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I guess....

So I've been juggling a lot of shit. Somewhere along the way I've tricked myself that I could do 50 things at once. Who the fuck can film a reality show, write a book, hire new personnel, record a show three times a week, answer emails, go to PTA, drop the kid off at school, make breakfast, dinner, stand in line at the bank, smile like everything is fine, deal with family, deal with the crazy ex boyfriend, plan a book tour, go to three board meetings, mentor that new writer, authorize photo shoots for that writer, manage their calendar, be a son, run on the treadmill and balance a 9-5!!!!! YIKES SOMEBODY FREAKIN' STOP ME PLEASE! WHAT THE FUCK AM I THINKING?

On the drive into work this morning, I noticed that L.A. was dead. There was no traffic anywhere. There were no people milling the streets. There was no hustle and bustle. I enjoyed it. I called my mom on her cell phone, who is an officer for the city and I am like, "Is it quiet where you are too?" She answers, "Yes! Isn't it lovely? They are all at the rallies! This is what L.A. was once like, before all of the illegal immigrants came!!" For a second I had forgotten it was "MAYDAY" and the protests for immigration began. I actually liked the city so quiet. I was mad that I was a whole 45 minutes early to work, hell I could have left at 10:30 and been on time. It was quiet annoying because one of my CD's in my changer is jammed and I was stuck listening to "Boooty Booty Booty" and Ray J wail out what he needs! Is he in pain? Is that the noise he makes when he is having sex? Are he and Ananda dating? I mean she is like 50 he is like 12? WTF!

Beyond that I am having the worst time at this new job I decided to accept. It is like way boring and I am waiting on this development position at certain top network to come through, so keep your fingers crossed! I hope it comes through so my load can be a little easier.

I am still looking for graphic designers, editors and a website designer for my next book, so if you know someone who needs some extra money and they are good at the above have them email their resume and samples to And make sure they are reasonable, cause I am not balling like I was on the last project...

As always thanks for leaving comments and stopping by, I appreciate it. I am just juggling a patient, I will return to the swing of things in about 48 hours or so.

I started writing my new diary today...I've always considered my blogs my diary. But there is only so much that I give here...I don't really have a space where I can go all out....LOL and just say the truth about things without hurting peoples feelings and saying what I really think and feel. As a person we owe people the respect without saying things that will hurt them, it's just not cool to walk around and damage people...We'll see how long this lasts.

DAMN. I actually feel like I am letting people know that Trent Jackson is a real person. I'm not walking around all glam, fab, all the freakin' time, making one liners, being witty and loud talking.

But you know, at the end of the day I can't help but think about those immigrants. Just to think 41 years ago, when black, negro, nigger, afro-american people walked, peacefully marched for the same just treatment, there were dogs, firehose attacks, beatings, Klan members on horses...where was all of that today? It's the same fuckin' thing...and just to think we still aint got our 40 acre and a mule. Still haven't got our fair treatment. Still gettin' pulled over and beaten, still can't progress, still have to go the extra mile, and still have to be...


4GOTTEN1 said...

Yo man definetly slow it down...u don't have to be superman. Don't try and be everything for everybody. You should definetly relax a lot more. Just take it easy. Just know i'm thinking about u man. I pray everything works out the way you plan.
Get at me when u can.

LUVIN ME said...

I couldn't imagine having to do all that. I'm tired just reading about it...But somehow, you manage to get it all done and still be You!

Marz said...

I feel you on the taking on too much.

My mother keeps saying take one thing at a time as I try to read one book, take notes and take a bath.(LOL)


Quarter Life Crisis of a Black Woman said...

U need to exhale! Sometimes u need to take a break from the rat race that is life.

As for these protests, rallies, & walk outs... You can't compare their struggle to ours. They came on their own steam, we were rounded up and put on ships. They had a choice and we didn't. Now they choose to encourage their children to walk out during instructional classroom time like it's ok. Then when Jorge & Maria fail a class are they are gonna march about that too?

Unless they have an outlined agenda their marching and protesting is useless!

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

What it do Trent Jackson?

Do we get to get a peek at your new diary that you started?

Frederick Smith said...

Man, you are so busy. It's a blessing and a curse at the same time, huh? Well, I hope you continue to handle it all well. All the hard work will pay off for sure!

Shawn said...

You sure have a lot on your plate.

"there were dogs, firehose attacks, beatings, Klan members on horses...where was all of that today?" You wanted us to attack the illegals? LOL

I'm still trying to understand the logic of allowing non-citizens to rally for rights reserved for citizens...

Pammie said...

Interesting I've never considered My blog my diary and I have been running concurrent with my blog by writing long hand in a book. Something about writing gives it so much brevity and weight. I will never stop writing.