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Vagina Wig

I finally had a moment to breathe!!
I took yesterday to lay down, sleep, get some details for my 25th birthday in two weeks.

Yesterday the book went on sale, I went to lunch with my creative director for the project, working on the DVD...

So things are coming along...

I take shit to the face...sometimes not seeing a way out.
I love hard, I work hard, I play hard.
For all of this is bigger than me.
My existence is relevant.
Someone has to be the poster-child for forging through life...
I'm like India, "I pray for God's will to be done."
It's rough...we laugh, we cry, we live. Joy.

Everyday I grow.
I get tired...
I am happy.
I am sad.
But there is always something to look forward to,
a tomorrow to come to.

The sun will always rise.

I love my mommie.
I love Jeannel.
I love George...
I love Reesey.
I love Antonio.
I love Jammie.
I love my readers...
I love my supporters.
I love my haters.
I all of it's complexities. Life.

Nothing is to be taken for granted.
Love life for all it's worth.
..."Good Morning Silence...Good Morning to myself..."

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