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Friday Finale 3/2/07

Check out my interview with
Peter Gebeshian
Author of: Journey To Love
Click the link to listen or listen to Radio Trent Jackson


dancehard said...

That's Peter?? You were right, he DOES look like a light skinned kat, lol. Great interview today.

Anonymous said...


I liked your interview. but you were being real nice in your interview! is there something going on between you two? you aint never nice to none of your guests, he said that yall had been "hanging" out, you have a "nickname" for him and he's light skinned just like all of your other boyfriends, is he the rebound man trent?

Keaver said...

loved the interview - and I just ordered the book!

Allen said...

Bro is off the hook. Just order the book. Can I get Pete's number?