. A relationship that I am looking forward to mending. I am grateful for my expression and art of life. For I never know what will happen, where my road will lead, where it will end. But with each experience, I learn something new everyday.

I enjoy life for all of its simplicities and complexities. I am just another person in the world interacting on a plane sharing my experience, learning from yours. Blessing others with my gifts.

I am grateful for all of you who show me support. Who stay interested and who are manifestations of this gift. Life is beautiful. Learn how to accept life for what it is. Don’t let it get the best of you.




:-( Sad Face Friday

Yall are on punishment. There is no Friday Finale! I am thoroughly disappointed with YOU! And you know why...I warned you!

Janet Jackson on TV1 this weekend for her birthday bash...




So, if you've been watching whack ass American Idol, I know your mouth dropped when Chris, the allegeded, predicted, winner was sent home last night...and Katherine McPhee, still stands...WTF? Why the hell hasn't that gray haired coon gotten voted off yet? I MEEEEEEAAAN!

So things are getting interesting at the office. I've been interacting with that boy...who I'll call "The Dome" for the time being...he made the most interesting comment today...something along the lines of, "The reason why black people can't progress is because they don't initiate anything..." What the fuck does that supposed to mean? Just because he thinks he's initiating conversation with me he's getting somewhere? Would somebody please tell this man that I have the ability, to start, recognize and finish game! So he ain't doin' shit, except for what I want him to do. I stopped trying to be nice to him, to peak his curiosity so he could come and talk to me. BUMP WHAT HE THINKS HE'S TALKING ABOUT! TRENT JACKSON GOT THIS ON LOCK. Give me 30 days...I'mma get that. -END-

So I see the blacks are being uncooperative. I know how to fix that. MMMMMHMMMM. I know just the remedy.

Anyway, I've got a lot of things to do tonight...write this book, prepare for interviews this week and some other personal things that I'll disclose at a later date. But I hope all is well...

And thanks for being In The Mix...


Witty Wednesday 5/10/06

I'm Sorry that I got the memo at last minute...BUT A VERY SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RODNEY! Enjoy Witty Wednesday!


If It's The Truth Why Can't I Say It?

I'm tired of these stupid hoes.

So look, not even 24 freakin' hours after I make a post...of course I get contact from the person I was speaking about on my blog...When are they gonna invent call block for the cell phone? I wish EvaTunisha Washington would hurry up and patent that shit and move her family out of the ghetto! I need to block people from my phone. I am tired of changing my number every 2 months. MY GOSH. I see I am gonna have to get another line just to deal with "others" cause it seems as if I can't shake stupid people and I can't live without kissing ass somewhere down the freakin' line.

Are we ready for American Idol tonight?

I've been in the studio, readying my first single off of my soon to be released CD, "Modern Radio Classics," my first single will be the remake of "Bossy." LOL!!! Get ready...

I love Wanda Sykes, why is she crazy...and Bobby Brown better show up to the New Edition concert on the 21th here in Los Angeles. Freakin tickets were like 80.00 a peice. Kci & JoJo's ghetto, cracked out asses are gonna be there....(oooooooooohhhh yeah!!!)

I am so tired of GAS!! This shit is high as a Giraffes pussy! I can't get no relief, one car is a 30 gallon tank, and my other car only takes premium! WHAT THE FUCK. When gas hits 4.00 I am cutting myself off. This is fuckin' ridiculous...

Yesterday was an OKAY day at work...I had brief, limited interaction with that boy I think is cute. He smiled at me, and he was actually pleasant and cordial. I guess he got tired of me ignoring him and he decided to get some ack right...but we'll see. He was talking about his ass today at the lunch table, maybe I can trick him and get him to my house so I can eat it...then maybe we can do each other...but there is this other little cute 21 year old boy that keeps making eye contact with me...I may have to focus my attention elsewhere. Besides that he's more of my "type" but he's a lil too skinny for me.

I went to lunch with the BLK/ASIAN/Puerto Rican queen. I never really talked about him, I want to fuck him today...he's really cute and he as ass for days! I MEEEEEAAAAN. Okay enough of my lusting. But the B.A.P.Q. is kinda bitchey...but he's cool though. He's hot...

I can't wait until tomorrow...WITTY WEDNESDAY....


Monday Mornting

Wasn't Desperate Housewives a mess last night? Bree's kids are a fuckin' mess and I can't wait until Susan discovers that her daughter is the reason why the house got torched to the ground...and if Betty Applewhite don't stop lockin' people in the freakin' basement I am gonna scream!!!! I MEEEEEEAAAAAAAAANNNN! When is season three coming. And for all of my people in different time zones, do not call me telling me what happened! DAMN YOU!!!

So what's going on people? Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend and are descending back into corporate world appropriately. I hate my job and I am quitting. LOL. Working is NOT FOR TRENT JACKSON BY ANY MEANS! People want me to write books, talk through speakers and entertain you with my verbiage all the days long...and I don't mind doing that, I enjoy it. A bitch just needs more money doing it...on the real.

Shot Outz 2: Brutha Free! I think he's dope. Big ups to Mike Hammond, whom I'll be interviewing later on this week. Mike is a friend of mine and he just released his first shot outz 2 him. Shot Out To: Bougie Black Boy...thank you for dealing with me as I was having my moment with Tourette on Saturday. He called me and I was calling around the country trying to find these Puma Boots, I finally found them in Texas and they are being sent to my house and Stephen was being patient as I was queening out trying to find these shoes. So thank you...

So I've been thinking, in my plight to fame and success that you can't take everyone with you. It's a nice idea to entertain that you can bring certain friends with you to your plateau...and although you know that you've never changed and you won't change because of your status...but you find yourself shredding friends because they don't fit into the program. Does that make sense?

I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, because it's just my luck that as soon as I talk about people they have a tendency to read my blog and that always causes conflict. People are so freakin' stupid, I swear. Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am a pretty down to earth, humble, shy person. I genuinely care about people and I don't tolerate peoples shit...yadee, yada, yada. Recently I've been invited to do certain things and go certain places that involve high profile people. The person in question wants to be in the industry so, I bring him to certain places and introduce him to people...I always debrief him on how to act and how to carry himself around the "industry" people. You don't have to alter yourself, but you do have to maintain a certain level of professional, non-ghetto approach to get things done. He gets around these places and he acts right for about 10 minutes and then he just looses it...

Recently I've been tipped off that he's going around using the "Trent Jackson Brand" to try and get things done...and using the "Remember me...line" and I am so annoyed!!!! Like dude what the fuck are you doing. Shit like that makes me not want to help people out cause they just start being stupid. It's my fault for wanting to be the nice want and one to help but I'm done people who lack class, decorum and proper hygiene. Why do we continue to befriend people that we know aren't healthy to the mental? Damn me for always finding the good in people...thats just the way the world turns, people find the good in me all the time, so I guess I owe someone else the favor...but there is a limit. I don't know.

I appreciate yall emails on Corporate America.
I appreciate yall listening...
I appreciate yall reading...
I appreciate yall comments...
I appreciate yall buying my shit...
I appreciate yall keeping me in yall thoughts...
I appreciate yall talking only helps me...
I appreciate yall for being you...
I appreciate yall for loving me...

Track Of Tha Day: Remmy Ma "CONCEITED"



UM. You know. I'm gonna just go AWALL up in this peice.

I know that more than half of my readers/base are silent collaborators in crimes against feeding into the egomaniahisteria of Trent Jackson. But hell, don't be having me go through hell and high water to put out a show and yall not say a damn thing. I think thats just freakin' rude. I MEEEEAN.


So....Like I am so IRRITATED BY PARIS GETTING VOTED OFF!!! WHAT THE FREAK IS GOING ON MAN? Just when I want to vote they ax her off. I guess. I am still rooting for the MC-FEVER.

I have nothing great to say...You just wait until tomorrow when I fly off the handle...


Witty Wednesday 5/3/06

Sorry for the delay...there is a mishap in the can tell exactly when the server goes down...WHAT A MESS. Something I couldn't fix, it's only for about 30 seconds...but you still get the effect! Thanks for being patient and thanks for being In The Mix...








I guess....

So I've been juggling a lot of shit. Somewhere along the way I've tricked myself that I could do 50 things at once. Who the fuck can film a reality show, write a book, hire new personnel, record a show three times a week, answer emails, go to PTA, drop the kid off at school, make breakfast, dinner, stand in line at the bank, smile like everything is fine, deal with family, deal with the crazy ex boyfriend, plan a book tour, go to three board meetings, mentor that new writer, authorize photo shoots for that writer, manage their calendar, be a son, run on the treadmill and balance a 9-5!!!!! YIKES SOMEBODY FREAKIN' STOP ME PLEASE! WHAT THE FUCK AM I THINKING?

On the drive into work this morning, I noticed that L.A. was dead. There was no traffic anywhere. There were no people milling the streets. There was no hustle and bustle. I enjoyed it. I called my mom on her cell phone, who is an officer for the city and I am like, "Is it quiet where you are too?" She answers, "Yes! Isn't it lovely? They are all at the rallies! This is what L.A. was once like, before all of the illegal immigrants came!!" For a second I had forgotten it was "MAYDAY" and the protests for immigration began. I actually liked the city so quiet. I was mad that I was a whole 45 minutes early to work, hell I could have left at 10:30 and been on time. It was quiet annoying because one of my CD's in my changer is jammed and I was stuck listening to "Boooty Booty Booty" and Ray J wail out what he needs! Is he in pain? Is that the noise he makes when he is having sex? Are he and Ananda dating? I mean she is like 50 he is like 12? WTF!

Beyond that I am having the worst time at this new job I decided to accept. It is like way boring and I am waiting on this development position at certain top network to come through, so keep your fingers crossed! I hope it comes through so my load can be a little easier.

I am still looking for graphic designers, editors and a website designer for my next book, so if you know someone who needs some extra money and they are good at the above have them email their resume and samples to And make sure they are reasonable, cause I am not balling like I was on the last project...

As always thanks for leaving comments and stopping by, I appreciate it. I am just juggling a patient, I will return to the swing of things in about 48 hours or so.

I started writing my new diary today...I've always considered my blogs my diary. But there is only so much that I give here...I don't really have a space where I can go all out....LOL and just say the truth about things without hurting peoples feelings and saying what I really think and feel. As a person we owe people the respect without saying things that will hurt them, it's just not cool to walk around and damage people...We'll see how long this lasts.

DAMN. I actually feel like I am letting people know that Trent Jackson is a real person. I'm not walking around all glam, fab, all the freakin' time, making one liners, being witty and loud talking.

But you know, at the end of the day I can't help but think about those immigrants. Just to think 41 years ago, when black, negro, nigger, afro-american people walked, peacefully marched for the same just treatment, there were dogs, firehose attacks, beatings, Klan members on horses...where was all of that today? It's the same fuckin' thing...and just to think we still aint got our 40 acre and a mule. Still haven't got our fair treatment. Still gettin' pulled over and beaten, still can't progress, still have to go the extra mile, and still have to be...


I know, I know

I have fell off!

I have been so busy with life, writing, plotting, scheming and all like that I don't know what's what anymore!

Please pardon me while I take time to collect myself so I can figure out what to do with me next! I was recording my Monday post but I didn't like it...because I was doing something totally different. I may just take the chance and finish it and put it up one day. But it was a really intimate post...without all of the smoke and mirrors.

I am not feeling well. I have a really bad migraine from thinking so freakin' hard! But I will be back saying something outlandish and off the wall before you know it. But I was just going through my archive and I came across, this...