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I am really not in the mood to type.
I wasn't in the mood to record.
I am, quasi-depressed.

I am almost done with the book. Which is a good thing, but most of you know that I write from the heart. I write about where my experiences have led me. That in it self takes a toll on you. I'm dealing with, confronting issues that I haven't really thought about since they've happened. The major, dealing with a guy that I was dating that I really loved-die on the night of my 21st birthday. Which is why I was so scared completing this book...I have gotten a lot more personal with this work and I thought the first one was revealing.

Full Circle is the sequel to the first book, At This Moment.

I am really taking a look at repetitive cycles in life, how your family plays a part in your social interaction with people, "friendship," love, letting go (of situations, things and people) and learning to live life for you...

I'm working...I am pouring a lot into this one, I just hope you guys like it...There may or may not be a post tomorrow, but I'm thinking of you guys and I thank you for all of your support!!

I'll be milling around.

P.S. Great guesses on snip this, but no right answers yet...

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