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25 Years Old

Well, it's finally my birthday...

I remember like yesterday, Solid Gold. Why did I know the whole routine?
I remember like yesterday, "On-Tv" where it had that one dial, that said on and off...
I remember like yesterday, Atari, with Pitfall...
Remember, the Commodore Computer. That was just a keyboard, that you plugged to the T.V.?
I remember Janet Jackson...when she first came out...
Stamps were 25 Cents. I remember when gas was 50 Cents a gallon.

All that to say that my life begins now!
I've dreaded this day for the last two years. 25 years old - play time is over - it's time to get it together.

I've had fun. Although, I've been stressed, depressed, unhappy, bitter, loved hard, loved easy. I've been happy. Determined, focused, successful, surprised, amazed, hurt, down, rich, poor, broke...I've cried - I've lost...which all brings me here today looking towards tomorrow.

I'm blessed.
I can hear.
I can see.
I can talk.
I can walk.
I can touch.

I have nothing to complain about.

I have friends that love me.
I have family that love me.
In spite of all of my griping and complaining about trivial things - It could be worse.

So what I'm fat.
So what he wasn't the one.
Okay, so what I've said this or said that...

I'm learning, evolving everyday.

The space that I'm in right now is great. This year I'll be doing all the things that I haven't done.
and I don't think its a better time to say it, but I've done everything I want to do except finish school. I bought the condo in Atlanta...only to decide that I'm moving back to Louisiana in August to finish my year and a half of school. Happy birthday to me...I owe that to myself. I'm too smart, too talented not to have a degree or some fancy letters behind my name. Although a degree doesn't and wont make enhances what I already have.

I got what I wanted for my birthday. I had my cousins at my party. Antonio, Jammie, Reesey Jeanelle, Erika came. No shade to my other guests cause I enjoyed them...but those 5 are about the only people that I can talk to and see all the time without them taking me into the bushes and working me over.

Birthdays are important. I enjoyed this one - but as you get older, the celebration becomes less important. The understanding, progression and the growth and self become more relevant - there is nothing worse than an old fool or an old hoe.

It's my birthday...
I'm going to the gym
and I'm going to continue work on my third book.

I love you for all that you give...
and more importantly, I admire you for being yourselves.

Much Luv,
Tarrance dubbed as "Trent Jackson"


TrinaBeingTrina said...

I remeber when I turned 25. I finally had enough nerve to say I was grown, eventhough I had already been on my own for 5 years.

Happy belated birthday.

Pamalicious said...

Happy Birthday Trent!! I love that God blesses us with a two chances to reevaluate birthday and new years day.

Keep it Fabulous!

Love the cake!

Ladynay said...

Happy Birthday sweetie!

Darian said...

Happy Birthday Trent! That cake is fierce! Did you save me a piece? You know a girl likes sweets!

NY Plus said...

Happy B-Day

Cocoa Rican said...

Happy b-day! Aww... 25... you'll soon realize these are still the party years... wait until 10 years from now when you're lookin' to pull the damn emergency brake! LOL Enoy!!