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I know, I know

I have fell off!

I have been so busy with life, writing, plotting, scheming and all like that I don't know what's what anymore!

Please pardon me while I take time to collect myself so I can figure out what to do with me next! I was recording my Monday post but I didn't like it...because I was doing something totally different. I may just take the chance and finish it and put it up one day. But it was a really intimate post...without all of the smoke and mirrors.

I am not feeling well. I have a really bad migraine from thinking so freakin' hard! But I will be back saying something outlandish and off the wall before you know it. But I was just going through my archive and I came across, this...


Charles X said...

i have a christian room mate, i cant be doin' all these audio post. dont hate on the text. anyways we need to catch up.

ShawnQt said...

Don't let your creative juices overflow...
Sqirt it out in sessions, so that we can lick for more!

4GOTTEN1 said...

I'm with Shawn on this one...don't give it all at once man.

Cash S. said...

lol squirt it out in sessions.

Aww I hope you feel better sweety!