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If It's The Truth Why Can't I Say It?

I'm tired of these stupid hoes.

So look, not even 24 freakin' hours after I make a post...of course I get contact from the person I was speaking about on my blog...When are they gonna invent call block for the cell phone? I wish EvaTunisha Washington would hurry up and patent that shit and move her family out of the ghetto! I need to block people from my phone. I am tired of changing my number every 2 months. MY GOSH. I see I am gonna have to get another line just to deal with "others" cause it seems as if I can't shake stupid people and I can't live without kissing ass somewhere down the freakin' line.

Are we ready for American Idol tonight?

I've been in the studio, readying my first single off of my soon to be released CD, "Modern Radio Classics," my first single will be the remake of "Bossy." LOL!!! Get ready...

I love Wanda Sykes, why is she crazy...and Bobby Brown better show up to the New Edition concert on the 21th here in Los Angeles. Freakin tickets were like 80.00 a peice. Kci & JoJo's ghetto, cracked out asses are gonna be there....(oooooooooohhhh yeah!!!)

I am so tired of GAS!! This shit is high as a Giraffes pussy! I can't get no relief, one car is a 30 gallon tank, and my other car only takes premium! WHAT THE FUCK. When gas hits 4.00 I am cutting myself off. This is fuckin' ridiculous...

Yesterday was an OKAY day at work...I had brief, limited interaction with that boy I think is cute. He smiled at me, and he was actually pleasant and cordial. I guess he got tired of me ignoring him and he decided to get some ack right...but we'll see. He was talking about his ass today at the lunch table, maybe I can trick him and get him to my house so I can eat it...then maybe we can do each other...but there is this other little cute 21 year old boy that keeps making eye contact with me...I may have to focus my attention elsewhere. Besides that he's more of my "type" but he's a lil too skinny for me.

I went to lunch with the BLK/ASIAN/Puerto Rican queen. I never really talked about him, I want to fuck him today...he's really cute and he as ass for days! I MEEEEEAAAAN. Okay enough of my lusting. But the B.A.P.Q. is kinda bitchey...but he's cool though. He's hot...

I can't wait until tomorrow...WITTY WEDNESDAY....


Charles X said...

You are a mess for all seasons! Are we really puttin out a album? I'm help with the background need to cover some Erykah, you know you will!

Anyhoo, I finally updated my shit. Let the drama begin, lawd have mercy.

I would do Witty Wednesday, but my phone is still toast and I'm broke. Buy me a new one

Charles X said...

OK, just listened to the friday finale...who the fuck is Susan? Your vagina? Lay down with that! LOL too funny.

By the way, I'm a cancer, boo!

Cash S. said...

I can get you some beats to sample.

Aunt Jacky said...

Making an album Nephew???

You already know I have input on that one for days!!! Give me a holler when you get a min.