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Commemorative Edition (New Music Tuesday)

Well, I'm excited - cause this is my 500th post. Damn it's amazing... Anyway, on with the show. You don't have to congratulate me, cause half of the hoes are gonna be mad and can't wait till they get to that many posts - so hate from a distance...I'm proud of my self. LOL It is what it is.

When Macy Gray first came onto the scene we wondered if this was a gimmick, or was this bitch actually serious with that voice. Peculiar looking and sounding, it was like a hearing a Sesame Street puppet with the vocals of Kermit the frog that bred with one of those puppets from fragglerock. 4 albums, drugs, movies and her humanitarian efforts during hurricane Katrina, she not only silenced the critics with her staying power, she made us pay attention and respect her for her difference - which I love. But the "Big" (er) read was her latest album released through Music. You can't knock Macy's Shine. She came back with a fierce new look with fresh new lyrics and music to compliment her individual, all inclusive sound. All inclusive - Macy combines elements of jazz, rock, gospel, R&B, Funk, Soul and dare I say Hip-Hop. This album is a complete MASTERPIECE. You don't have to take my word for it. You might be thinking that you can't get past her voice, but her music and lyrical stories set the backdrop for a voice that is more than complimentary to the ear. This CD is a complete play through, not one track is worth skipping. Macy does something with her voice that we never heard her do on the previous CD's - there is a sound that is not only powerful but it's something that isn't studio enhanced. It's something I can't describe but it can only be heard, especially on the track "What I Gotta Do." The first four tracks are only the setup for what is to come on the CD. She visits some of musics greatest musical eras, (The 60's & 70's) and makes the sound current, especially on the Sly Stone remnant track, "Everybody." Not to mention her nod to Blondie and the 80's on "Treat Me Like Your Money." The album features guest appearances by, Natalie Cole, Fergie, Ron Fair, Macy and did a phenomenal job on putting together such a well crafted CD for the UNDERDOG! this CD gets THE TRENT JACKSON STAMP 10 times over! And I'm sure my musical twin, will agree...

Standout Tracks: Strange Behavior (a great and hilarious story), What I Gotta Do, Okay, Everybody and Finally Made Me Happy

For the last few months the wrong people have taken yet another radio friendly track out of context. First all the ugly people were "Bringing Sexy Back," now the fools have been screaming "This is Why I'm Hot." But I'm still trying to figure out why MIMS is calling himself hot. Not to knock the next man's hustle but there is nothing that hot about his self titled, debut CD. Now not discrediting his "16 bar-age" he's not rappin' about how much money he has, his "hoes" or his "bitches," the rims or his car. He's actually got a good message about life in the hood - nothing similar to Biggie, but I guess going away from the mainstream way alone would make him hot. His tracks aren't "hot" nor are they cold - it's a nice balance of music. I will admit that it's a bit refreshing to hear a rapper talk about this fake lifestyle that he isn't living - and although not a hardcore hip-hop fan, I know good music and talent when I hear it. The talent I give him, the potential to make a mark on the hip-hop realm? Yes. A One hit wonder...far from it, but being signed to Capitol Records the potential is definitely there. Staying power....not like Jay-Z, but I can see him falling into the producers chair real soon. But it will take a little more work to convince us why he's really "hot," and it takes more than not degrading women or not fitting into the standard mold of hip-hop. But I will give him the TRENT JACKSON STAMP OF APPROVAL for being an individual, having talent and the ability to drop some knowledge on the younger kids that his music is more appealing to...the question is will they listen.

Standout Tracks: This Is Why I'm Hot, Girlfriends Fav MC, Where I Belong, Like This, Without You and Doctor Doctor

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kennyking78 said...

I agree, Macy Gray's "Big" is doing me in. I am in LOVE with the cd!