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It was 1986 and I was 4. I knew I was gay then, just like I know I am gay now. And I knew I was gay because at one point I thought I was Janet Jackson. You should have seen my little gay ass on the coffee table singing "Control" and "What Have You Done For Me Lately," singing every note and hitting every step with Janet. I think I speak for all the other gay boys when I say that we were all captivated by Janet. There had been no one like her ever...and there will never be anyone like her. We knew then when she danced aside Paula Abdul to "What Have You Done For Me Lately," and "Nasty" that Michael's little sister was going to be around to stay. She's proved it by going through her fair share of drama and being here 20 years later...

I won't say that this CD is classic Janet, because Janet is such an innovator she never duplicates herself. Every album is so different from the last, when you're talking about Janet, it's classic. I'm excited that the moment has arrived, but if Janet was hoping for what her man did for Mariah, Janet, don't hold your breath cause it's not going to happen. However, Janet is going to close this chapter of her life out on top right where she belongs. With this CD she proves that she's able to endure adversity and bounce back and give us what we need a CD with club bangers, a few new tracks to add to our sex mixes and tracks that only Janet can pull off...

Her 9th studio album and the last on Virgin, leaves me to wonder what she will do next and will we ever hear from her again. Janet is as relevant as she was 20 years ago and there isn't a doubt in my mind that we'll want to hear what she's up to 20 years from now.

While she says she pays homage to control, maybe it's just me, but I really don't hear it besides the intro and a few little sound effects here and there, but I was expecting a little more sample...but that would go against the Janet innovation right? The 20 Y.O. set starts off with Janet doing a signature interlude...which is always cute. Then it goes into one of my favorite tracks "Show Me," the transition was smooth, but then I heard J.D. say "Whatchu talkin' bout shawty?" At least I didn't get a "Yall Know what this is!!??"

The first half of the CD boasts dance tracks that incorporate the 80's hip-hop/breakdance (Show Me, So Excited, This Body, Get It Out Me)sound which switches off into the signature mid-tempo tracks (With You, Call On Me, Enjoy, Do It To Me, Daybreak) which transition right into the booty call/sex songs (Take Care, Love 2 Love) that will go along side, 24 Play, Anytime Anyplace, Someday Is Tonight, Funny How Time Flies and the infamous Would You Mind...?

Overall the CD is a EXQUISITE mix of music that you can play through without skipping. I'm a Janet fan so I purchase on name alone. I won't say this is her best CD, that is a toss up between the "Janet" disc and "Velvet Rope." But this CD is without a doubt another reminder why Janet has a career with longevity and accolades, because she constantly strives for the best and she defines her own path versus keeping up with current trends. This, just like all of the other Janet CD's are CD's that will never go out of style. Janet is truly a timeless artist. Music is classic, style grabs your attention and her mystery intrigues you. You can always put on Janet song to make you feel better, make you think about someone or get you through the day because you're goin' through some shit. She has remained constant in her music expression...inspiring many and reminding us that we can all have fun, LOVE AGAIN, and most important be SEXY while BEING YOURSELF.

Oh and of course, this CD gets the:

Beyonce...kick rocks.

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ShawnQt said...

whats interesting, I was waiting for you to tell me about the cd before I go out purchase it. If u like it, then I'll buy it and support her.

I really wasn't feeling call on me (even though it is a good song) but So Excited really made me want to hear more.

Dayne Avery said...

Janet is cool, but I like singers who actually sing. I was wanting her to come out with this album like "Yeah byatches I been holding back for 20 years! NOW WHAT" But she is still whisper/singing.

Walter "Kimora Lee" White said...

I don't like it...again they cover her voice with music as she whispers.

I want to hear her sing like she did on Control..and Rhythm Nation....

Until then, I'm not using her.

Marz said...

I've never really been that into her, and every cd she makes she always calls that inner gayness and I'm like, "DAMN I WILL NOT HAVE MY QUEEN GODDESS BE SOME WOMAN MY FATHER LIKES".

Because I surely did learn the steps to her, "don't stop". (AND YES THE TITLE MAY BE WRONG.)


dareal_aka_alex2.0 said...

"You should have seen my little gay ass on the coffee table singing "Control" and "What Have You Done For Me Lately," singing every note and hitting every step with Janet."

^i did the same thing on my parents' coffee table. i use to act out all her videos! i was a janet mini-me back in the day. hell, i still know most of her routines and i'm 25 now.

Darian said...

When will people learn to accept and appreciate Janet for the entertainer that she is?

I'm the biggest Janet fan on the planet and for the record I love Dayne and I respect Walter's comment, but we all know Janet is not a powerhouse singer, she's fu****g "JANET JACKSON" ! Her voice has led her to mult-platinum success for the past 20 years and every award imagineable.

I can't remember the last time I turned on the radio and heard a "real singer". Christina Auguilera and Heather Headley are the exception, but I don't hear anyone talking about their latest release. Janet is an icon, end of story.

Wonderful review Trent. I'm linking it now.

Cash S. said...

The CD is alright. Maybe I was expecting too much.

chrisbilal said...

i signed into my 2 year old unused blogger account just to tell you trent that i am steaming mad that you are endorsing this gay garbage. Drink bleach and give me a call

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^chrisbilal ok coming from an ovious gay person, your statment makes no sense, im so tired of gay people running from themselfs, oh well it is what it is, anywho, janet's cd is the bomb and i love every song, go janet.

chrisbilal said...

lol at obviously being gay

but time and time again certain groups of people will continue to endorse garbage cds from the likes of janet madonna cher mariah and mary j no matter if they fart, burp and scream on the track. My short comment was a stand in for the essay that I could have wrote about the current state of the music industry of beats, hooks and samples and once-divas resurfacing to make bad terrible (Hey Mariah and Whitney). Im not running from myself, but what I will not do is run towards the stereotype that gay black men have to listen to the Beyonces and Janets against just because every other gay person does. I would only hope you didnt buy the cd bc you feel that it is your duty as a black gay man to listen to her and not buying it would be like a black person not voting in the 2008 elections. If so I have no choice but to pity the fool.

It shouldnt matter if Im gay or not, if its garbage its garbage and my sexual orientation will not bias my musical choices. Just bc Im black doesnt mean I have to rubberstamp non singing talent like Cassie. Or lets say im Chinese, that doesnt mean im going to buy William Hung. So what I'm gay, and I refuse to buy Janet.