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Friday Finale!

Featuring Shelton Jackson, Author of: The Dawn Of A New Day


Ladynay said...

Nice interview.

One you like the book? (j/k).

You've done your job and peeked my curiosity. I will win that book! LOL

Rahshek said...

Great indepth conversation. Thank you Trent for introducing Shelton to the forum. He was such a breath of fresh air. Such a honest and eye opening conversation.

bruthafree said...

Outstanding interview!

Glad you are feeling better... :-)

LUVIN ME said...

Another great interveiew from the Trent Jackson files...

Marz said...

I'm going to need to hear Susan's vioce or I'm going to think you're going bi-polar and need some meds.


I wouldn' t have gotten that song. too young. ( alright that's not a good excuse but it's my scapegoat today.)

WHOA WHOA WHOA!!!!!!!! THis interview. DAMN AP US HISTORY. I'm about to cut class for this.



Marz said...

Alright so I finished and OMG. I want this book now. ( You are REALLY fnding ways to get me to call into the hotline.)


Shelton Jackson said...

Thank you baby for a great interview. It is wierd to hear yourself coming from your pc. I aaprecaite you and your support of me and my efforts. It is nice to have a colleague and a friend in one.

All my best.


E said... was Girlfriend..:-) Heh...I'm tripping cause I was blasting that song at least 50 times a couple weeks ago.

Ahh well...there's always next week.

Nice show Trent...TGIF.

Bougie Black Boy said...

I am officially impressed and disturbed--- in the same breath. I think that you touch on some good issues that most people don't realize, but I also touch in my book: self-deprecation.

This was realy disturbing. HIV+ and not teling your partners? Come on. . . "That, too, is a part of self-deprecation. Shelton stated in the interview, ". . . my rationalization is. . ." and continued to mention that it's a mutual thing--you could ask, and he could tell. Take responsibility for yourself. I agree. But isn't there something morally or ethically wrong with leaving something unsaid? And, isn't it a federal offense to knowingly infect someone without telling them your status? This, my friends, is the epitome of self-deprecation, the demise of the black man. And, if anyone disagrees, that'd be uncivilized.

Am I judgemental? Yes. But what do you expect, I'm just The Bougie Black Boy.

Jamal K. Franklin said...

Well DAYUM, it's about time Trent. You're back in your groove with this one. Good interview...

Coming Into Reality,

Don't Oppress Me said...


Anonymous said...

Love your blog. By the way does anyone know if the blogger that used to have still has a blog? I loved his blog as well.

kennyking78 said...

Trent, you know that you put your foot in this interview right? I was glued to the laptop because it was so intriguing. I don't know it I like Shelton Jackson or if I want to punch him in the face. He was very honest and open in his interview. Imagine what the world would be like if others were as honest with their realities. I am interested in purchasing his book