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Witty Wednesday 5/10/06

I'm Sorry that I got the memo at last minute...BUT A VERY SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RODNEY! Enjoy Witty Wednesday!


bruthafree said...

LOL@for shittin at work.

can i do another plug? i hate listening to that shyt. lol

OH and i was wondering about this imaginary susan chick too...can the bitch speak please? gotdamn.

LUVIN ME said...

ROTF! Thank you sooo much for the shout out Trent, and believe me....My eyes are WIDE open. As much as I love and trust him, I realize that I love ME so much more!

Charles X said...

how gross are you? seriously. im breaking up with you ASAP

Omar Ramon said...

I hate using the bathroom anywhere but home also..I too have to be naked.
Yes, BF! Who is this Susan Heffa!
I'm so mad at the Soul Food and Wating to Exhale references LOL. Your a mess.
But I miss you...Call Me!
We will not name our marital home Casa De C***!! (the C word is foul filth and unacceptable)
I once thought Katharine would make it to the end..but I see now that it's not to be. One of my Many husbands, Chris, is going to win. I would say Elliot, but he's too sickly-looking. And the gray-haired hick is not going to win... I'll see to that,personally *pulls out blade*

Cash S. said...

Damn i need to think of a plug. I wanna give sexy! Hmmm...

Cute contest idea, too bad I don't scroll down that far too often lol.

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Happy Birthday Rodney. Today is my sisters' birthday to!

What it do Trent Jackson?!?! I haven't had alot of free time here lately but I did one to stop by and say hello!

Take care

The Captain said...

American Idol has run it's course.