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Friday Finale 3/30/07

Sorry there wasn't a show...

Trying to get this book shit together
this legal stuff together...

But all is well - no stress, I just gotta bark at some bitches!


Crazy Bitch...

So anyway, I wish these hoes would stop trying to invent ways to take my money. I can not stand another Sheriff or Marshall serving me yet another subpoena to appear in court because some money hungry goat thinks that I am going to pay them as a result of "improperly characterizing" in a book or "failing to pay..." not only that but the people down at the ISBN have "mysteriously" lost my application - but conveniently charged my credit card...not only that but my bank loves charging me overdraft fees when money is all up and thru my account.

Sprint finally got their minds right and reduced my high as a giraffes pussy phone bill from 300$ to 50.00 like it's supposed to be...

So this week Trent Jackson land:

1. Trent gets served with 3rd lawsuit of 2007.
2. He's thinking about making that Judge Joe Brown appearance.
3. His new book gets pushed back!!!!! which makes him annoyed...and his haters rejoice.
4. He DIDN'T FAIL TO PAY - there was no money due and the idiot paid and thinks that Trent is going to come out of his pocket for his stupidity...
5. Trent's Bank is stupid when he has 2 rollover accounts and they are trying to be funny. He knows that Asian broad has something to do with it.
6. He now understands what Sean Combs meant when he said more money more problems.
7. Trent believes that all this is preparation for things to come.


Commemorative Edition (New Music Tuesday)

Well, I'm excited - cause this is my 500th post. Damn it's amazing... Anyway, on with the show. You don't have to congratulate me, cause half of the hoes are gonna be mad and can't wait till they get to that many posts - so hate from a distance...I'm proud of my self. LOL It is what it is.

When Macy Gray first came onto the scene we wondered if this was a gimmick, or was this bitch actually serious with that voice. Peculiar looking and sounding, it was like a hearing a Sesame Street puppet with the vocals of Kermit the frog that bred with one of those puppets from fragglerock. 4 albums, drugs, movies and her humanitarian efforts during hurricane Katrina, she not only silenced the critics with her staying power, she made us pay attention and respect her for her difference - which I love. But the "Big" (er) read was her latest album released through Music. You can't knock Macy's Shine. She came back with a fierce new look with fresh new lyrics and music to compliment her individual, all inclusive sound. All inclusive - Macy combines elements of jazz, rock, gospel, R&B, Funk, Soul and dare I say Hip-Hop. This album is a complete MASTERPIECE. You don't have to take my word for it. You might be thinking that you can't get past her voice, but her music and lyrical stories set the backdrop for a voice that is more than complimentary to the ear. This CD is a complete play through, not one track is worth skipping. Macy does something with her voice that we never heard her do on the previous CD's - there is a sound that is not only powerful but it's something that isn't studio enhanced. It's something I can't describe but it can only be heard, especially on the track "What I Gotta Do." The first four tracks are only the setup for what is to come on the CD. She visits some of musics greatest musical eras, (The 60's & 70's) and makes the sound current, especially on the Sly Stone remnant track, "Everybody." Not to mention her nod to Blondie and the 80's on "Treat Me Like Your Money." The album features guest appearances by, Natalie Cole, Fergie, Ron Fair, Macy and did a phenomenal job on putting together such a well crafted CD for the UNDERDOG! this CD gets THE TRENT JACKSON STAMP 10 times over! And I'm sure my musical twin, will agree...

Standout Tracks: Strange Behavior (a great and hilarious story), What I Gotta Do, Okay, Everybody and Finally Made Me Happy

For the last few months the wrong people have taken yet another radio friendly track out of context. First all the ugly people were "Bringing Sexy Back," now the fools have been screaming "This is Why I'm Hot." But I'm still trying to figure out why MIMS is calling himself hot. Not to knock the next man's hustle but there is nothing that hot about his self titled, debut CD. Now not discrediting his "16 bar-age" he's not rappin' about how much money he has, his "hoes" or his "bitches," the rims or his car. He's actually got a good message about life in the hood - nothing similar to Biggie, but I guess going away from the mainstream way alone would make him hot. His tracks aren't "hot" nor are they cold - it's a nice balance of music. I will admit that it's a bit refreshing to hear a rapper talk about this fake lifestyle that he isn't living - and although not a hardcore hip-hop fan, I know good music and talent when I hear it. The talent I give him, the potential to make a mark on the hip-hop realm? Yes. A One hit wonder...far from it, but being signed to Capitol Records the potential is definitely there. Staying power....not like Jay-Z, but I can see him falling into the producers chair real soon. But it will take a little more work to convince us why he's really "hot," and it takes more than not degrading women or not fitting into the standard mold of hip-hop. But I will give him the TRENT JACKSON STAMP OF APPROVAL for being an individual, having talent and the ability to drop some knowledge on the younger kids that his music is more appealing to...the question is will they listen.

Standout Tracks: This Is Why I'm Hot, Girlfriends Fav MC, Where I Belong, Like This, Without You and Doctor Doctor



A few sips of pinot grigio lubricated my throat after dinner with my momma.
Homemade alfredo with lobster and shrimp.
roasted garlic.
red, green, yellow peppers.

Brought me to a point where I said to myself,
"She did the best she could."

I thought about the dream that woke me up outta my sleep - Saturday morning.
I had a dream that some how they made a mistake and my father was really alive.
I was overjoyed.
I was scared.
I was nervous.

He died when I was 6.
A void in my life that could never be filled.
My father was stolen for me.
I'm mad, upset - and hurt, because I'll never know what it's like to know
the man that shares my same name,
that I look so much a like.
That I take after in more ways than one.

I knew the dream was a lie because June 23rd 1988 is a day that is in my mind forever.
I remember what he looked like in that casket.
I remember what it was like that day at the cemetery.
My first brush with death - I was still. Unmovable.
The first funeral I ever cried at was Tuesday's two years ago...that's only because she made up for everything - and the only that really understood me.

I am following the voice that says, it will be okay.
I'm looking forward to the day where I can be respected for my talent.
I can win not because I am liked, but because I am appreciated and valued for what I have to bring.
Not because of some silly popularity contest. Or their body is better than mine.
When you have favor with all works out in it's own season anyway.

After the last drop, I realized life wasn't that bad.
Even though I've got dealt some fucked up hands - I could walk away with a smile.
I can drive a new car.
I can eat lobster and shrimp alfredo.
I can still look at a woman who has hurt beyond my understanding and love her for being my mother.
I can still look in the mirror and love myself - even though I am not their standard of beauty.
Even though he cheated and made me loose a lot of my money -
My love is still infinite.
For I am rich in experience.
My life has sustenance.
And I'm smooth to the last drop...
get back is a muthafucka.


Friday Finale 3/23/07

"Binge From Hell" Trent gives his usual rant which is interrupted by his favorite fast food and his annoyance for


You Tube Videos Of The Week...



I won't say I was amped, but I've anticipated today for a few weeks now, especially since one of my season 5 American Idol favorites, Elliott Yamin was releasing his CD today, along with my future ex-husband in my head, Marques Houston. I think this year is off to a bleak start in music. I must say that I am enjoying the already 5,000+ plus songs on my I-pod versus the new ones that have just joined the ranks within the last few weeks. I think the best CD released in the last two years has to go to Mariah Carey when she emancipated "MiMi."

If you remember Elliott Yamin from American Idol season five, you'll remember the white boy, who looked a little trailer-parkish that sang like a black boy in a brooklyn project...or what Marvin Gaye and Luther Vandross were at the pinnacle of their careers. There is no doubt that the boy can sing. In the age of Justin Timberfake and Robin Thicke finally getting his due, Elliott can join the ranks of the WBWS Clique (White Boys With Soul) along with Jon B, Remy Shand (remember him?) Justin and Robin. All can sing and have their own element, Robin gets to keep the real crown, while Justin can bask in his mainstream success - Elliott can make his mark and overthrow popular Justin quickly, if he finds his niche and the right producers that can give him the material he needs to make his voice standout. With Elliott, he isn't a bad looking boy, but his voice will make up for anything he lacks - but what will his songs sound like? While I wasn't impressed with his debut effort, it was like listening to a never ending soundtrack to Dawson's Creek (isn't that show canceled?) but he did redeem himself with his debut single, Movin' On, Alright and his okay rendition of Donny Hathaway's A Song For You (Christina Aguilera's sounds better - no shade.) If his entire CD gave me the sound that protruded on the Alright and Movin' On tracks (In which Elliott clearly felt at home...cause you can tell when an artist is enjoying the song...), I would have been calling his name in a masturbation sequence at night. But since this album was clearly geared towards 12 year old girls in Idaho, Trent Jackson is good. I'll wait for the next one.

Standout Tracks: Movin' On, Trainwreck, Free, Alright & One Word

We all remember him in Immature, then IMX, then Roger on Sister, Sister - then out of nowhere he pops up in his D'Angelo like video that made all of the versatile bottoms grab their anal beads in an haste to achieve orgasm, but if you were paying attention, he was there before then too. It was a great gimmick for Marques, but it was also an exceptional CD (Naked). Anyone who has followed his solo career, from his self titled debut in 2003 knows that Marques puts it down. He's the leader of the under-rated, quasi-popular, young R&B he's like the Keith Sweat of the new millennium, minus the wining and all that craziness. He provides solid, groove, chill music -without all of the overproduction of his counterparts, Mario, Omarion, Lloyd and Ray-J. Veteran is the appropriate title. He's going for the mature, grown and sexy sound with that teenage appeal that he inconspicuously slides into his music - and it works. Veteran solidifies his status and it lets you know that he'll be making music, whether they're hits or not, until he's 50, wearing leather pants in the summertime, gyrating his pelvis to 80 year old women who have been following him since now. He's not the best singer, but he's not straining for every note like Miss. Ray J-Houston on 'One Wish.' Marques displays his maturity. He provides a good balance of dance beats, mellow and mid-tempo ballads that you can play all year round. I'm not just saying that cause he's cute - all of his CD's are good, trust me on that. I give Mr. Houston the TRENT JACKSON SEAL OF APPROVAL and heavy rotation in my I-Pod. The CD also has duets with Young Joc, Mya & Shawnna

Standout Tracks: Always & Forever, Favorite Girl, Wonderful, So Right For Me & How You Just Gonna, Kimberly (Very Prince like...)

Next we have Joss "Fuckin' For Tracks" Stone. In the midst of her dating Raphael Saadiq (Rumored) and Dallas Austin running off his coke mouth about her snatch, we're all left to think is any of this gimmick to pass us another white girl knock off of Aretha Franklin, Vesta and Alicia Keys rolled into one? Didn't we get that with Anastasia? That didn't work...Even though I'm not fond of Joss, I have to give credit where credit is due. She can sing - I give her that...her production was hot, should Elliott Yamin start fuckin' for tracks too? Cause whatever lining Joss' has in her coochie, you get tracks like Headturner (is she trying to tell us something?), Tell Me Bout It (is this what Dallas did?) and a slew of other old-school sounding R&B that makes you want to light the candles, get the red wine and let her voice vibrate and set the backdrop to a romantic evening. While I knew her CD was coming, I wasn't enthused - I was like who cares, but this CD, "Introducing Joss Stone," makes me want to revisit her prior work, I have no choice but to give Joss the Trent Jackson Stamp and give her dedicated time to my I-Pod rotation. She'll be on my playlist all too soon.

Standout Tracks: Headturner, Tell Me Bout It, Arms Of My Baby, Bad Habit, Proper Nice, Bruised But Not Broken and What Were Thinking.

I didn't catch it last week - but my honorable mentions for last week are:

Lloyd, "Street Love". A CD from another R&B star on the come up that should be watched. His 15 track set boasts tracks like: Want You (Lead Single), Get It Shawty & One for me. It's a solid CD, if you're a fan of Omarion, Chris Brown and Mario, Lloyd is a good buy. His style is sincere and isn't gimmicked like his counterparts. He has a nice balance of street-urban tracks and some sample, infused tracks that are perfect for the late night cruise or mellow weekend days in the house. I like him because he's trying to breakout of the pack that he's in - but he just like I haven't figured out what it is that separates him from the other cute little boys that need to be locked away until they have facial hair.

Musiq is back with his latest effort, "Luvanmusiq" I wish he would stop with the jamming of the words together. This is like his 25th CD, but for some reason I don't feel like I'm the only one who has slept on his later releases. I think this is similar to Lauryn Hill's situation, we want to remember them for what they were. Although his last efforts prior to this were solid, looks like they didn't promote him like they did when he came out the gate. But all that changes with this CD! He comes back and comes back hard, he continues with what he started, going back and staying true to his NeoSoul roots that make us love him for who he is. This is a complete play through CD, one track will not be skipped. He gives it to us like never before and does exactly what one should do when they have flops in between, pull a Mariah Carey like comeback and tell the haters to shake it off!


Do You Know What Today Is....?

It's my blogiversary!

It all started two years ago, when Fred Smith suggested I start one. Then I thought I didn't have anything relevant to say...and who would read it? I remember coming home from my book signing and blogging that very night... lol.

Anyway, I didn't have anything to say last week. I was dealing with a recurring birthday depression last week. My depression was stiff like rigor mortis on Anna Nicole's body! I didn't want to talk, I didn't want to look at anyone - I didn't go out the house until Thursday, I barely wanted to celebrate my birthday. I think 25 had finally set in and I spend too much time listening to stupid family members (they work you over the worst) and I don't know why I do that when every one of them have settled for mediocrity. Working on that job that they work hard for just to retire and die. Giving up their dreams and living their lives for someone else - then here I come along, going against all of that and they want to try and stop me...niggah please! I do not want to be like you!

Then I had to remind myself, that at 20, I wrote and published a book, it went on to sale 13,000+ copies, I'm a published writer and journalist, I've setup a scholarship foundation - and so what most of my friends have graduated from school - I've done what I wanted to do and there is nothing wrong with me taking a different path from them...I had to remind myself that me and my friends don't wear the same uniform. We're on the same team, but we're individuals, with different ideas, different styles, different opinions. Why am I even comparing myself to them anyway?? (Oh because everyone else in my family thinks I should be more like my friends...)

I'm realizing that I really do need to live my life for me and for no one else. People will always have something to say about the way that you choose to live your life. Why should I give them that much?

Anyway. I got over it. I went to the movies twice this week and saw bunk ass Premonition and the snoozefest of a movie, Dead Silence. Wait till it comes on TV for both of them, not DVD, TV!

So, I'm back. I made some choices. Thought about some things I need to do. Realized that it will pay off, in it's own time and it's own season. My friends are great they keep me on track...the book tour is coming together. I'm recording in the studio this week. I'm excited that new CD's are coming tomorrow...I'll give you reviews. And I think I might take a Vegas trip this weekend...hmmm. :-)


Up, Wasn't Tired....

And I didn't have anything to say really. I just finished watching The Interpreter, my gift from D-Place.

It's like 2 and the morning here in Los Angeles - I'm up. Not tired, nothing really to say. It's one of those quiet moments when you just sit and reflect. Think about the things that are going on. Thinking towards the future - thinking about what could be...the thoughts that are running through my head are faster than the speed of sound, but I get whats going on.

25 is setting in. What have I done? Where am I going? Why am I constantly being bombarded to live by my mothers standards, when I consider them to be low? Why do I even give a fuck about impressing people?

I'm thinking about falling in love with that thick chocolate boy (I'm not stuck on light. Cause the light aint always right. It's just been a pattern that hasn't worked...a change is gonna come), that will love me for exactly who I am and what I have to bring to the table. That will understand me, respect my difference, digest my thought process, partake in my success. Not judge me. That can watch a movie with me - a good movie. Not these stupid pointless black movies, yes I said it. I like thinking about being in love...and getting up and going to aqua aerobics in the morning.

I'm excited about the release of Full Circle, although there is going to be a delay. And why doesn't that surprise any of us? Maybe because I forgot to turn in my acknowledgements, then had the nerve to change them at the last minute - then had the nerve to revise them again after my birthday just to see if people would be worthy. I'm a bitch like that. But you wouldn't be wanting to thank anyone that's not worthy of it right? I'm still pissed that my ex's name is in my first book.

I did my good deed today, I bought the homeless man some McDonald's, while on my #12 run before I watched the DVD. He was grateful - I put myself in his shoes. That could be me...You never know how the wind will blow, then life will begin.

My I-Tunes crashed, 6,439 songs gone away, two hours to get back. It happens. I want a husband. I want to be a high school teacher. I'm already on my 4th book. Can I get my degree already? I'm gonna make it...that bounced check, even though there was enough money to cover it, my horribly bad credit now blemished credit, on going battle with my mother, my weight and light skinned boys...lawsuits and my vicious opinions are all apart of the struggle. The story that makes the man. Sometimes we have to say it out loud to really see whats going on.


25 Years Old

Well, it's finally my birthday...

I remember like yesterday, Solid Gold. Why did I know the whole routine?
I remember like yesterday, "On-Tv" where it had that one dial, that said on and off...
I remember like yesterday, Atari, with Pitfall...
Remember, the Commodore Computer. That was just a keyboard, that you plugged to the T.V.?
I remember Janet Jackson...when she first came out...
Stamps were 25 Cents. I remember when gas was 50 Cents a gallon.

All that to say that my life begins now!
I've dreaded this day for the last two years. 25 years old - play time is over - it's time to get it together.

I've had fun. Although, I've been stressed, depressed, unhappy, bitter, loved hard, loved easy. I've been happy. Determined, focused, successful, surprised, amazed, hurt, down, rich, poor, broke...I've cried - I've lost...which all brings me here today looking towards tomorrow.

I'm blessed.
I can hear.
I can see.
I can talk.
I can walk.
I can touch.

I have nothing to complain about.

I have friends that love me.
I have family that love me.
In spite of all of my griping and complaining about trivial things - It could be worse.

So what I'm fat.
So what he wasn't the one.
Okay, so what I've said this or said that...

I'm learning, evolving everyday.

The space that I'm in right now is great. This year I'll be doing all the things that I haven't done.
and I don't think its a better time to say it, but I've done everything I want to do except finish school. I bought the condo in Atlanta...only to decide that I'm moving back to Louisiana in August to finish my year and a half of school. Happy birthday to me...I owe that to myself. I'm too smart, too talented not to have a degree or some fancy letters behind my name. Although a degree doesn't and wont make enhances what I already have.

I got what I wanted for my birthday. I had my cousins at my party. Antonio, Jammie, Reesey Jeanelle, Erika came. No shade to my other guests cause I enjoyed them...but those 5 are about the only people that I can talk to and see all the time without them taking me into the bushes and working me over.

Birthdays are important. I enjoyed this one - but as you get older, the celebration becomes less important. The understanding, progression and the growth and self become more relevant - there is nothing worse than an old fool or an old hoe.

It's my birthday...
I'm going to the gym
and I'm going to continue work on my third book.

I love you for all that you give...
and more importantly, I admire you for being yourselves.

Much Luv,
Tarrance dubbed as "Trent Jackson"


1 Mo Day...

So I had my 25th B-day Party this past weekend...although my actual b-day is tomorrow...

I had the best time - it was cool. The vibe was right. The right people came. This fine ass dude was there...

I'm tired!
I'm still hungover and I'm mad that I didn't take enough pictures! But here is what I did get:

My Friend Tivona, Amber & The Old Susan...

The Kids around the camp fire

David, me, my friend Shaster (far right) and her sister.

Peter & Me (and what is that on my shirt?)
(Just know that it didn't come from my mouth)

Me & Tivona (b4 I was faded...and what is that spot?)

Dane & Me
(why does this pic remind me of that Tupac & Faith Evans Picture
you know the one where she was totally blasted. He annoys me -
who invited him to my party? And why did I take a picture with him? I was high..)


My Cousins Shanice, Mark & Aja

Well there is another party tomorrow and more pictures!!! I had a great time, but what was that spot? I am seriously trying to figure it out...

I got some bomb ass gifts!



So my birthday is Tuesday...and I'm buying a new car, help me decide:

The Jeep Comander...I love trucks!!

The Range Rover Sport -
I've enjoyed the luxury of a Rover before...hopefully they've improved
their electrical system!!

The Volkswagen Touareg



God...I mean Oprah has endorsed Barack Obama! Why Shouldn't I?

Oprah (I mean God) has endorsed the man. It's done, he's gonna win, unless Hilary puts on her George Bush Halloween costume, becomes that man that she always was, will always be and turns into a diabolical genius and steals the election...

I was overjoyed that a black man, for the second time in my life was taking a chance at running this country. Although, I had my reservations - Are they really gonna let a black man win? But then I thought about it - why wouldn't he win? It seems as if, everyone is focused on his name - and that he's mixed! So freakin' what! Hilary is more popular and what is so annoying is that these ignant ass niggas followin a white person (it doesn't surprise me...) just "cus" they think she's our friend, "cus" her husband can play the saxophone smoke weed and get his dick sucked in office...they think that's cute. But it doesn't mean that he, Barack, just "cus" he's black is gonna be our savior either...but damn, can't we give him a chance to prove himself, instead of just talkin' about his name and his "mixed" status...

Okay...maybe thats too far but:

1) Why is everyone assuming that Barack Obama is Muslim?
2) And why should it matter?

People are just assuming that, because of his name he's affiliated with Farra"can" an' nem. When Obama first hit the mainstream scene, after Oprah, prior to announcing his candidacy for the White House, I constantly heard jokes about him being associated with Osama bin Laden and Sadaam Hussein (because his middle name is Hussein). At first I thought folks were joking...but apparently not. Now people...don't you think that's a little ignorant?

The man was named some 45 years ago...when it wasn't socially acceptable for his parents together, not even mentioning birthing a mixed race child, before the Taliban (George Bush and his crew) was even thinkin about the Twin Towers...before the shit was even standing straight up like a hard dick...

Black folks have names that don't in any way represent who we really are (Starmeesha, Sharquenta, LaQuita, Evatunisha...), and we've got the nerve to judge someone's heritage because of their name? We are not British, we are not Irish, we are not Norwegian, French, or Portuguese or least not directly anyway. Yet because of where we come from our names represent that, but no one assumes our culture because of it.

Obama is not Arab-American. He is African-American. And not that fake generic African-American they try to tell us all black people are. I hate that. Now I've heard a few people say he can't be trusted because of his name. But we have time and time again put this country in the hands of people with "common" names, like George, Ronald, Abraham (who allegedly freed the slaves...what about Harriett Tubman, Levi Coffin, Booker T. Washington?) and Bill...who have direct links with Arab nations and have had dinner with them, shook hands with them, and sold them weapons...and here we are worried about a name.

Okay, I'm going to bed now...I was just thinking out loud...oh, and I finally combed my hair this evening...maybe I'll shave in the morning...


"Revel, In...No Matter What The Weather Is..."

I think this past weekend has been the best weekend that I've had in all of 2007!!! Truly it was. Friday night, my creative director, J, for my new book tour came to dinner with me, Jammie & THE BLACKS - we went to my favorite Thai restaurant over in Hollywood, when you come to town I'll take you there. It was a great night, although, I pooped out at the last minute and didn't go to the club - I wasn't prepared. I haven't combed my hair, literally in two weeks!!! Wash it every day, grease it up, but the gel and water have been absent for a minute...hats and the "Dirty Backpack," look.

Saturday - finally I got everything squared away for my 25th Birthday party happening in 5 days! I can't believe that it's finally here. I am going to thoroughly enjoy the 3 cases of Moet that I bought!!! Not to mention that food layout is going to be massive, I can't wait! I'll post the pictures next Monday. (M.D.W. - Will call you back...I just got caught up!) Me & my best friend Reesey hung out after shopping for party stuff later that night and got a little buzz. I am only drinking water this whole week cause I am going to be blitzed from Saturday - Wednesday.

Every Sunday we have a family meeting. Me and my cousins get together and talk about what happened in our lives the past week, eat dinner, gossip, talk shit and bond. Only this time my cousin Mark, who is a month younger than me, showed up! With his three month baby and his babys momma in tow! YIIIIIIKES!

Mark, whom I've talked about before, he's the one that stays in and out of jail - but I love the shit outta him, that's my nigga. I still haven't told him I like boys, but then again do I really need to? I think I will on Friday since he's spending the weekend with me for my birthday...and I know he won't trip, it will probably make us closer...I have my own suspicions..."How You DOIN?" But anyway, it was my first time seeing him since the summer of 05' after he got released from the pen. He's been back in three times since and just got out again in December. I'm really proud of him simply because, he's grown up and every time I talk to him, I see the gradual change. While my family really isn't the type to turn their backs on each other - we are not without past issues, it's good to see him come around and deal with things for what they are worth. I always get excited because whenever I see him it's like we don't skip a beat, it's love and were always excited to see each other. I always think about the times we shared when we were growing up...every Sunday for years it would be the skating rink, funny how life has it's way of bringing you "Full Circle."

Hanging out with Mark capped off my weekend. It made me forget about my ex calling trying to crawl back in my life a week before my birthday. It made me forget about having to wake up and go to work this morning, it made me forget about all the shit in our lives that kept us apart but somehow the very same things brought us together. For a minute I took the time out to revel in the moment...something that we always seem to forget to do.

I have a feeling my angels had something to do with this. Only they know what can make me truly happy when all else is wrong. That one thing is the love of my family.


Friday Finale 3/2/07

Check out my interview with
Peter Gebeshian
Author of: Journey To Love
Click the link to listen or listen to Radio Trent Jackson


I Don't Get It.

Why do I be taking shit to the face so seriously? It's like every damn time I turn around I am having a Mariah Carey like breakdown where I just want to throw plates and throw glitter while walking on rainbows hoping I see a butterfly that will lead me to honey so I can stop feeling emotions!

I am stressing out over plates for my party, I am mad because I know money is there and I can't see it. Payroll for my company is due and so is the budget for my party and so is the damn printing bill for Full Circle. How much money am I going to have left??? 10.00? LOL, I hope not. I need to start setting budgets, I just spend, spend, spend - and at the end of it all I am left homeless, heartbroken, gift less, with a wet pussy. Not the way to live life.

P.S. I miss Susan and I want my old studio back.