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The Best Of: The Friday Fone Taps

The First "In The Mix With Trent" Best Of Show
Featuring...The Notables


Summer is here...For me at least

My coochie is sweating more than usual, which means it's hot down there! Which means it's summer, time to take cool showers at random times of the day and powder down before I leave the house...I hate sweating.

But more so, summer always starts a good season of reading and the first pick on my list is
"Drama is her middle name, (Dont you just live for that book cover...)" by my favorite person in the whole wide world, WENDY MUTHAFUCKIN' WILLIAMS!

So Wendy, pegs the book as her first novel, but she also admits that her ego, "Ritz Harper," is a lot like her especially since Wendy just like Ritz is a suburban raised queen with a ghetto, brash mentality, who can plot her way to the top while stepping on everyone else's toes while doing it. Sounds like drama right. I just picked up the book, but if this is anything like her other books, Wendy Brings The Heat and The Wendy Williams Experience, this will surely be a non-stop, mouth dropping, page turning two hour session that you wouldn't want to be interrupted from! So of course I'll be giving a full report in a few days, if not Monday...Basically the book is about this power, gossip maven who is always blabbing peoples business on her radio show! Then someone comes and catches up Ritz Harper in a drive by shooting. I think Wendy should watch what she writes...Don't you agree? You see what happened with Ms. Terry "Faces like Ace Ventura" speak/write words into existence they happen.

Well, Monday is out of the question since this weekend is pride weekend in Los Angeles for the black kids! So I'll be out partying, networking, taking pictures, promoting my new book, and having a camera crew follow me to catch me in action so I can package up my DVD that you'll have to watch whenever you order my book. You thought I was crazy on speaker? HMMM...Wait till you see me live...I can't stand myself sometimes!

But it should be fun. Friday night I am throwing a little get together for my friends I haven't seen in a while up at City Walk, then Saturday I am hitting up the beach party and the after-party and I'm going to round off my weekend during the magic hour on Sunday at The Abbey...Hopefully I'll get some time in between partying and working out to finish the last chapter in this book...

It's bedtime...and tomorrow we'll feature a hot "Best Of In The Mix With Trent Show..."



Yall ain't serious and neither is Keyshia Cole or Beyonce. I wish someone would have sent me the memo that the BET AWARDS were tonight, I would have rescheduled my show calendar so I could have talked about this for Witty Wednesday. But just imagine my inflection and me talking in your head! Okay, alright?

Is it me or does LeToya Luckett have a hard time singing? Cause she showl do be concentrating hard when she sings. But for some reason I like her...I want her to succeed and but an end to BEYONCE. I respect the splitting image of Tina Knowles, but I am tired of that bitch. Just like I was tired of everyone in white at the BET awards. I just spent 500.00 on white clothes for the summer...I have to take it back, I don't want to wear shit else white ever, thanks to all of the negroes on T.V. wearing it out...but, it's pretty apparent, as it's always been that white is the summer color, along with fuchsia, lime green, and yellow for the dark skin people.

Anyway. Anda worked my ass out. You would think I would be use to the workout by now after three weeks...and boo on my personal Favorite...well actually I'll save that for tomorrows post.

So what was Janet Jackson thinking with that mangy weave in her head? I was so mad at her for that. She know she should have showed up Beyonce and all them other washed up bitches with a hot 1-2 Tina Landon, rhythm Nationesque dance combo. I guess the girls are tired. Honey Beyonce was mediocre, Janet looked a mess...

Beyonce gave me face, but that Diana Ross weave number 34-F mixed with a little of Chaka Khan Black 42 was OVER! Beyonce really didn't give me what I needed. I was waiting for her to dance from her pussy and that didn't happen. I was waiting on the background dancers to come out of the mist, that didn't happen. Instead I got a great track, with a great band and recycled dance moves from Crazy in love, Check On It and Work It Out with a dash of Tina Turner and can I not forget the Patti LaBelle signature move and shake to the ground...or was that Rebbie Jackson and the centipede? I don't know, but Beyonce's track is hot and all, and I respect her showmanship, but she can put that where? BACK THERE!

I couldn’t help but question if Keyshia Cole heard herself singing at the end of the.... the song is beautiful. I think she could have actually pulled off all of the orchestration and beauty if she would have just stood there and just sang the damn song...but I forgot, she's too hood for anything like that. And she wants to sing off-key and pretend she’s a modern day Mary J. Blige. Let’s get a few things straight, you can’t be Mary until you’ve smoked crack, fucked K-ci, and wore shades and blonde weaves till they were beat in the ground like Rodney King. Mary J. Blige was an innovator in the 90’s, and she CANNOT BE REPLICATED. SHE IS THE ONLY BITCH (BESIDES ASHANTI) THAT CAN SING OFF KEY AND MAKE MONEY DOING IT AND SOUND GOOD AT IT. And even Mary has improved DRASTICALLY! She actually sings somewhat on key…anyway. I like Mary. KEYSHIA COLE MURDERED THE END OF THAT SONG LIKE A CHINCHILLA ON THE WAY TO WHITNEY HOUSTONS CLOSET. She gives me STUDIO all day. But I'll be sure to tune into that reality show of hers, if the nation can entertain Bobby and Whitney, we could certainly entertain Ms. Cole. Now on the flip side, I respect her for her struggle and overcoming and accomplishing her dream. I like that tenacity in people...I think I support her just on life alone...I know I done been through a few things in life and people have bought my books and listened to my show, just because they like ME not necessarily my I can empathize with her. But I ain’t gonna lie, I feel Ms. Cole’s CD.

Did Yolanda Adams not let SWEET THANG HAVE IT? OR WHAT? THAT HOLY THOU ART HOLY WOMAN SANG FROM HER SACRED PUSSY AND OUTFELL THE KEY OF HEAVEN FROM HER CLIT! India….I’m nervous and obviously she got nervous too cause her, cojack head ass didn't come out for the finale until they were done hoopin and hollerin. I guess Miss. Thang...and speaking of India...let me shut up.

And isn’t Prince cooler than cool…I would love for him to come to my house one ol’ hot Saturday morning with his watchtower pamphlet.

Can Jamie Foxx, Puffy and Damon Wayans dry ass have a seat some damn where? And let me not forget that Cherish group! BOO on Jazze Phe or whatever his name is for creating 5 knock off Ciara's in one. BOO! I WOULD LEAVE THE LABEL FOR THAT STUNT!

I think the question of the night is, what has Vivica Fox done with herself? She is just a complete spectacle. She, Cher, Joan Rivers and LaToya Jackson had a secret pow-wow at some collagen induced botox retreat and now they are all a mess. I think Vivica has had one too many bad dates with black men...that will do the trick. She needs to be like Missy. I've adopted her slogan..."I LOVE MY GUT SO FUCK A TUMMY TUCK, I SHAKE MY GUT LIKE YEAH BITCH WHAT?"

Chris Brown’s new nickname is mimic. I mean he gave me, Usher, Michael Jackson and James Brown in one…but yet there is something so original about him. Or is my fascination with light skin boys? I am waiting on puberty and his 18th birthday…I like Chris Brown...and yeah Chris you can gimme that….you know the number, and how tall is he? I can admire him cause that nigga be dancing his ass off singing live with NO TRACK! UM, HELLO, USHER CAN’T DO THAT. And I thought it was so hot that he brought up Ne-Yo with him. It said a lot…they can be in the same field, not have any beef, and they can be cool. I thought that was hot.


I’m sleepy, my thighs hurt, my mouth is dry and I smell like wet bologna.

Peace Bitches…


My Voyage To India...Revisited

A whole entire year ago today...THE BLACKS helped me come up with this idea...(the post listed below.) This was by far one of my favorite posts on the instead of just reposting it...I am going to see how I answer them in my present mind frame today. The answers in blue are my original answers from June 27, 05. The Answers in Red are my current answers...

With the genius of THE BLACKS, he's prepared a list of questions based on India.Arie's "Voyage To India." Here it go...

Growth -- Paint a picture for your readers of the Trent of yesterday, the Trent of today and Trent of tomorrow.

I come from a place of hurt. Pain. I’ve experienced a lot in my young life…being molested; dealing with death and coping by the time I was 6. Growing up overweight, being gay, learning what racism was when I was 12. I transformed into a person who loves himself despite of what others think, say, or pressure me to feel (society). I did that by recognizing my beauty, my talent, the gifts that I had to offer (writing, my creativity, my listening skills, my need to help humanity…) and realizing that it was okay for ME to be gay, for me to be overweight, for me to be the opposite of the ideologies that I had been taught. I learned to accept my difference to help me prepare to morph into a person who can help others with tarnished pasts. How to help them build a bridge and get over hurt, turning their tragedy into triumph, so that they may help others, and in turn perpetuate a positive cycle of self-worth, confidence, strength, and understanding.
I stand by my statement...

Little Things -- When most folks aren't watching, what are the little things that make Trent smile?

I like watching men interact…especially “thugs.” Not only because they are cute-but because they are normal and they have hearts just like everyone else. They are just misunderstood. Because of the clothes they wear, where they live, who they hang out with. Their interaction is just as normal as anyone else’s and I wish they knew (had) a positive outlet in which they could express themselves. The elderly make me smile. It reminds me of my grandmother while she was alive…it makes me remember the good times growing up with me, cooking for me while my mother was at work, helping me with my homework. It helps me keep her alive in my heart.

I like brainstorming about the future; my career, my goals. I love plotting out things in my head, that makes me smile...because I know I have the power to make it happen.

Talk to Her -- If you could have a short conversation with your cousin Tuesday, What would she say to you as you listened?

She would tell me that she loved me and she’s proud of what I am doing. She would tell me to hurry up and finish school and to continue my path of expressing myself creatively. Now she’s in heaven watching over me and she knows my path of life to the end…she can guide me and be an angel and really ensuring that I get what I deserve.

You're almost there! Don't give up! Relax, Relate and Release!!! I love you...and get your black ass back in school. I hear her in my head daily. It almost makes me cry every time I think of her!

Slow Down -- Describe a situation where Trent had to take a break from it all.

I think when I canceled my book tour…my book tour actually started in February. But I got really depressed right after the release of my book and I canceled all of my April and May dates. I was just dealing with the death of Tuesday, being fired from a job, and just trying to make sense of things. When I take a break I just stay in my room. My room is so comfortable-I have everything there…if I had my way I would never leave it.

Do I see a pattern? Why am I always in need of a break!??

The Truth -- Describe your truth.

My truth is based on Seven Principles of life that I wrote when I was becoming the person that I am today… Have the courage to step out and separate yourself from the masses and walk with your head high. Be bold in your walk and don’t let anyone stop you from being you. Be assertive in your approach and you’ll get what you want. Have the strength to carry on for yourself-even if you feel like you cant go on anymore…STAND! Have the endurance to deal with life for it will only prepare you for what’s next… Be able to adapt to any and all situations. This will build your character and broaden your horizons. Focus on what you want out of life…this is your truth and your path to happiness.


Beautiful Surprise -- Name that person/place/or thing that has become your beautiful surprise…

I think my life has been a beautiful surprise. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death-I will fear no evil for GOD is within me…I have had many people support me, my cause, this blog, my work-so everything in it’s own rite is a beautiful surprise.

I have yet to find a person that is a beautiful surprise! A nigga has been tricked too many times...

Healing -- How does Trent heal his mind, body and soul?

If I am going through anything I write, I cry and I sleep…and drink lots of water!
I Stand By this 100!

Get It Together -- When things fall apart for you -- How did you put them back together?

I find a way to pick up the pieces and find my way back to the road. I always have a goal…I always remember what I am trying to accomplish at that moment in my life and no matter what happens I always find a way around whatever obstacle to accomplish it. People want to see you fail…but I always find a way to prove them wrong and to prove to myself and to others that anything can be done as long as you believe in yourself…you have the power within you to make anything happen.

Yes...uh huh...mmmhmmm
Headed In The Right Direction -- Describe the week ahead of you.

Well I am doing a camp session this week at CSULB, which means I am away from my realm! I am mentoring/teaching at a performing arts camp…so I don’t know what the week holds…and my book tour starts on Friday…so I am anxious about that.

Well, I have Power Hour at the Gym Tonight...a lot of writing for my next book, Full Circle. Working on launching my new website for the book. Working on my pre-sale packs for the book, bowling night with my friends this week! Lots of partying for BLACK PRIDE this weekend!! Pretty hectic week...but it's gonna be fun!

Can I Walk With You -- Describe your soul mate.

My soul mate…wow, (Smiling Uncontrollably) I like thinking about love. I love the thought of love. My soul mate is on who that is emotionally stable, able to commit, sacrifice for the relationship, well-rounded, humorous, charismatic, responsible, respectful, concern for others, genuine, open-minded, sincere, honest, trustworthy, versatile (all aspects) understands and accepts me for who I am…and quiet.

Yes...I still stand by this.

The One -- Describe your jump-off

He’s my total opposite. He’s very manly. He comes from a different world…he’s definitely street wise, very hood…has a lot of drama going on but he knows how to attend to me and make me feel like I am the only one in his world. He goes through a lot and I understand him. He’s passionate, very caring, funny, thoughtful, arrogant, cocky, temperamental, abrasive even…but he’s loving…and warm. Genuine, and can eat boy pussy like a guppy eats algae in a fish tank.

I don't change very much...

Complicated Melody -- Describe Trent in 2 words

Caring & Intricate
Gratitude -- Pay It Forward ... Who set the table for you? And who are you setting the table for in return?

My mother and Grandmother definitely laid the groundwork for me. I am setting the table for my sister, the children at the camp this week, and the children I teach when I get my degree…

With my readership, I have a whole responsibility of providing motivation, support, friendship, realness and love to a whole legion of black gay men who look at me as that person that "can." I am setting the table for that person witth low self-esteem and I am telling him he can go on. I am talking to the fat boy who feel's less than, because society and some skinny punk told him he wasn't cute! He can loose weight if he thinks thats gonna work or he can luv his gut and say fuck a tummy tuck! And shake that muthafucka like yeah bitch what??!! I am the person that makes it okay for others to be who they are! Be you!

Good Man -- Name five people who hold the title of a 'good man' in your eyes

Curtis Rogers, Tuesday’s Husband-Because he treated Tuesday like a queen while she was here on earth and made sure she and their children had everything they needed to survive. Now that he’s a single father, the road ahead is difficult but he will still be that same man that he was when his wife was here.
My Uncle Mark-He has changed for the better. My family life is extremely complex, and just watching him go through obstacles and deal with some of the worst things in life I love watching him able to turn all of that around and be the man that he was sent here to be. I admire and love him for that.
Pierre Williams-My God-Father who died in 2003. He showed me so many things and what it’s like to be a man…and I appreciate him for that.

My Father…SR-He cared for me and loved me even though I never got a chance to experience that long enough to know what it was.

I can’t think of anyone else…I only wanted to name people that I know or have affected me personally.
Alphonso Morgan...Just because I connected with him on such a personal level, I know his pain, I know his heart and to have that connection with someone is priceless. He wants to make a difference not only in his world but people around him. He isn't selfish. He isn't greedy. He isn't malicious. He's kind, he's gentle, he's loving, he's understanding. But don't piss him off because he'll put you in your place and he may knock you the fuck out.

God Is Real -- How real is God to you?

God is very real. When I think about my life and how far I’ve come…that was nothing but GOD that opened all of those doors and allowed me to become a beautiful person. I know GOD is real because all of my thoughts and prayers are always confirmed…that’s GOD.



You ain't Kelly or Michelle, I ain't Beyonce! I am NOT going to CATER to YOU! Got it?

What it do my niggas? LOL. That was way ghetto of me! I am so pumped about the upcoming week, I don't know what to do. Well, well, fuckin' well! I want tomorrow to hurry up and get here so I can live my life as it should be lived: Lavish, exciting and drama free!

My weekend was eventful! So friday, my cousin Shanice graduated high school! I am so very proud of her!! I didn't take any pictures with her on graduation, I was too busy looking at all of the ghetto boys at graduation and watching her socialize with all of her friends and things. But it was real cute! Later on that night we went to the Grand Lux Cafe (which I have a strong antipathy for) the event was supposed to start at 7, but for some strange, ghetto, CP TIME, niggerish reason, it didn't start until 9, we had to sit for damn near 2 hours to get seated and didn't leave the joint until 12:45 a.m. I was pissed. Not to even mention, I got cussed out by Ray, because we were supposed to go out, but I ended up having to CANCEL because of the holdup with family...hopefully he'll understand one day.

Bobby, can I just say that I so appreciate you!!! And I am glad that I am able to have the moments that I do have with you...cause you crack me the fuck up. Truth be told, if there is one person that can predict my thoughts and actions, it's you!

So on my way out of Grand Lux, me and my mom where on the way home when fellow blogger Soulful4real phoned and told me he was leaving L.A. the next morning and he had to see me before he left! I was so tired, and I had to be to work the next morning at 7...but we met up and had a great time! He's so cool, laid back, smart and funny. He likes to slam stuff when he's drunk too! I can see myself being friends with him forever. I'm like that with most cancers.

If you didn't know that Cancers are some of the most emotional of the zodiac. They are friendly, often misunderstood, they are giving...They always put their problems aside for everyone else. But they go through these crazy disconnect spurts...but I understand because I do that too. When they are turned off, they are turned off! But I connect with them the most because I understand their emotional side...but needless to say, he and I had a good time, despite Lurch...I'll be in ATL with him real soon hanging out.

So come Saturday, Ray and I hungout and go to the late ass Catch. I had never seen the club so bland and not packed, where you walk in breaking into a sweat and have your mascara running before you even get up the steps to go into the club. It doesn't mean I ain't ever going back, because the Catch inspires me so much, especially if I want a good laugh...but I'm having my book release party there in a few months...I had fun. We ended the night at Denny's where I broke my diet, and my body rejected the food! I needed salad right away. Three weeks of lettuce, vegetables and fruit, I guess your body would reject a buffalo chicken sandwich. When I break my diet next week, I'll just stick to an order of French fries.

I had a packed weekend! I am still trying to get my mind right...I didn't stick to my writing schedule like I was supposed to...I have a product to deliver! I'll be taking the time out from the show to finish my book, perfect the show, and take some time..but tomorrow, Drama will be my middle name! Oh...Don't forget, there's always a B-Side to everything.





I just felt like saying that...

Whats good people? OMG...I took pictures. I just finished watching the video tape from Sundays photo shoot. The footage will be going on to the behind the scenes DVD. YIKES! Is all I have to say. Some of it I like and some if it is just like, this will never make the day of light...But it was fun doing it. So now I have to go through the great process of selecting which photo goes on the back of the book, etc...not to mention, get the book off to the editor.

So after the shoot, I went to The Abbey and met up with THE BLACKS and Darian! It was such a great time. I even had a dance battle with this little latin boy who swore he was from Amsterdam or something. Then he keep telling me how sexy and hot I was intensely crazy! I vogued on his ass and dropped it like it was hot five times in a row like Beyonce did at the Grammys that year. I did a kick and a spin, then I gave a European retro runway walk that gave shade, shade and more shade. You had to have been there to see it. Yall didn't know that I could do it like that! I am gonna have to do that combo move when I come a town near you. But none the less, it was hot...and Darian is such an interesting person. Not to mention THE BLACKS brought MARCO, who kept feeling on my tities and grabbing my butt...but Marco is a hot man, so it was okay.

Anyway. I ran into my trainer-faghag friend ANDA, at the know where she works and I go...she invited me to do her STRIP CLASS in two weeks...why am I excited? I've always wanted to be a strippa! MMHHMMMM. I can't wait.

You know what makes me nervous...people who try to hard to be your friends...well. I'll talk about it tomorrow on the show. Thats something that has to be said and not written, just for the full effect of it all.

SO LAST NIGHT! MY GOSH. I went to Salsa was totally funny...I had this little gay instructor man who kept yelling out, "YES! GIVE ME MORE! GIVE IT TO ME LIKE THAT!" the entire night. OMG and he was such a fem queen. The the stretches and the PliƩs he had us doing was a mess...he was such a bottom. I guess, I felt like I was more in a hip-hop video than a salsa class. But it was cute though. I put all of studying of the Janet Jackson tour videos to good use last night...I am ready to face the challenge of Anda tonight.

I'm resting up! Working out...Working hard and getting ready for Witty Wednesday...



Well kids...I just completed my first photo shoot for the NTRC8TE BLISS BOOK TOUR for my next novel, Full Circle which will be released in about a month or so...I still have some work to do on the photos. The shoot was done with Kevin Break, and it took 6 hours! I took over 1,000 pictures and I go tired towards the end of the that shows in some of my pictures! I've posted a few, but if you're a member of my yahoo group then you'll get to see more than what I put here! I'm tired so here it is..."The Secret" I've been talking about...and I am happy to say that I've lost 15 pounds, not the 20 I wanted to loose, but it's close enough!

For the most part, I think I got some good shots! But I wasn't prepared for a six hour shoot!! That was a lot...but, the camera crew was in effect to get all of the behind the scenes that will be added on the DVD this summer....It's late and a nigga is tired!!



Fouled Up Friday....


A nigga had too many shuffles going on I will shuffle Fridays show to Monday! Wait. I take that back. There will be no Monday Madness, because I am unveiling the surprise on Monday...shit!!! DAMN! FUCK! SO WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY could be the two possible biggest days of In The Mix With Trent Ever....I've been having a series of good days, I'm feeling better...and I am just taking time out to make errythang work!

Thanks to everyone who is being patient...stopping by to support this space!! I went to a spoken word event last night and I was trying to be incognito, but next thing I know, the host is saying there was some acclaimed author in the house and saying all these good things, then they said my name! I was like WTF!!! Then he busted out with a copy of my book and demanded an impromptu reading...I was a little nervous because I haven't done a reading in a I guess it was practice for things to come...I had fun...but it's a work weekend!! I hope I can deliver for Monday! I hope you enjoy it...I'm so excited about the Full Circle Project...
J, Me & Erika
last night at spoken.word...



Don't you just hate it when you know that it's a certain date for something, but you can't seem to remember quite what it is? Well I know June 15th is something...but I don't know what it is exactly.


Today is a boring day in the day of Trent Jackson. I have nothing interesting to say...except that Slim fast is rather thick. I got my ass ate out last night and it was the worst ever. I would have much rather enjoyed a nice treadmill work out for having my legs in the air over my head for such a long period of time...anyway.


You can put that where? Back There!!!

I know they was lookin at me funny when I was in the pool during water aerobics yesterday. Hoes. Ain't nothin' but a bunch of old ghetto bitches in my class...and as far as I am concerned if you're a man walking around the pool/sauna/steamroom area, you're a fag. END. While I was in the pool getting my water aerobics on to Snoop Dogg and all of the other Ghettoville U.S.A. hits, the boys kept walkin' by the damn pool giving me the eye. All the cute boys are on the second floor where the basketball court and the weights are. I'll make it to that floor in a few months when I finish getting the excess fat off the tummy...

I must have got my mind right yesterday morning...I put on my praise and worship mix and damn near had a moment on my way to work, I was not playing. I am so tired of living my life for other people...I had to breakthrough! And it was so powerful!!! I listened to Mary Mary's version of "Thank You," it was such a blessing to hear really made me be more grateful of my blessings and my life. I had to get my attitude COR-RECT! I've been giving too much energy to the HATERATION. One thing I do need to understand that everyone isn't, can't, won't or doesn't know how to SUPPORT, LOVE, OR UNDERSTAND YOU. Just because I know how to do certain things doesn't mean others know how to do it too. (Duh, what was I thinking..)

Have I ever told you how much I love Chante Moore? I revisited her debut CD, "Precious" last night and that's exactly what it is...what an introduction to a classic voice...

I'm going to try and save my energy for Witty Wednesday tomorrow...I'm kinda afraid at the way it's going to turn out, but we'll see though...

My yahoo group members and a select few of you may have gotten a little surprise in your mailbox over night...tell me what you think...

I thought I'd share this too:

What a funny this is...thanks Shawn!


Serotonin UP, GUT DOWN!

I'm feeling fab and looking better...

I lost 10 1/2 pounds last week, thanks to 3 gallons of water a day, Lean Cuisines while at my hot shit desk, NO CARBS (although I did tear up three pieces of bread at The Cheesecake Factory last night) a few relacores, a can of SLIM FAST, and of course Kickboxing, Water Aerobics, Dance, and an intense workout called Camp 24 Pump & Jump! This week, I'll be switching to Nutrex Research Lipo 6 pills...Fuck what you talking about I am going to be together for this photo shoot and this book tour, don't play...

I feel a lot better physically although I'm irritated still in my brain cells, but I am better though. I actually went out of the house this weekend other than work, so that was a start. I will not take Paxil, I will not take meds to control my depression. But I will take pills for my gut, right? Crazy, I know.

So, Sunday, Yesterday I was craving a Barbecue Chicken Salad and I got a hold to one, finally at like 4:30. Me, The Blacks, D-Place, and Maurice went to the ultra swank Cheesecake Factory at The Grove (my favorite mall) and we ran into Eric Benet, Dave Chapelle, Mos Def, Lynn Whitfield, and the original Caleb from Desperate Housewives...quite an eventful day.

I actually got some work done on my book, I am working on the character, Alexander Drake. He is like going to be everyone's favorite character! My gosh...

Anyway. Like I said, I am still working on my Janet Jackson, Velvet-Rope-Esque mind frame...It's kinda hard for me to be come unconditioned to the problems that have been plaguing me for such a longtime. I'll be writing a lot more on The B-Sides...

But thank you for those who reached out over to me...I'm just now answering the phones and getting to messages, so don't be mad, a nigga just needs his space. But I'll speak to you if you ain't on that bullshit. One thing I hate is when people wanna call you when you going through shit, they don't wanna call you any other time to say whassup, that shit is jankie! You can put that where? Back there! I am about to go get this C7 off my face, I had to get color matched today...Shave and lay back and do a crunch...or two.

These niggas always wanna test the things that I believe...


I Think Hard, But...

When I put my mind to something, I usually do it.

But sometimes, I make decisions too quickly, not allowing me to see the outcome of the road ahead. It's like driving down a foggy highway with one headlight. Density.

20 of these pounds have to come off ASAP. It's Thursday, and I've lost 9 pounds in 4 days. I'm almost there.

So many things are testing me right now. So many people are tugging. So many people pulling. The signs are clear to me, but no one else can see my distress, my S.O.S. I almost forgot that I have a legion of invisible people watching can I call for help if I don't see anyone?

I think that some things in life should be very thoughts of simplicity are occupied by intricate humans with plateaus, rivers and valleys unseen to the naked eye. I am one of them and even though I have displayed my roses and not allowed the petals to fall or wilt, one sudden shift in the wind has made a petal fall like an angel without wings.

I still have one important decision to make:
....There is always a B-Side To Everything



Trent talks about his meltdown at the gym, his fans, Ray from College Hill, Toni Braxton, Anita Baker and win a date with Trent Jackson



I'm sorry. But I'm speechless right now.

I am physically tired.
I am emotionally starved.
I am mentally unstable.

She makes a mockery at my attempts. I feel like saying "All my life I had to fight..."
I need and want to be in love. Were still in love, but we set each other free. It's not the same.
I'm trying to do too many things at once, while trying to convince myself I am putting me first and I'm not...
"History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed. They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats."


Um...Okay, he's obviously not serious.

And he's very unstable...

I AM GOING THROUGH SO MANY THINGS RIGHT NOW. I think I may save this story until Witty Wednesday, because this can only be told through audio. MY GOSH. I CAN'T TAKE IT. WHAT WAS I THINKING ABOUT?

So thanks to the people who have submitted so far...except you submitted on the hotline when you should have sent in an email! Someone has obviously missed the memo! You have to send an email to, if you want to win a date with Trent Jackson, um hello. I can't see you on the phone silly man! So for the record, in order to "Win A Date With Trent" you must submit the following, by June 16, 2006..:

  • A nice paragraph on why you think you should win
  • Be 21-35 (40)
  • Photo
  • Full Name
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Ideal date
  • Zodiac
You can not suffer from DELUSIONS. You can not have an extensive, intense, RED, HIGH TERROR ALERT CRIMINAL HISTORY. Be normal and cool. I got some responses so far, but like I said, they need to be in email form. I will not be picking the dates! SUSAN is in charge of this...She will select three finalists...and I'll take it from there. So lets have fun.

In other news, I am almost done with Full Circle! And this treadmill has been letting me have it. My gosh, this 20 pounds I am trying to loose by the photo shoot date is going to be difficult, I wish I would have just stuck to my workout regimen at the beginning of the year. UGHH My fat ass.

My interview with Kool Like Dat is on it's way to surpassing the most popular interview, the infamous, Derrick L. Briggs Interview...speaking of which, where is he? Hmmmm...Derricks Interview is currently at 1,045 listens and 322 Downloads to I-Pods. Kool Like Dat is at 933 Listens and 329 downloads...hmmm.

You know, I am just going to tell the story. I have to get it out. No I can't. I will tell it Wednesday. OMG, I can hold it in one more day. I record tomorrow.

Okay, I have to go eat carrot sticks, crowns of broccoli, and cucumbers (rabbit food) my fat ass has gotten out of control over here. STRESS EATING AIN'T CUTE BITCH. I can not be seen like this. We all saw how Janet looked a few weeks ago...


Mimic and Legacy...A night on the town

I can not ever attend an event with my Grandma (Legacy) and my little sister (mimic) again. I don't know which one of them gets on my nerves the worst. They both talk excessively about uninteresting details of the day. I love them dearly, but they have to be stopped.

So I played hookey from work yesterday. I had to make an appearance in court and pay my restitution to the victims of innocent crimes fund, what a fuckin' drab, I mean he tried to attack me and I have to pay? Kiss my 21 inch ass! Then my mother called me and told me her snatch was on fire and she needed some hesitance with some errands. I told her if she wouldn't fuck dogs and homeless men with stalkerish tendencies then she wouldn't have to worry about catching burning sensations in her pussy. She then said "I'll keep that in mind when you ask for preparation H!" I laughed so hard, what a bitch she is. Then we were walking into the nail shop today to get pedicures and this man complimented my mother and said, "You're such a pretty woman!" I quickly intervened and said, "Only when she smiles!" Then I politely opened the door for her as she rolled her eyes...we let the yangs do our feet then it was off to get mimic from school...

Today mimic talked about how her "Bling-Bling," was getting on her nerves! My mother damn near crashed the car on Crenshaw when her 4 year old said "Bling-Bling." My mother is very particular on what kind of vernacular is used around mimic since she is at that stage...but it didn't stop there. She went on to tell us that her father, " Doesn't say much in the car. He doesn't say much of anything. It's okay, except when someone is talking to him, he's rather uselss." I fell out in laughter, Mom didn't at all find it funny and of course she tried to blame it on the fag with the sharp tongue and quick wit...she can put that where? Back there!

So we went and picked up Legacy...when the games began. She got in the backseat and spoke with mimic about everything from current events to Rod Stewart. Mimic replies, "I don't know Rod Stewart, he must have come out before I was born." I've had enough of her for one night, I'm glad she's sleep...and very glad she's not mimicking everything she hears or sees.

On a lighter note, Susan and I are crafting up this "Win a date with Trent Jackson," situation...will we work out all of the details by record time tonight? There is only one way to find out! Tune in tomorrow....It's the Friday Finale!