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1 Mo Day...

So I had my 25th B-day Party this past weekend...although my actual b-day is tomorrow...

I had the best time - it was cool. The vibe was right. The right people came. This fine ass dude was there...

I'm tired!
I'm still hungover and I'm mad that I didn't take enough pictures! But here is what I did get:

My Friend Tivona, Amber & The Old Susan...

The Kids around the camp fire

David, me, my friend Shaster (far right) and her sister.

Peter & Me (and what is that on my shirt?)
(Just know that it didn't come from my mouth)

Me & Tivona (b4 I was faded...and what is that spot?)

Dane & Me
(why does this pic remind me of that Tupac & Faith Evans Picture
you know the one where she was totally blasted. He annoys me -
who invited him to my party? And why did I take a picture with him? I was high..)


My Cousins Shanice, Mark & Aja

Well there is another party tomorrow and more pictures!!! I had a great time, but what was that spot? I am seriously trying to figure it out...

I got some bomb ass gifts!


TheBlacks said...

I had loads of fun this weekend!

V.A. said...

sorry I couldn't make it..>I will make it up to u with lunch either wednesday or thursday I, just give me a call....V.A.

Cocoa Rican said...

Pa, judging by where the spot is; the condition of your brow; the heat of the fire; and your apprent overindulgent alcohol consumption, I'd say the spot is....get this....SWEAT! LOL
Glad, you had a great time... happy birthday.

That Dude Right There said...

And I missed it all. DAMN job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dancehard said...

yeah that was a nice lil' get together. It was nice seeing your family and friends...i always get a kick out of seeing with whom my new friends and acquaintances associate.

Are you talking about that PHINE, light-skinned TALL drink of water as the 'fine ass man' If so well I AGREE! Damnit I was ready to swoop, all i needed was a confirmation of his "howw uuu dooinn" status and it would have been OVER. Especially after I had that strong ass Long Island yo mama made for me...see she was wrong...tryna get me to act messy.

All in all, i thought it was excellent, barring the whole fire and lighter fluid incident :) the food was THE BOMB! You suck your foot in them yams boy.