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Friday Finale 9/29/06

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It was 1986 and I was 4. I knew I was gay then, just like I know I am gay now. And I knew I was gay because at one point I thought I was Janet Jackson. You should have seen my little gay ass on the coffee table singing "Control" and "What Have You Done For Me Lately," singing every note and hitting every step with Janet. I think I speak for all the other gay boys when I say that we were all captivated by Janet. There had been no one like her ever...and there will never be anyone like her. We knew then when she danced aside Paula Abdul to "What Have You Done For Me Lately," and "Nasty" that Michael's little sister was going to be around to stay. She's proved it by going through her fair share of drama and being here 20 years later...

I won't say that this CD is classic Janet, because Janet is such an innovator she never duplicates herself. Every album is so different from the last, when you're talking about Janet, it's classic. I'm excited that the moment has arrived, but if Janet was hoping for what her man did for Mariah, Janet, don't hold your breath cause it's not going to happen. However, Janet is going to close this chapter of her life out on top right where she belongs. With this CD she proves that she's able to endure adversity and bounce back and give us what we need a CD with club bangers, a few new tracks to add to our sex mixes and tracks that only Janet can pull off...

Her 9th studio album and the last on Virgin, leaves me to wonder what she will do next and will we ever hear from her again. Janet is as relevant as she was 20 years ago and there isn't a doubt in my mind that we'll want to hear what she's up to 20 years from now.

While she says she pays homage to control, maybe it's just me, but I really don't hear it besides the intro and a few little sound effects here and there, but I was expecting a little more sample...but that would go against the Janet innovation right? The 20 Y.O. set starts off with Janet doing a signature interlude...which is always cute. Then it goes into one of my favorite tracks "Show Me," the transition was smooth, but then I heard J.D. say "Whatchu talkin' bout shawty?" At least I didn't get a "Yall Know what this is!!??"

The first half of the CD boasts dance tracks that incorporate the 80's hip-hop/breakdance (Show Me, So Excited, This Body, Get It Out Me)sound which switches off into the signature mid-tempo tracks (With You, Call On Me, Enjoy, Do It To Me, Daybreak) which transition right into the booty call/sex songs (Take Care, Love 2 Love) that will go along side, 24 Play, Anytime Anyplace, Someday Is Tonight, Funny How Time Flies and the infamous Would You Mind...?

Overall the CD is a EXQUISITE mix of music that you can play through without skipping. I'm a Janet fan so I purchase on name alone. I won't say this is her best CD, that is a toss up between the "Janet" disc and "Velvet Rope." But this CD is without a doubt another reminder why Janet has a career with longevity and accolades, because she constantly strives for the best and she defines her own path versus keeping up with current trends. This, just like all of the other Janet CD's are CD's that will never go out of style. Janet is truly a timeless artist. Music is classic, style grabs your attention and her mystery intrigues you. You can always put on Janet song to make you feel better, make you think about someone or get you through the day because you're goin' through some shit. She has remained constant in her music expression...inspiring many and reminding us that we can all have fun, LOVE AGAIN, and most important be SEXY while BEING YOURSELF.

Oh and of course, this CD gets the:

Beyonce...kick rocks.

If you don't want to spend the money on the CD make sure you listen to my show tomorrow, you'll get a chance to win the CD on my show.


Until tomorrow!


Truly A Trent Jackson Weekend...

Well I know I said that there would be a show today, but...this weekends events, including but not limited to the ongoing investigation, parties, book writing and weddings has left me drunk, tired and washed up...but the show will be a packed one on Wednesday, got a lot to talk about!

Friday, I went out with a few friends and had one Sam Adams too many and ended up sleep in my car after the valet guy brought it to me...what a mess! Who am I fooling. Can I please put down the bottle and get back on the treadmill!!!?? Who am I fooling. I am withering away faster than an old white mans penis! Speaking of penises, I've never really been a "shooter" so to speak, I'm more of a gusher, but, I've been shooting a lot lately...hmmm.

Saturday I went to Quincy LeNear's (Co-Creator of The D.L. Chronicles) birthday party at this fabulous Chinese restaurant here in Los Angeles. It was great food, great people and just had a really great time. But people were like, why is that nigga so quiet (me) and I was just like, uh...this is me, I'm quiet. A few people at the party were aware of the "Trent Jackson" personality that they hear on Wednesday's and Fridays...but people are so shocked to find out that I am actually the complete opposite of my Messy-Fag persona. It's so interesting when people actually sit down and have a conversation with the real me, they are like, oh I didn't know you were so...Nonetheless I had a great time. I got a chance to catch up with one of my favorite Actresses, Lynn, who is in the picture with me....(and my new hair-do) Yall have to watch out for her, she takes HILARIOUS to a whole notha' level! I'm so serious about it.

Sunday, the wedding that I was hesitantly avoiding and awaiting came! I rode into the posh Newport Beach Harbor with a long time friend, who I thought was going to ditch me, cause he's that type (at times) and he was going to be my scapegoat to get out of the wedding, cause I really wanted to work on Full Circle more and with all of my personal life catching up with the progress of my book, I just really needed the extra time to work on it, not to mention find a whole new staff...which is another problem within it self. Anyway, I made it to the wedding, I'm glad that I went! It was so nice to see J, getting married. I am happy for her and her new hubby. They make a cute couple and she deserves it. Not to be putting her on blast, but she remained a virgin for 26 years and finally she's gonna get that coochie rocked!!! (lol) But she put God first and she is truly an inspiration, because they just don't make girls like her anymore. But it was such a nice thing to see everyone together having fun. And here I was talking shit like a sideline hater. I went, I gave her a blank check and it felt good to do it for my friend! I love her! Congrats girl and she looked, I can't believe we've been friends for 10 years. She deserves it...And I didn't drink too much. As much as I love the ocean, yachts and all that, my stomach is really sensitive so I wasn't trying to be like that old white bitch in the titanic standing at the back throwing shit off the boat if you know what I mean...

But, back to my dismally regular routine, can I fit the gym back into my schedule this week? Please pray that I do...cause...

Don't forget, JANET ON OPRAH TODAY! Tomorrow a full review of the CD!
Thanks for reading and being in the mix with Trent...I love you!

I won't know you're here unless you tell me


Friday Finale

Has been rescheduled til' Monday...until the investigation is over...
Stay tuned for the detailz.


The Flame That Fuels My Fire!

I love it how one day, you have everything you ever want and ever need in life. Then the next day, you're back where you started. Square one.

I'm not mad at it. I knew it was bound to happen. Sooner than later. Hell It's happened before.
I'm not worried. This motivates me to prove a greater point, not only to him...but to myself.
I've done all that I possibly could.
This doesn't change who I am. It only enhances what is already there...
Some people just can't handle the real.

It sucks for romantic optomists like me. But I still have
Last week a friend of mine told me "Love has become a cocktail at the Abbey and getting your dick sucked in the park."

Where is the number to my jump off?


Witty Wednesday is here....

To the right..."Trent Jackon Radio"



Yesterday had to be one of the best days.

I finally managed to catch up on sleep.
I got a check unexpected in the mail.
I got to work on time.
I finally had a quality moment with my (man).
I finally got to shave after 4 days...and I looked a mess.
It was simple. I liked it.
I've been getting great email...
I'm almost done with the book again!
and I finally got some reciprocation...not sexual either.
I think yesterday set the tone for the brighter days ahead. I appreciate that.

I'll explain more on Witty Wednesday...
And while we're on the subject, if you cant hear the shows through "TRENT JACKSON RADIO" Try going here!

Yall are the best.



Whassup peeps!
There is a new show up! To listen to the new show along with the archives, click on the show's date and title under the "Trent Jackson Radio" tab on the right column under the link to my -my space page.

Thanks for your support and thanks for being IN THE MIX!



Whassup everybody?

Thanks for all of the emails! I appreciate them. The funeral is in a few hours...So I'm preparing for that. I have to drive about an hour an a half to the location, not to mention A.M. traffic. I appreciate your thoughts being with me and (my baby) at this time...

I will be doing a show on Monday...Yes the return of Monday Madness. There is a new feature on the blog. Right over to the right...where it says "Trent Jackson Radio" you can listen to all of the old shows with the click of the button. All the shows are organized by date and the shows are currently displayed from newest to oldest. Thank you Steve for the new update, I appreciate it.

Also, my smart ass made the decision to switch over to "Blogger Beta" so some of my blog people can't comment because it won't allow you to. Sorry about that...hopefully the blogger an nem will get that fixed soon.

Thanks for the support and I'll see you on Monday...we've got lots to talk about.



As you know, I've been supporting (my baby) and just drained at the whole no Witty Wednesday, but here is some of my (vaulted reality show) from last year...that's been upgraded with some new material, that will all appear on my DVD that will be packaged with my book. So enjoy the craziness of Trent in back soon.



For the past couple of days...(my baby) has been going through it. He lost his brother in an fluke accident...a way that could happen more than we know, but because of the greater evil of corporations, we never hear of them.

It's just depressing, draining to watch somebody, that you love and care about so much go through such a devastating situation in which you can do or say nothing. You are just sitting there watching them be tortured. If you're anything like me when you're in love, you think that you can fix any and all situations, because you're in it together.

I love that boy so much it doesn't make any sense and I'd do anything to ensure his happiness. But I just hate that nothing that I possess, not a pen to write words, not a tongue to speak, a joke to tell not even a check can make his pain go away. I' m hurting for him and the loss of his brother, who was just 17, had all the potential in the world.

In all of my selfishness, I miss my baby. He's carrying so much right now...he cant grieve, because he has to draw closure to his brothers life, plan a funeral, raise money and be strong for everyone else...

In the meantime. I'm trying to find my axis, my focus on my work and my own life, while being on call for someone that means so much to me...

Send up a prayer for my baby and his family...
I'm back in the mix.

What I was writing when I first saw you...after the call:

Your intensity speaks like a thunderous storm in late winter.
Your mental strength is like the speed of sound-shattering natural elements; humans beyond belief.

Your love.
Your love...
Yet undiscovered,
Flows like the Nile. Strong. Vast. Deep. Beautiful.
Standing the test of time.

Your element.
Made up of intricate matter,
that only another complex mind could comprehend like a simple mathematical equation, 1+1=US

My loyalty lies with you.
My Understanding you'll always have.
My hear you'll get to keep.

For being with you is unspeakable...
unmovable like the mountains.
Standing tall like a skyscraper, beaming through the sky.

Providing a sense of hope.




Let me first just thank you all for your support and comments. I appreciate them. I just wanted to let you know there probably won't be a post for the next few days.

Someone extremely close to me had a loss in their family. So all of my time will be spent supporting him over the next couple of days.

Thanx for understanding...
I'll be in touch though.

Much Luv....
and always tell the people in your life how much you love them. Appreciate those who are close...