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Do You Know What Today Is....?

It's my blogiversary!

It all started two years ago, when Fred Smith suggested I start one. Then I thought I didn't have anything relevant to say...and who would read it? I remember coming home from my book signing and blogging that very night... lol.

Anyway, I didn't have anything to say last week. I was dealing with a recurring birthday depression last week. My depression was stiff like rigor mortis on Anna Nicole's body! I didn't want to talk, I didn't want to look at anyone - I didn't go out the house until Thursday, I barely wanted to celebrate my birthday. I think 25 had finally set in and I spend too much time listening to stupid family members (they work you over the worst) and I don't know why I do that when every one of them have settled for mediocrity. Working on that job that they work hard for just to retire and die. Giving up their dreams and living their lives for someone else - then here I come along, going against all of that and they want to try and stop me...niggah please! I do not want to be like you!

Then I had to remind myself, that at 20, I wrote and published a book, it went on to sale 13,000+ copies, I'm a published writer and journalist, I've setup a scholarship foundation - and so what most of my friends have graduated from school - I've done what I wanted to do and there is nothing wrong with me taking a different path from them...I had to remind myself that me and my friends don't wear the same uniform. We're on the same team, but we're individuals, with different ideas, different styles, different opinions. Why am I even comparing myself to them anyway?? (Oh because everyone else in my family thinks I should be more like my friends...)

I'm realizing that I really do need to live my life for me and for no one else. People will always have something to say about the way that you choose to live your life. Why should I give them that much?

Anyway. I got over it. I went to the movies twice this week and saw bunk ass Premonition and the snoozefest of a movie, Dead Silence. Wait till it comes on TV for both of them, not DVD, TV!

So, I'm back. I made some choices. Thought about some things I need to do. Realized that it will pay off, in it's own time and it's own season. My friends are great they keep me on track...the book tour is coming together. I'm recording in the studio this week. I'm excited that new CD's are coming tomorrow...I'll give you reviews. And I think I might take a Vegas trip this weekend...hmmm. :-)


dancehard said...

HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! and come up out of that house, foo! Embrace being are now officially recognized as being GROWN and sexy! And yes, it's too exhausting comparing yourself to others...just as long as you are successful in your own right, that's commendable.

If family is giving you head about not "measuring up", brush off your damn shoulder, bust out your pictures of your fabulous new condo and last royalty check, and tell the haters to SIT DOWN.

kennyking78 said...

Happy Blogoversary T!!!!!

Man, turning 25 is a good thing. Don't sweat all of that stuff about not adding up. I am sure that many of the people you came up with would love to have accomplished things that you accomplished.