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So my birthday is Tuesday...and I'm buying a new car, help me decide:

The Jeep Comander...I love trucks!!

The Range Rover Sport -
I've enjoyed the luxury of a Rover before...hopefully they've improved
their electrical system!!

The Volkswagen Touareg


j_most said...

VW's are nice, but it seems you can get a really good one or bad one. They are also known for electrical issues and maintenance costs are higher than average. On the other hand, the VW interiors are top notch.

I had problems with my Passat and I just had to get rid of it. I was sorry to see it go and if it didn't have major problems I would have kept it.

Just some information from a previous VW owner for you to think about :)

Ladynay said...

Jeep looks boxy. Between the Rover and VW the VW looks better. I can't speak on the mechanics....

Pamalicious said...

The jeep looks more utility than fantabulous - I'm not feeling it.

The VW looks like any minute you're going to release a soccer team from the back.

The Rover though overworked by my peoples as luxury is quite cute.

I owned a Jetta and loved it but like someone said - you either get a good one or a bad one. I had a friend who wanted to blow up their Volkswagon, lol

In terms of mechanics - um hell I don't know, lol, does it cut on, does the air work, is there a sun roof so I can get that cute - dusty window tan? Yea that's cool.

Queer Kid Of Color said...

You live in the ghetto.

Reconsider all of those cars.

j_shanlin said...

Oh no she didn't..queer kid took it there...mmmmmm...I like the commander! And that's final!


Happy Birthday my Piscean brutha. I will be celebrating on Friday. Hope its all that you could ever imagine.
Remember this is YOUR YEAR!!!

Peace and Blessings

TheBlacks said...

Why did I test drive a VW Touareg just last week?

Sadiki Etienne said...

ummm. Totally get the Range Rover Sport!!

Mayberry Family said...

The Range!!

Or the Jeep

But def. the range I like VW's too though...

Marz said...

I wanted taureg but it doesn't scream to me in picture. (LOL)



dancehard said...

i vote for the Tourareg...i've heard good things, consumer reports gave their 2006 model two thumbs up, and I think it looks better on you. I agree with pamalicious..the Range is seriously givin' me soccer mom. VW BABY!

That Dude Right There said...

The Range is the car for you with yo uppity ass. The Commander is ugly and the Touareg is too plain.

Why don't you test drive all three?

Diego said...

Range Rover for sure. But, shouldn't Trent be more green-friendly?

also, can u address on ur show why u moving to Atlanta? after living in NY I feel so scared of moving anywhere smaller and feeling like a Midwestern provincial little girl, with only Wal-Mart and Starbucks to go.