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Crazy Bitch...

So anyway, I wish these hoes would stop trying to invent ways to take my money. I can not stand another Sheriff or Marshall serving me yet another subpoena to appear in court because some money hungry goat thinks that I am going to pay them as a result of "improperly characterizing" in a book or "failing to pay..." not only that but the people down at the ISBN have "mysteriously" lost my application - but conveniently charged my credit card...not only that but my bank loves charging me overdraft fees when money is all up and thru my account.

Sprint finally got their minds right and reduced my high as a giraffes pussy phone bill from 300$ to 50.00 like it's supposed to be...

So this week Trent Jackson land:

1. Trent gets served with 3rd lawsuit of 2007.
2. He's thinking about making that Judge Joe Brown appearance.
3. His new book gets pushed back!!!!! which makes him annoyed...and his haters rejoice.
4. He DIDN'T FAIL TO PAY - there was no money due and the idiot paid and thinks that Trent is going to come out of his pocket for his stupidity...
5. Trent's Bank is stupid when he has 2 rollover accounts and they are trying to be funny. He knows that Asian broad has something to do with it.
6. He now understands what Sean Combs meant when he said more money more problems.
7. Trent believes that all this is preparation for things to come.

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