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That one day, I will be able to sit amongst great African American men, that have paved the way for others, to be who they are and contribute to the world, the greatest gift of all...Inspiration.

Oprahs Legend's Ball was the most phenomenal event ever in television history, if not my life. It was such a powerful event from start to end. How many times did I cry? I admit it, I cried.

It must be such an honor to bring together those in life who have inspired you and to have honored Coretta Scott King and Rosa Parks before they left this life must have been overwhelming for Oprah, to thank great women who have defeated segregation, overcome obstacles in a time where African-Americans, let alone women were subhuman. Wow...

In the beginning I was so excited, because I am a fag but next because Oprah was able to pull off such a phenomenal event, intricate detail, and to be able to go all out when money wasn't an object. Beyond the fab event (I was kinda irritated because they look like all they ate was that piece of meat, my fat ass would have been like where is the rest of the food...) to see all those black women in a space where they could actually talk and maybe set aside some old shit was remarkable...I got such a good vibe but I was tired of Mary J. Blige talkin'! But I loved her one part where she said that they saved her life...that must have been powerful to meet the people that inspired her.

I agree with Maya Angelou when she said, "The greatest thing you can say to someone is Thank You, that's what we say to God." When it is done in genuine almost makes your heart stop. I am mad a Cicely Tyson, yall know how she makes me nervous, she just looks like she's gonna tip over any second...

The way that the "youngin's" gave tribute to the legends was so sincere and it felt so good to see black women, the salt of the earth pay homage to each other. My hope in my lifetime is to see black men do the same.

I am so on cloud nine right now, because I caught Jesus at the end with everyone else when all of the power divas starting signing, Dionne should have sat out...What are your comments on the legends ball?

Questions/Comments Of My Own:

1. Whitney Houston should have been there. I wish she would get her shit together, she's missed out on so many things.

2. Why was Ashanti there?

3. Did you see Valerie Simpson let them have it? Why won't Nick Ashford cut his hair. I still think Eddie Murphy was poking fun at him in "Vampire In Brooklyn"

4. See Janet and Mariah really do get along...and Why did Janet have one line?

5. Why does Leotyne Price always have that red shit on her face?

All in all, I wish that one day that I can be able to inspire those just like those that have inspired me. One day Trent will be able to say thank my legends.

1. Spike Lee
2. John Singleton
3. E. Lynn Harris
4. Tavis Smiley
5. Eric Jerome Dickey
6. Barack Obama
7. Hill Harper
8. Sean Combs
9. Tom Joyner
10.Alphonso Morgan
11.Quincy Jones
13.Keenan Wayans
15.Emil Wilberkin
16.Denzel Washington
17. Tyler Perry
18.Danny Glover
19.Ice Cube
20.Lorenz Tate

"From today on, I'll dream bigger" I hope you do too...


Walter "Kimora Lee" White said...

it was moving....I didn't think I would like it because of all the hype, but It was absolutely amazing.

Soulful Real said...

Why the hell did I miss Oprah's Legends Ball? Did anyone record it?

Oprah would have probably paid Whitney to NOT show up. She should have crashed the party. Her and Ludacris.

Ladynay said...

I didn't watch it, I have been to work less than 2 hours and I am kinda tired of hearing about it to be honest...

I am pretty sure some extremely well off black man will make an attempt to do his version of a legends ball real soon...

If not, you have to do it! LOL

Cash S. said...

I thought it was wonderful. I was wondering why Ashanti was there too lol. I wanted them to pass the mic to her during the gospel brunch. It would have been funny to hear sing after Patty, Shirly, and Yolanda. But, nevertheless it was an outstanding event. I would like to see it done with men too.

Puff Daddy and Lorenz Tate are legends to you?

Valentino said...

What? no samuel L Jackson...sidney poitier....Prince...sorry I know its ur list not mine.

Marz said...

Missed it. I was at school (DAMN EDUCATION. Alright I take that back.)

I heard that someone's diamond earrings were fierce, and the people in my class wanted to know Why TYRA and BRANDY where there.


Anonymous said...

i started to call you so we could cry together. tlc

The Captain said...

These people get too much undeserved praise.

Bougie Black Boy said...

First off, Tyler Perry has no business being with that group. And secondly--men can't do that, they'd end up shooting each other and smoking blunts. Just being Bougie.

kristen said...

i agree with BBB, those madea plays (while funny to me, let's be honest) are not the hallmark of black theatre

but i would be very interested in seeing the black male version of the legends ball

kennyking78 said...

Man, I am still reeling over that special... I gave a full review of it on my blog. Too many emotions to type again. I am going to watch it for years to come.

I, too, agree. Ashanti was waaaaaaaaay out of place. I can't hate though. She got an invitation and I did not. I guess you'd better get in where you fit in.

kennyking78 said...

Oh, yeah... I forgot to say that I think that a males only legends luncheon would not work or be as effective. It would appeal to women but I would be extremely uncomfortable watching it. It is reminiscent of Men's Day at church... you know the days when the men do everything in the service. Usher, sing, give the women roses... it is all a show for the women who eat it up, it is never for the love of God... I suspect the same could happen at a males Legend-like luncheon. I am not saying that it could not happen. All I am saying is that I am not going to hold my breath. Whoever does it has some large shoes to fill because Oprah put that thing to BED!!!!