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I Don't Get It.

Why do I be taking shit to the face so seriously? It's like every damn time I turn around I am having a Mariah Carey like breakdown where I just want to throw plates and throw glitter while walking on rainbows hoping I see a butterfly that will lead me to honey so I can stop feeling emotions!

I am stressing out over plates for my party, I am mad because I know money is there and I can't see it. Payroll for my company is due and so is the budget for my party and so is the damn printing bill for Full Circle. How much money am I going to have left??? 10.00? LOL, I hope not. I need to start setting budgets, I just spend, spend, spend - and at the end of it all I am left homeless, heartbroken, gift less, with a wet pussy. Not the way to live life.

P.S. I miss Susan and I want my old studio back.


dancehard said...

trent.....BREATHE MAN! Your party will be fine, it will be a great event.

As for the book, pay for the bill then keep it moving. At this point, I'd say it's a good idea to consult some sort of financial advisor to help you control your spending habits. Sometimes it helps to have an objective person give you sound advice.

I honestly believe that a lot of the drama and negative feelings in our lives are the direct result of the opinions and perceptions we hold personally. Basically, you are what you think, and you will act according to that. Sooo the next time the stress monkey or the negroidean drama monkey rears its ugly head, remember that YOU are in control of how they affect you. Don't submit to the anger or frustration.

Marz said...


I've been flipping out about graduation, prom, class trips, FAFSA, acceptnace letters. It really is just easier to relax, because I keep imagining myself in July when all these rhings have occured and I look back and remember the GREAT time I have and wonder, "Why was I so stressed out?"

It's so much better to use the time stressing to do something productive.



BuddahDesmond said...

I couldn't agree with Marz and Dancehard more. Chill out T. Everything is going to be fine. So many great things are in store for you. Try thinking about that instead. That first paragraph is classic!


That wet pussy needs to be stimulated! LOL!