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So, if you've been watching whack ass American Idol, I know your mouth dropped when Chris, the allegeded, predicted, winner was sent home last night...and Katherine McPhee, still stands...WTF? Why the hell hasn't that gray haired coon gotten voted off yet? I MEEEEEEAAAN!

So things are getting interesting at the office. I've been interacting with that boy...who I'll call "The Dome" for the time being...he made the most interesting comment today...something along the lines of, "The reason why black people can't progress is because they don't initiate anything..." What the fuck does that supposed to mean? Just because he thinks he's initiating conversation with me he's getting somewhere? Would somebody please tell this man that I have the ability, to start, recognize and finish game! So he ain't doin' shit, except for what I want him to do. I stopped trying to be nice to him, to peak his curiosity so he could come and talk to me. BUMP WHAT HE THINKS HE'S TALKING ABOUT! TRENT JACKSON GOT THIS ON LOCK. Give me 30 days...I'mma get that. -END-

So I see the blacks are being uncooperative. I know how to fix that. MMMMMHMMMM. I know just the remedy.

Anyway, I've got a lot of things to do tonight...write this book, prepare for interviews this week and some other personal things that I'll disclose at a later date. But I hope all is well...

And thanks for being In The Mix...

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Frederick Smith said...

I was unhappily surprised with Chris being let go from Idol too. He was my absolute favorite (aside from my other early favorites Mandisa and that Filipino guy from the Bay Area).

Oh well. Chris has got a huge career ahead of him.

Stay cool with the job. I know how it is.